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Kill The Best Gentiles book chapt. 6

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Chapter 6
Spirochetes of JEW Syphilis (Continued)
The Holocaust was the murder of 6-Million Jews, including
2-Million children. Holocaust denial is a second murder of
those same 6-Million. First their lives were extinguished then
their deaths. A person who denies the Holocaust becomes part
of the crime of the Holocaust itself.
DAVID MATAS, JEW, Senior Counsel, “League for Human
Rights,” B’nai B’rith.
The policy pursued by the Third Reich resulted in the killing
of 6-Million JEWS of which 4-Million were killed in the
extermination institutions.
My objection to the Nuremberg Trial was that while
Clothed in the form of justice they were in fact an instrument
of government policy determined once before at Teheran and
Yalta… a blot on the American record we shall long
regret…which violates the fundamental principal of American
Law that a man cannot be tried under ex post facto statute.
U.S. SEN. ROBERT TAFT, “Profiles in Courage,” by J. F.
So far as the Nuremberg Trial… I dislike extremely to see it
dressed up with a false facade of legality.
HARLAN FISKE STONE, Chief Justice U.S. Supreme Court.
The statements admitted as evidence were obtained from
men who had first been kept in solitary confinement (up to)
five months…The investigators would put a black hood over the
accused’s head and then punch him in the face with brass
knuckles, kick him and beat him with rubber hoses…137 Germans
out of 139 cases had their testicles smashed beyond
repair…(Other methods used were) Posturing as priests to hear
confession and absolution; torture with burning matches driven
under the nails; knocking out teeth and breaking bones; near
starvation rations; threatening to deport accuseds’ families to
the Soviet side… The “American” investigators responsible (who
later functioned as prosecutors at the Nuremberg Trials were,
Lt. Col. Burton Ellis (Chief of the War Crimes Committee) and
his assistants: Capt. Raphael Shumacher, JEW; Lt. Robert E.
Byrne; Lt. Wm. R. Perl, JEW; Mr. Morris Ellpowitz, JEW; Mr.
Harry Thon; Mr. D. Kirschbaum, JEW; Col. A.H. Rosenfield,
JEW, Legal Advisor to the court.
E. L. VAN RHODEN, Simpson Army Commission, Dachau,
The entire atmosphere here is unwholesome… Lawyers,
clerks, interpreters, and researchers were employed (JEWS) —
who became Americans only recently — whose backgrounds
were embedded in Europe’s hatred’s and prejudices.
JUSTICE WENNERSTRUM, Nuremberg Military Tribunal.
The JEW against the Goy is allowed to rape, cheat and perjure
TALMUD: Babba Kama.
TOB SHEBBE GOYIM HAROG! (The best of the Gentiles
is to be killed!)
TALMUD: Sanhedrin.
THE “HOLOCAUST” must be viewed in context:
against the back-ground of world history, the TORAH, the
TALMUD, and Rothschild’s World Revolutionary Movement
(WRM). It is necessary to comprehend the KHAZAR
JEWS’ congenital hatred of Gentiles, with their most rabid
hatred reserved for the Aryan nation.
The ILLUMINATI set up the chess-board for WWI,
their profits assured, when a corrupt U.S. Congress enacted
the Federal Reserve Act (1913). The murders of Archduke

Francis Ferdinand and his wife, by Gavrilo Princip, Serb
FREEMASON, precipitated the War. BOLSHEVIK
inspired treason destroyed Russia’s ability to continue the
war. German troops, then, were transferred from Russia to
the Western Front. The war was being won by Germany
when Chaim Weizmann, JEW (later, first President of Israel)
made a quid pro quo agreement with Britain: JEWS would
bring the United States into the war if Britain would guarantee
JEWS (KHAZARS) a “Homeland in Palestine” (Britain double-
crossed the Arabs with the Balfour Declaration, 1917). JEW
lies about German “atrocities” brought America into the war.
Following the “Armistice,” and the betrayal and defeat of
Germany, terms of the infamous Treaty of Versailles (The
“Kosher Treaty”) almost destroyed the German people.
BOLSHEVIKS moved in for the kill, attempting to establish
a Soviet Dictate in Germany as they had in Russia. But the
German People tossed them out. Then, to the astonishment
of the world, Chancellor Adolph Hitler, who emphasized
genetics and the homogeneity of the Aryan race, led Germany
to an amazing spiritual and economic recovery. However,
JEWS consider nationalism, racial pride, and family,
threats to their “Chosen” status; that is, their “right” to
embed themselves among their cattle and suck their vital
juices undetected. The WORLD JEWISH CONGRESS
(organized in Geneva, Switzerland, by “American” rabbi
Stephen Wise) Declared War on Germany (1933): manifest
in money manipulation, slander, libel, assassinations, boycott
of German products, sabotage, etc. JEW mischief is seen in
the Lindbergh kidnapping/murder case (see: Isador Fisch,

JEW); the Hindenburg Zeppelin tragedy and other crimes
against Aryans of German descent here and abroad, as the
ILLUMINATI prepared for WW II. Germans, thereafter,
considered JEWS not only alien intruders but enemies of the
State. The CULTURAL schism between Aryans and JEWS
worked to the advantage of ZIONISTS in their efforts to
induce KHAZAR JEWS everywhere to “return” to Palestine.
Thus, we find ZIONISTS collaborating with the Third Reich,
and other European governments to remove JEWS from soon to
be incinerated Europe.
Hitler’s “unforgivable sin” was not his policy to colonize
JEWS — they had been kicked out of every European state
at one time or another. WWII was fought because Hitler’s
Juden Frei MONETARY POLICY completely by-passed
Rothschild’s centralbanking system. Germany’s new Reich’s
Bank abandoned international gold reserves; issued its own
interest-free currency (as Lincoln had done) — backed only
by the productive capacity of the German People. In retaliation
the INTERNATIONAL BANKERS refused to accept
the Deutsch Mark on the foreign exchange. Germany, then,
simply bartered her products, by-passing the middleman. Visible
to the entire world, Germany had defied the ILLUMINATI,
dug herself out of a pit of debt and despair, thrown off her
shackles and became the most prosperous State in Europe.
JEWS knew their worldwide banking empire was jeopardized.
General George Catlett Marshall, U.S. Sec’y of State,
records in his memoirs that in 1938 — three years before
Pearl Harbor — “American” Bernard Baruch, JEW, confi
dant of Wilson, Roosevelt, Eisenhower, Churchill and many
other power-players, stated, “We’re going to get that fellow
Hitler! We’re not going to let him get away with it…we’re going
to destroy Germany’s barter system!” But other world leaders
paid Hitler well deserved tribute:
A change in Germany’s monetary system caused her to
turn from abysmal depression to a glorious economy…which
caused England’s WWI leader, Lloyd George, to call Hitler,
‘The greatest statesman living and the German people the happiest
on earth.’
HUGO R. FLACK, “The Great Betrayal.”
While all those formidable transformations were occurring
in Europe, Corporal Hitler was fighting his long wearing battle
for the German heart. The story of that struggle cannot be read
without admiration… If our country were defeated I hope we
should find a champion as indomitable to restore our courage
and lead us back to our place among nations.
WINSTON CHURCHILL, “Straight Speaking” by Francis
Mariner Eccles of the Federal Reserve Board, U.S.A., and
Montague Norman, JEW, of the Bank of England decided, not
later than 1935, on the joint policy of killing Hitler’s financial
experiment by all methods including war if necessary. Norman’s
job was to engineer Hitler into the dilemma of having to reverse
his financial policy or commit an act of aggression.
“THE WORD,” English monthly, C. C. Vieth.
The fight against Germany has been carried on for
months… by every JEW in the world…. We shall let loose a spiritual;
and material war of the whole world against Germany.
Germany’s ambition is to become a great nation again… our
JEWISH interests on the other hand demand the complete
destruction of Germany. The German nation is collectively and
individually a danger to us JEWS.

V. JABLONSKY, JEW, Representative French Zionist Congress,
from his article in “Natcha Retch”, 1932.
Let me take you back to 1913… If I had stood here then
and said to you…the Archduke would be killed and that out of
all that followed came the chance, the opportunity, the occasion
for establishing a national home for JEWS in Palestine…you
would have looked at me as an idle dreamer. Has it ever
occurred to you how remarkable it is that out of this welter of
world blood there has arisen this opportunity? Do you really
believe this is an accident?
LORD MELCHETTE, JEW, Pres. English Zionist Federation,
As you remember, Rothschild planted the BOLSHEVIK/
COMMUNIST STATE in Russia (1917), totally
depended upon his central-banking system. The U.S.S.R.
was a Bolshevik dagger pointed at the heart of Europe. Hitler’s
strategy was to defeat the U.S.S.R. Liberate the Great
Russian people from KHAZAR/JEW domination — creating
a new Euro-Slavic trading partner. Then, by deporting
alien races, Hitler intended to create a united Europe with an
Aryan population base.
Germans despised and feared Communism. They had
witnessed the horrors of the Bolkshevik Revolution, in which
the cultural-stratum of Russia, and Eastern Europe had been
virtually annihilated. Germans were angered too by the
slaughter (1918) of the Russian Royal Family: The Czar,
Czarina (a Catholic German princess), their four young
daughters, and 12-year old son. All had been hacked and
shot to death, by JEWS, their bodies dismembered, thrown

into a pit, then covered with lime (Skeletal remains were
recovered, c.1990).
Before WWII, Hitler had established himself as the arch
enemy of Liberalism, Marxism, and Jewry — precisely the three
driving forces…that had ridden into power with Franklin
Roosevelt’s New Deal (Democrats).
WILMOT ROBERTSON, The Dispossessed Majority, 1976.
The first spectacular triumph of the non-Christian Eastern
European Democrats was Roosevelt’s recognition, less than 9-
months after his inauguration, of the Soviet government of
Russia… November 16, 1933 — at midnight! …a date our children
will long have tragic cause to remember. That was the date
Soviet Foreign Commisar, Maxim Litvinoff (Finkelstein) JEW,
plunderer of Estonia and the Soviet’s first agent for socializing
England, sat down with President Roosevelt — after Dean
Acheson (the “Red Dean”) and Henry Morganthau, JEW, had
done the spadework of propaganda and made the deal that has
led the American people and our once vast resources into a
social and economic calamity….
PROF. JOHN O. BEATY, The Iron Curtain Over America, cite.
W. La Varre, American Legion Magazine, August 1951.
Some of my best friends are Communists.
I have said this before, but I shall say it again, and again,
and again. Your boys are not going to be sent into any foreign
wars! (America elected FDR 3-weeks later.)
The whole story of Germany’s appeal for negotiations and
our curt refusal and severance of diplomatic relations was not
published in 1937 and 1938 when Germany made her appeal,
but was withheld from the public until ferreted out by the
House Committee on un-American Activities after WWII…
and released to the press more than 10-years after the facts were

so criminally suppressed.
DR. JOHN O. BEATY, Colonel U.S. Army Intelligence.
The victory of Communism in the world would be far
more dangerous to the United States than the victory of Fascism.
There has never been the slightest danger that the people
of this country would ever embrace Bundism or Naziism… But
Communism masquerades, often successfully, under the guise
of democracy.
SEN. HOWARD TAFT, Human Events, 28 March 1951.
What has been called the “Jewish problem” is seen for the
first time. Not race, not religion, not ethics, not nationality, not
political allegiance, but something that includes them all, separating
the JEW from the West — Culture.
There is overwhelming evidence that Hitler did not
want a European war. He made many attempts to convince
Britain to join Germany in the destruction of Communism,
the Soviet, and re-unification of Aryan Europe. But, the
ILLUMINATI — not the English people — control Britain.
In America, the Polish Ambassador, Count Jerzy Potacki,
complained that American radio, film and press were “almost
100% JEWISH controlled,” and they “clamored for war
against Germany.” They wanted to exacerbate the Polish
Corridor dispute with Hitler, which he was negotiating.
Potacki identified the “Americans” behind this campaign as
Herbert Lehman, JEW, Governor of New York; Bernard
Baruch, JEW, advisor to the President; Henry Morganthau,
JEW, Sec’y Treasury; Felix Frankfurter, JEW, U.S. SupCrt.
Rabbi Steven Wise. They acted, Potacki said, as defenders of

democracy but were “connected by unbreakable ties to international
Following the declaration of war against Germany
(WWII) an ominous pause developed. Both sides haunted
by ghosts of WWI waited, hoping for someone, something
to prevent another blood-bath. Up front the “enemies” fraternized.
David Irving (Churchill’s War), documents the PM’s
frustration with the “Phoney War.” He sought blood, and
glory — and he had promises to keep. His advisor, Professor
Frederick Lindemann, “German” JEW, proposed that the
British initiate terror bombing of civilians. This proposal was
given “top priority by the British Government.” Hitler, who
had inveighed against air campaigns against civilian targets,
would be forced to retaliate.
Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain stated that “America
and the world JEWS had forced England into war.”
JAMES FORRESTAL, U.S. Sec. Nav., The Forrestal Diaries.
Initially, “Churchill’s War”, went badly for Britain. On
cue, Chaim Weizmann, JEW, ZIONIST, the ILLUMINATI
point-man, once again slithers onto the scene.
We managed to bring the United States into the First
World War and if you tow our line over Palestine and the JEWISH
fighting force, then we can persuade the JEWS of the
United States to drag the United States into it again this time.
WEIZMANN letter to Churchill, Weizmann Archives, Tel

JEW success is measured by the number of crosses
marking Aryan dead in battlefield cemeteries stretched across
the globe.
With this glimpse, denied us by the MEDIA, of the
ILLUMINATI’S order-of-battle, i.e, the POWER OF
are now better able to understand the HOLOCAUST
HOAX in context. L’INFAMIE!
The “HOLOCAUST” is defined as: The Extermination
of about 6-Million or more JEWS Resultant of NAZI Policy.
Since WWII, literally tons of evidence relating to the
“HOLOCAUST” has been studied by world-class scholars.
There is NO evidence supporting the “HOLOCAUST” as
Revisionist Historians have concluded that a total of
about 300-thousand JEWS died of all causes during WWII.
There was no JEW “HOLOCAUST.” There was a German
“HOLOCAUST” LIES were invented for the following

1) Initial Phase (c.1930): Invent German atrocities to
condition America for war. Create JEW solidarity behind
ZIONISM. Cover-up Bolshevik JEW atrocities in Lenin
2) WW II Phase (c.1940): Invent “HOLOCAUST” to
transform Germany into a PARIAH among nations; justify
incinerating Germany; justify ex post facto Nuremberg trials.
Hang, thus silence, German leadership.
3) Post War Phase (on-going): Cover-up ILLUMINATI
activities.. Cover-up JEW/ALLIES WWI & WWII atrocities/
treason. Provide a raison d’etre for “missing” European
JEWS (now in U.S.A.). Extort 100+ Billion dollars in “reparations”
from Germany. Discredit WESTERN CIVILIZATION
before the World. Paralyze the WEST’S WILL to act
in its own interest. Create The United Nations. Allow JEWS
to dominate U.S.A. Instill guilt among children of the
WEST, thus lowering resistance to drugs, immorality, miscegenation,
Marxism, and other forms of JEW SYPHILIS.
Equate love of race, family, Nation, with Nazis, ergo: “hateful.”
Establish the State of Israel: genocide of Palestinians.
Create “HOLOCAUST” religion as a cottage industry. Lay
the foundations for WW III.
MANKIND, initially, was infected with “HOLOCAUST”
October 1942. Rabbi Steven Wise, President of The World
JEWISH Congress (WJC), and confidant of U.S. Presidents
Wilson and Franklin D. Roosevelt, publicly announced:
Germany is engaged in a program to exterminate European

JEWS…but for economic reasons had abandoned mass gassings
in favor of injecting poison by syringe! Millions of JEW
corpses were then rendered into bars of soap!
The Allies (U.S.A., U.S.S.R., Great Britain and France),
offering NO bona fide evidence, issued a Joint Declaration,
December 1943, supporting the outrageous LIES mouthed
by rabbi Wise. In private high-ranking British and American
officials, as we now know, unsuccessfully attempted to quash
the Declaration which stank of WWI atrocity propaganda
(including the soap lie) for which the Allies had apologized
to Germany.
Let it ALWAYS be remembered it was RABBI
STEPHEN WISE, Khazar leader of American JEWRY, and
of the WORLD JEWISH CONGRESS, who created the
“HOLOCAUST” HOAX, abetted by Allied Leaders
(Churchill, Roosevelt, and Eisenhower) whom Bernard
Baruch, JEW, negotiated with, groomed, and elevated to
center stage in the ILLUMINATI war to destroy the West.
From time immemorial…the Jews have known better than
any others how falsehood and calumny can be exploited… that
in the BIG LIE there is always a certain force of credibility …Is
not their very existence founded on one great lie… that they are
a religious community and not a race… Schopenhauer called
the Jews “The Great Master of Lies.”
ADOLPH HITLER, Chancellor of Germany, Mein Kampf.
About two months after the Joint Declaration the British
Ministry of Information dispached (2-29-44) a Top

Secret letter to the British Broadcasting Corp. (BBC), and to
high-ranking ministers of the Church of England on the
need to divert public attention away from Red Army atrocities
by faking Axis war crimes.
We know the methods of rule employed by the Bolshevik
Dictator in Russia (U.S.S.R.) itself… from the writings and
speeches of the prime minister himself during the last 20-years.
We know how the Red Army behaved in Poland in 1920 and in
Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Galacia, and Bessarabia only recently.
We must, therefore, take into account how the Red Army will
behave when it overruns Central Europe. Unless precautions are
taken, the obviously inevitable horrors which will result will
throw an undue strain on public opinion in this country. We
cannot reform the Bolsheviks but we can do our best to save
them — and ourselves (“Perfidious Albion!”) — from the consequences
of their acts. The disclosure of the last quarter century
will render more denials unconvincing. The only
alternative to denial is to distract public attention from the
whole subject. Experience has shown the best distraction is
atrocity propaganda directed against the enemy… your cooperation
is therefore earnestly sought to distract public attention
from, the doings of the Red Army by your whole-hearted support
of various charges against the Germans and Japanese which
have and will be put into circulation by the Ministry.
ZUNDEL “HOLOCAUST TRIALS”, Defense Exhibit, Toronto
(1-7- 85).
It has been observed quite accurately that the heart of
MAJDANEK “Death Camp” complex. Here
the greatest number of JEWS (4-Million) allegedly were
murdered: Here the alleged NAZI killing apparatus was most

efficient. Here Germany allegedly revealed her diabolic racial
soul. “Eye-witness” testimony by the many Auschwitz survivors
provided the Nuremberg Tribunal with “moral” justification
required to pronounce Nazi Germany guilty of
“Crimes Against Humanity.” At Auschwitz the “HOLOCAUST”
myth became Reality, and Germany, cultural gem
of the West, became a Pariah among World Nations.
In Judgment at Nuremberg the International Military
Tribunal quoted at length from the Rudolf Hoess Affidavit
to support the extermination HOAX. Yet, Sergeant Bernard
Clarke, British Intelligence, described how he and five other
soldiers brutally tortured Hoess (4-5-46), former commandant
of Auschwitz, to obtain his “confession”, in which
Hoess states: JEWS were being exterminated as early as 1941
in three camps: Treblinka, Belsec and Wolzek; and 2-3-Million
JEWS perished at Auschwitz.
“Certainly, I signed a statement that I killed two and a half
million JEWS. I could just as easily have said five million
JEWS. There are certain methods by which any confession may
be obtained, whether it is true or not.”
RUDOLF HOESS, NAZI, before he was hanged.
While under torture, and threatened that his wife and
children would be deported to Siberia, Hoess invented the
name “Wolzek” to inform posterity (YOU) that his “confession”
was false: the extermination camp “Wolzek” never

The Nuremberg Tribunal also regarded as essential the
testimony of Rudolf Vrba, JEW, who was prisoner for two
years in Majdanek and Auschwitz before escaping. His dictated
report to the JEWISH Council of Slovakia, corroborating
the “HOLOCAUST” scenario, formed the basis of the
War Refugee Board Report (1944). Professor Vrba, who
wrote the autobiography, “I Cannot Forgive”, now teaches in
British Columbia (died 2000). Book reviews praised Vrba for
his “meticulous and almost fanatic respect for accuracy.” But
during the ZUNDEL TRIALS, Vrba confessed he had fabricated
his entire “gas chamber” thesis out of thin air. He had
never seen a gas chamber. “I have taken licentia poetarium,”
he whimpered. This typical JEW “eye-witness”, was believed
at Nuremberg when he calculated that in 24-months (April
1942- April 1944) 1,765,000 JEWS were “gassed” at
Birkenau alone including 150,000 JEWS from France!
Today, all historians (including “HOLOCAUST” expert,
Serge Klarsfeld, JEW, in his “Memorial to the Deportation of
the Jews from France”) agree that fewer than 75,000
“French” JEWS had been deported to ALL German camps.
The reason Vrba saw no gas chambers is that there were NO
gas chambers — anywhere — as you will soon learn. Nevertheless,
the “Spielbergs” continue to LIE to our children.
At Nuremberg, Chief U.S. Prosecutor, Robert Jackson
(Married to a JEWESS), announced to the world that Germans
used a “newly invented device” to instantly “vaporize”
20,000 JEWS near Auschwitz “…in such a way that there
was no trace left of them.” The Washington. D.C. “Daily

News” (2-2-45) quoted “eye-witness reports” that Germans,
at Auschwitz, used an “electric conveyer belt on which hundreds
of persons would be electrocuted simultaneously…then
moved on into furnaces. They were burned almost instantaneously,
producing fertilizer for nearby cabbage fields.” All
proven lies. Arnold Friedman, JEW, Auschwitz survivor, testifying
for the Crown (Prosecution) in the recent Canadian
Zundel trials, stated under oath that “fourteen foot flames”
and clouds of smoke erupted from crematoria chimneys; that
greasy smoke and the stench of burning human flesh hung
over the camp for weeks; that one could tell whether skinny
Polish JEWS or fat Hungarian JEWS were being gassed by
the color of the smoke! When the Defense produced Topf &
Sons in Erfurt patent descriptions of the Auschwitz crematoria,
it showed — as with ALL modern crematoria — the
impossibility of it emitting smoke, flames and stench. Thus,
demolishing “eye-witness” descriptions appearing in virtually
all “HOLOCAUST” horror stories.
Auschwitz, throughout the war, was subjected to intense
AERIAL SURVEILLANCE because Buna rubber, a German
patent, and other war materials were manufactured there.
State-of-the-art, detailed, AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHS of the
Auschwitz complex reveal no lines of prisoners awaiting execution;
no piles of corpses; no huge stacks of coal; no chimneys
belching flames and smoke nor other signs of massexecution
described by JEW “eye- witnesses”; and congenital
liars like TAMUDISTS Elie Weisel; Simon Wiesenthal; Hollywood’s
Steven Spielberg, et al.

IVAN LAGACE, manager of a large CREMATORY,
Calgary, Canada, testified under oath (Zundel Trials) that
the Auschwitz cremation story is technically impossible. “It
is preposterous” and “beyond the realm of possibility” that
10,000 or 20,000 corpses could have been burned daily in
open pits and crematoriums at Auschwitz. For Professor Raul
Hillberg, JEW, to declare 46 retorts at Birkenau could cremate
4000 bodies per day is “ludicrous.” Lagace testified that
a maximum of 184 bodies, per day, could have been cremated
at Birkenau. It takes about 2½-hrs. just to burn one
corpse. Crematories cannot run 24-hours straight time.
In 1988, FRED A. LEUCHTER carried out on-site
forensic examinations of alleged GAS CHAMBERS at Auschwitz-
Birkenau- Majdanek “Death Camps” in Poland.
Leuchter, Reg. Engineer, State of Massachusettes, is consider
America’s foremost expert on gas chambers. He is consultant
to the State of Missouri, and South Carolina penal systems.
At the ZUNDEL TRIALS, in sworn testimony, substantiated
by video-tapes shot on location, and in a technical
report, Leuchter demolished the “HOLOCAUST” HOAX
by proving the sites were not used and could not have been
used as execution gas chambers: their construction was
totally inadequate: not properly sealed or ventilated, with
primitive plumbing, and no way to efficiently introduce the
gas. If the alleged “gas chambers” had been used escaping
fumes would have killed German patients in the adjacent
hospital, prisoners at work, and German camp personnel.
Independent laboratory analysis of forensic samples Leuchter

had removed from walls and floors of the “gas chambers”
proved that the pesticide ZYKLON-B (hydro- cyanic acid)
had not been used — as reported by eye-witnesses — to gas
millions of JEWS at the Auschwitz complex. Leuchter
pointed out that traces of Cyanide (Prussic Acid), if introduced
into rocks, concrete, and metal, would last for eons of
DR. W.B. LINDSEY, a research chemist for 33-years
with DuPont Corp., testified that based on a thorough onsite
examination of the Auschwitz complex: “I have come to
the conclusion that no one was willfully or purposely killed
with Zyklon-B in this manner. I consider it absolutely technically
A confidential forensic examination and report commissioned
by the Auschwitz State Museum (JEWS), and conducted
by the Institute of Forensic Research, Krakow, has
confirmed Leuchter’s findings that only minimal or no traces
of cyanide compound can be found in the sites alleged to
have been gas-chambers.
WALTER LUFTL, Austrian engineer, and former president
of Austria’s Professional Association of Engineers, conducted
on-site investigations of the Auschwitz complex. In a
1992 report he said the alleged mass extermination of JEWS
in Auschwitz “chambers” was “technically impossible.”
At Auschwitz, but probably overall, more JEWS were killed
by ‘natural causes’ than by ‘unnatural’ ones.

DR. A. MAYER, JEW, Princeton U. “Why Did the Heavens
Not Darken?”
Britain’s chief rabbi wants the “6-Million” figure revised:
Its important to find out how many people presumed dead are
still alive. It is far more important to unite families than to live
with a figure arrived at quite arbitrarily.
DR. JONATHAN H. SACKS, JEW, The Crescent Magazine, 5-
For 45-years following WWII the monument at Auschwitz
BETWEEN 1940-1945.”
In 1982, Pope John Paul genuflected before the monument
and blessed the “4-Million dead.” Embarrassingly, he
received no hint from Yahweh that 8-years later Yad Vashem
Holocaust Center, Israel; and the Auschwitz State Museum,
would concede: “The 4-Million figure was greatly exaggerated.”
The death toll inscribed on the monument was hastily
removed. JEWS suggested 1.1-MILLION dead was more
Despite an almost 3-Million reduction in the number of
JEWS “murdered” the Cabalistic 6-Million figure remains
inviolate to keep intact Germany’s reparation payments to
Israel. ODDLY, it seems to infuriate JEWS to learn their relatives
were NOT gassed, but are alive and well — many
employed in America’s mass-media, and the U.S. State

Then(1995), Russia released the official Auschwitz
Death Registers (one month missing) which lists a grand
total of 74,000 deaths from all causes! (including German
personnel who died there)
None of the above reported by the Marxist/LIBERAL/
JEW media, (Please see Chapt. 10, Parasitism, USA).
You may recall the testimony of Joseph G. Burg, JEW,
witness for the Defense, Zundel Trials. Burg stated that JEW
“HOLOCAUST” survivors invented the gas-chamber stories:
If those JEWS had sworn before a rabbi wearing a skullcap
then those false statements, those sick statements, would go
down by 99.5%, because the superficial oath was not morally
binding on JEWS.
…my promises (to a Gentile) shall not bind… my vows
shall not be reckoned vows… nor my oaths oaths… every vow
which I make in the future shall be null from this Day of
Atonement until the next.
TALMUD: Kol Nidre Oath.
Elie Wiesel JEW, Nobel Peace Prize winner, President
Clinton confident, testified that for months after German
troops in the Ukraine shot JEW partisans “geysers of blood
spurted from their graves and the earth trembled” (“Spielbergism”).
A German court, ruling for the defense, in a case
involving the authenticity of ANNE FRANK’S DIARY,
found that the Diary had been written by one individual —

presumably Anne Frank. Several years later German Federal
Crimes Office (BKA) certified that extensive sections of the
Diary had been written in ball-point pen — a device not
marketed until 1950!
This deception, in addition to discrepancies and impossibilities
within the Diary itself, reveal the LIE. Anne was
simply exploited — as are all children who find the Diary
mandatory reading at their schools. David Irving, British historian,
calls the Diary “worthless research material.” We
should note, here, that Anne and her father were imprisoned
at Auschwitz. When Soviet troops approached she was sent
to Bergen-Belsen for her safety. Unfortunately she died there
of typhus. Her father, Otto Frank, JEW, survived. With no
visible source of income he died many years later in Switzerland
— a wealthy man.
Yad Vashem Holocaust Remembrance Authority concedes
that SOAP was NOT rendered from JEW corpses.
“Why give them something to use against the truth?” asks
VIP Schmuel Krakpowski, JEW.
The Allied War Commission determined early on there
were NO execution gas-chambers in any of the 13 concentration
camps located in Germany and Austria. An official
document to that effect is signed by the Commission, dated
1 October 1948 (official copies available). The so-called
“DEATH CAMPS” were conveniently located behind the
Iron Curtain. Investigation of these camps was not officially
permitted until the collapse of the U.S.S.R. in 1990. By then

the “HOLOCAUST” was accepted as TRUTH by the
goyim sheep.
What about all the corpse photographs TV threatens
you with daily?
During the final months of the war Allies took command
of the skies. Highways, bridges, railroads, powerplants,
live-stock, farmers in their fields were targeted. “Kill
whatever moves!” (Gen. Chuck Yaeger, USAF, denounced
that order as an atrocity). German transport was severely curtailed.
Vital supplies were prevented from reaching the
camps. As the Eastern Front rolled back prisoners from those
areas, especially women, opted for transfers to German
camps rather than fall into Soviet hands. Bergen-Belsen, for
example, designed to accommodate 3,000, was inundated
with over 50,000 prisoners. Systems in ALL the camps broke
down. When the Allies took over they were greeted with horror
scenes (replayed countless times on screen, stage, and
television): the sick and dying and emaciated corpses covered
the ground. Tragic. But they had not been murdered as we
have been conditioned to believe. They died slowly from
starvation, lack of medicine, and disease — TYPHUS raged
through almost all camps. To complete the macabre scene
the U.S. Army 45th Division, liberators of Dachau, gathered
together 560 uniformed German guards, nurses and doctors
and machine-gunned them to death.
CROSS (ICRC), and the Catholic Church, whose members
frequented all camps, reported NO mass executions, and do

NOT mention gas chambers. Adolph Hitler, a Catholic, has
not been excommunicated! Churchill, Truman, Eisenhower,
Marshall, De Gaulle, and other Allied leaders DO NOT
mention a “HOLOCAUST” in their memoirs.
The U.S. State Department’s refusal, 1939, to permit
JEWS on board the passenger ship St. Louis to disembark in
U.S.A. territorial waters was, we now know, a smoke-screen
to divert America’s attention from the mass immigration, sub
rosa, of JEWS to our shores. The vast majority of Americans,
as people everywhere, didn’t want Europe’s JEWRY. But
Europe’s JEWRY wanted the United States. Franklin D.
Roosevelt, effete Ivy League traitor, was fond of saying,
“Some of my best friends are Communists.” He had plenty
of them. Before, during, and after WWII U.S. Liberty ships
and cargo vessels, after unloading troops and supplies in
European ports, returned to the United States crammed with
“gassed” KHAZARS. They simply disembarked, fading into
the alley-ways, undergoing no naturalization process. And
they weren’t poor waifs. As described, above, Harry Dexter
White, JEW, Under-Secretary of the Treasury, stole U.S.
Treasury engraving plates, then gave them to the Soviet
Union which printed millions (billions?) of dollars in U. S.
paper currency. This money found its way into the pockets
of the new “American” JEWS. After the war, White, exposed
as a Soviet agent, was scheduled to appear before a Senate
investigating committee when he conveniently died! FDR’s
confidant Henry Morganthau, Jr., JEW, Sec. U. S. Treasury,
sponsored the Morganthau Plan, which called for transplantKILL

ing German industry to the Soviet Union. When told this
would result in the mass starvation of Germans he replied:
“Who the hell cares about the German people?”
Frederick Lindemann (Lord Cherwell), JEW,
Churchill’s Zionist watchdog, cared a great deal! Only three
months before Germany’s surrender (5-5-45), acting upon
Lindemann’s directives, British and American planes
attacked DRESDEN, Germany (2-13-45), a defenseless city
packed with refugees, which was observing Christian ASH
Wednesday. Over 200,000 men, women, and children were
incinerated in fire-storms generated by concussion and phosphorus
bombs. Later, photographs of the victims, stacked
like cordwood, were super-imposed on Auschwitz “Death
Camp” photographs (more Spielbergisms). Most of the airmen
were unaware that Saxony was the heartland of their
own Anglo-Saxon ancestors.
“Mad Dog” Ilya Ehrenburg, JEW, Minister of Soviet
Propaganda under Stalin, promoted the rape of German
women by promising the troops “that blonde German hag is
in for a hard time!” He sought the extermination of the
entire German people. “Germans are not human beings…
nothing gives us so much pleasure as German corpses!”
(Pravda 4-14-45).
Soldiers of the Red Army! Kill the Germans! Kill ALL Germans!
Kill! Kill! Kill!
ILYA EHRENBURG, who received the Order of Lenin, and
the Stalin Prize. He willed his papers to the Yad Vashem Holocaust
Museum, Israel.

The interests of the revolution require the physical annihilation
of the bourgeoisie class… Without mercy, without sparing,
we will kill our enemies in scores of thousands… let them
drown themselves in their own blood. For the blood of Lenin,
and Uritzky, Ziniviev and Volodarsky, let their be floods of
blood of the bourgeosie — more blood! As much as possible!
GRIGORY APFELBAUM (Zinoviev), JEW, Soviet Secret
The longer the rotten bourgeoisie society lives, the more
barbaric will anti-Semitism (anti-JEW) become everywhere.
LEON TROTSKY, JEW, Supreme Commander Soviet Red
General DWIGHT EISENHOWER (appropriately
named “The Swedish Jew” by fellow West Point cadets) was
promoted over the heads of many more qualified officers for
a reason. He agreed, apparently, to exchange America’s honor
quid pro quo for 5-Stars and glory. After the war, at the dedication
of a New York City park honoring the Bernard
Baruch family, key-note speaker Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower,
USA-Ret., admitted:
As a young unknown major I took the wisest step of my
life. I consulted Mr. Baruch.
(General Dwight D. Eisenhower, U.S. Army), cited by A.K.
CHESTERTON, op. cit., The New Unhappy Lords.
Bernard Baruch, KEHILLA, became wealthy dealing in
war materiel (“A little bird told him”). Wars were his specialty.
During WWII, he was called “the most powerful figure
in America” (Congressional Record). Winston Churchill

also took that “wise step.” The mortgage on Winnie’s
Chartwell estate was inexplicably satisfied by South African
gold dealer Sir Henry Strakosch, JEW (Baruch confidant)
after Winnie had spent a week-end at Bernie’s NYC mansion.
Then came WWII (Pls. see: Churchill’s War, by David
EISENHOWER dumbfounded and infuriated Allied
generals when he ordered victorious American troops to
HALT at the Elbe River, pursuant to his agreement with
Bernie Baruch, KEHILLA, permitting JEWS and Asiatics,
for the first time in history, to plunder and rape the very
heart of Europe. This action divided Germany (bulwark of
Christendom), precipitated the Cold War, and caused the
murder of over 10-Million ethnic Germans following Germany’s
unconditional surrender. America gave to the Marxists
not only the ancient city of Berlin with its priceless
archives, but also the important rocket production plant at
Nordhausen, the great Zeiss optical and precision-instrument
works at Jena; and the first Jet airplane plant at Kahla.
Everywhere, America surrendered to the Marxists thousands
of planes, tanks, and jet fighters, snorkel submarine plants, as
well as research centers, scientific personnel, patents, and
other treasures (Congressional Record, 3-19-1951). Captured
German scientists, NOT the Soviets, beat the USA into
space! JEWS (Beria, Andropov) had murdered all Gentile
scientists. There was NO advanced technology. Soviets were
incapable of producing engines for their own tanks much less
sophisticated rockets and jet engines (the U.S. designed and

built almost all Soviet tank-engines enabling the USSR to
win the key battle of Kursk). Arming the USSR with stateof-
the-art technology, per Baruch/Roosevelt/Truman
instructions, produced the Cold War — a banker’s bonanza
— pitting America’s pocketbook against the Soviet threat.
Eisenhower, his obligations in mind, treacherously
ordered American and British troops to execute OPERATION
KEELHAUL driving millions of Russian anti-Communists
out of the United States and Europe into torture and
death in the Soviet Union. Official Soviet statisticians (10-1-
1945) state a total of 5,236,130 anti-communists were
turned over by Ike, and admitted that three-million of these
were immediately murdered AFTER THE WAR. The victims
were anti-Communists: soldiers, prisoners of war, and
men who had been recruited into American service, fighting
valiantly under our flag; and civilians: old men, women and
children who had tried to escape the BOLSHEVIKS. All had
voluntarily surrendered to American forces after being promised
protection under articles of the Geneva Convention.
There have been few crimes in history more brutal and
more extensive than this forced repatriation of anti-Communists,
to which Dwight Eisenhower committed the honor of the
United States. Dragging the honor and reputation of our country
through pools of bloody betrayal….
ROBERT WELCH, The Politician, Pres, John Birch Society.
The MEDIA announced that 40-thousand Polish army
officers and civilian elite had been murdered in KATYN

FOREST. Germans, accused of the crime, were sentenced at
Nuremberg and imprisoned or hanged. Later, the Katyn
Massacre was proven a BOLSHEVIK crime. The numbers
murdered were reduced to 14,300. Evidence (as with the
Czar’s family) points to JEW RITUAL MURDERS.
Victims of the Nuremberg Trials were judged during the
JEWISH HOLY DAYS and were hanged on HAHANNA
RABA (16 October 1946), the day YAWEH pronounces
final judgment.
While the Nuremberg Tribunal prepared to convict
Germany for “Crimes Against Humanity,” U.S. planes
dropped atomic bombs on defenseless Hiroshima, and
Nagasaki, Japan, murdering over 110,000 non-combatants.
As many died later of radiation poisoning.
The JEW against the Goy is allowed to rape, cheat, and
perjure himself.
TALMUD: Babha Kama.
Israelis and American JEWS fully agree that the memory of
the Holocaust is an indispensable weapon… one that must be
used relentlessly against our common enemy… JEWISH organizations
and individuals thus labor continuously to remind the
world of it. In America the perpetuation of the Holocaust
memory is now a $110-million-a-year enterprise, part of which
is U.S. government funded.
MOSHE LEDHEM, JEW, Balaam’s Curse.
The British (Bank of England) offered to stop the war
(1939-40) if Germany would agree to a Gold Standard and
international usury. While Germany offered to stop the war if
the British would allow her to develop her barter-trade system

and give her back some of her colonies and territory.
C. C. VIETH, British Member of Parliament.
The sudden collapse of the U.S.S.R. (c.1990) provided
public access to secret files; to so-called “Death Camps”; and
to former Soviet agents. Continuing research, has resulted in
Up-dated Statistics relating to JEW deaths during WWII:
The World Center of Jewish Documentation, Paris,
incapable of telling the whole truth, has nonetheless revised
figures downward, stating: 1,485,292 JEWS died of all
causes in WWII. The World Jewish Congress, and Yad
Vashem, insist that 6-Million JEWS were murdered by Germans
— yet they admit almost 3-Million fewer JEWS died
at Auschwitz than previously claimed! Over 4-million JEWS
claim reparation payments. However there were never more
than 3-million JEWS under German control at any time.
Die Tat, Zurich(1-19-95), base their conclusions on statis-
tics provided by the International Committee of the Red
Cross, places the total number of civilian dead (not all
JEWS) resultant of NAZI political, religious, racial persecution
at 300,000 to 350,000.
Revisionist Historians conclude that the TOTAL number
of JEWS dead from all causes during WWII are 250,000
to 300,000. The majority of these died from typhus. (See,
The Patton Papers (pp 353-4) in re JEW filthiness).
To put these figures in perspective remember that about
700,000 civilians died during the siege at Leningrad, and
over 200,000 died at Dresden (“strafe everything that

moves!”). It is estimated that over 10 to 15-Million Germans
died during WWII.
1938 A.D. 16,599,250 (The World Almanac3)
1948 A.D. 15,600,000 to 18,700,000 (New York Times)
Professor Arthur R. Butz, Northwestern University,
Evanston Illinois, was the first to professionally research and
document European JEW population shifts during WWII
and the impossibility of the so-called “HOLOCAUST.” In
his highly regarded book, The Hoax of the Twentieth Century,
1975, Butz concludes that about one-million JEWS died of
all causes during WWII. He wrote his tome 10-years before
the Zundel Trials which, among other revelations, demolished
the execution gas-chambers myth.
all over the World intended to cast a permanent
Stigma on the Aryan Race stand instead as
3. Also see Guiness Book of Records.
4. Hitler anticipated the JEW “Big Lie,” Chapt. X, Mein Kampf.

Throughout history, JEWS have been diagnosed as congenital
LIARS. It is not surprising to find their holy book
bearing false witness, charging the Romans with committing
The TALMUD…(claims) that the number of JEWS killed
by the Romans after the fortress (Bethar) fell (135 A.D.) was 4-
Billion, “or as some say” 40-million, while the MIDRASH
RABBAH reports 800-Million martyred JEWS. In order to
reassure us that these figures are given in earnest the necessarily
accompanying events are set forth: The blood of the slain JEWS
reached to the nostrils of the Romans’ horses and then, like a
tidal wave, plunged a distance of one mile or four miles to the
sea, carrying large boulders along with it, and staining the sea a
distance of four miles out. The JEWISH children of Bethar,
according to TALMUDIC literature were of course not spared
by the Romans, who were said to have wrapped each one in his
scroll and burned all of them, the number of these school children
having been either 64-Million or at least 150,000….
ARTHUR R. BUTZ, Assoc. Prof. Engineering, Northwestern
U., The Hoax of the Twentieth Century.
93 Jewish girls and young Jewish women, the pupils of the
teacher of Beth Jacob School of Warsaw, Poland, chose mass
suicide to escape being forced into prostitution by German soldiers,
according to a letter from the teacher, made public yesterday
by Rabbi Seth Jung, Jewish Center, New York City.
ASSOCIATED PRESS, 8 January 1943.
I lied. I lie all the time. I was brought up to lie. I was told
that is the way to get along in life.
MONICA LEWINSKI, JEWESS, Bill Clinton’s desk mate,

History shows us that JEWS are compulsive LIARS. It is
a genetic characteristic that all JEWS share. All JEWS know
the “HOLOCAUST” is a lie — because they understand one
another. Therefore all JEWS must be held accountable. Ponder
carefully the following contemporary newspaper item:
It was a rare moment: Jessie Jackson surrounded by whitehaired
Holocaust survivors. The occasion was a black-Jewish
celebration of “Liberators,” the PBS documentary about all
black U.S. Army units that, according to the film, helped capture
Buchenwald and Dachau. The sponsors of the screening
TIME-WARNER and a host of rich and influential New Yorkers
billed the film as an important tool in rebuilding of a black-
Jewish alliance… E.G.McConnell, an original member of the
761st Tank Battalion (featured in the film) says… “It’s a lie —
we were no where near those camps when they were liberated.”
Nina Rosenbloom who co-produced the film says Mr. McConnell
can’t be trusted. “You can’t speak to him because he’s
snapped. He was hit in the head with shrapnel and was severely
brain damaged.” Mr. McConnell, a retired mechanic for Trans
World Airlines laughs when told of her statement. “If I was so
disturbed why did they use me in the film?” he asks. “It’s totally
inaccurate,” says Charles Gates, the former captain who commanded
C Company. “The men couldn’t have been there
because the camp was 60-miles away from where we were on
liberation day.” According to him tanks of the 761st were
assigned to the 71st Infantry Division whose fighting path was
100-160 kilometers away from the camps. Several Holocaust
survivors are quoted in the film saying they were liberated by

blacks in those units. Ms. Rosenbloom angrily denounces the
film’s critics as Holocaust revisionists and racists. “These people
are of the same mentality that says the Holocaust didn’t happen
!”… The “Liberators” fueled by the public relations success is
gaining momentum. Copies of the documentary will be distributed
to all New York City junior and senior high schools. The
cost of the schools project is being picked up by investment
banker Felix Rohatyn… although several philanthropists are
vying for the honor of buying tapes for the schools. The film
will be used to “examine the effects of racism on African-American
soldiers and on Jews who were in concentration camps… to
explain the role of African-American soldiers in liberating Jews
from Nazi concentration camps and to reveal the involvement
of Jews as ‘soldiers’ in the civil-rights movement.” Peggy Tishman,
a former president of the Jewish Community Relations
Council is sticking by the documentary. She says, “The documentary
is good for the Holocaust. Why would anybody want
to exploit the idea that the film is a fraud? What we’re trying to
do is make New York a better place for you and me to live.” She
claims the accuracy of the film is not the issue. “What is important
is the way we can bring Jews and Blacks into dialogue.
There are a lot of truths that are very necessary. This,” she says,
“is not a truth that is necessary!”
The greatest deception is self-deception. We will
explore that JEWISH vulnerability by examining GENETICS.
For it is NATURE that inevitably will destroy YAHWEH’S
“Chosen People.”


For those that are interested……

Germany is not a FREE Country!

To show how bad things are in Germany consider this chapter in Germar Rudolf’s book Hunting Germar Rudolf  starting at page 264.

This is hard to believe!    So the question is, is Germany better off today then it was with Hitler ruling?     You be the judge.   Germar elaborates…..

Denunciation, Wire-Tapping, Mind-Control

One of the Allied conditions for establishing the Federal Republic of Germany
was the creation of a “Federal Agency for Protection of the Constitution”
(Bundesamt für Verfassungsschutz). This Orwellian device’s name
was chosen in order not to give German citizens the impression that they
were exposed to governmental snooping, which was of course the mission
of the Bureau, and as such it was just a kind of successor of the infamous

Gestapo, the Secret State Police of the Third Reich. From this bureau subsequently
evolved, within the Interior Ministry, the Department for Protection
of the Constitution.
Recently, Claus Nordbruch exhaustively documented the scandalous jurisdictional
expansion of this domestic spy agency (1999). Although this
department possesses no police or legal resources, it nevertheless wields
tremendous power. If an individual or organization is mentioned in one of
its “Constitutional Protection” reports, it is the social equivalent of a death
sentence. The person or institution targeted is ostracized and shunned like a
leper, often fired from his job and denied right of appeal before the employment
The role of the victorious Allies is evident also in the first disfranchisement
of a political party, which occurred early in the 1950s. In those
days, the newly organized German Reich Party (Deutsche Reichspartei),
which was very popular among former soldiers and the patriotically inclined,
was enjoying rapid growth and electoral successes. The leading
personality and draft horse of the new party was Major General Otto Ernst
Remer. Because of his success, he was visited by an Allied delegation.
They issued him an alternative: either quit the Reich Party or else the Allies
would ban it. Remer refused to knuckle under and the party was
banned. For the sake of appearances, the KPD (Communist Party of Germany)
was also banned, but it promptly re-emerged as the DKP (German
Communist Party.)
The introduction of the Emergency Decrees (Notstandsgesetze), which
occurred toward the end of the Sixties, was a decisive step toward gutting
constitutional rights. These laws were intended to enable the government to
restrict civil rights in case of a severe conflict with the Soviet Union. Before
the Emergency Decrees were introduced, it was legally impossible for
the government to restrict individual rights. It has now become commonplace.
Controversy over the Emergency Decrees also gave impetus to the student
revolts of the late 1960s. With good reason, the students feared that
the decrees would open the door to despotism, which they mistakenly believed
would be “fascistic” in nature.
When the Emergency Decrees were finally accepted under the Grand
Coalition of Christian Liberals and socialists at the end of the 1960s, the
“extra-parliamentary opposition” (“Außerparlamentarische Opposition”,
APO) was organized, which challenged the accumulation of power within
the established parties through struggles in the street. Out of this APO developed
the terrorist movement of the 1970s, which gave the government a
pretext for restricting human rights still further. It became permissible to
search domiciles, tap telephones and open mail, even without official court
permission, provided the intent was to ward off any “clear and present
danger.” (“Gefahr im Verzug”)
With the expansion of organized criminality in the 1980s, basic human
rights (inviolability of the home, and privacy of mail and telephone) were
weakened still further. Now came another striking innovation: such
measures could be applied without judicial permission, under the simple
pretext of “Suspicion [sic] of potential danger.” This is commonly called
“Salami tactics.”
No one seems interested in the fact that combating organized crime is
not caused by inadequate legislation, but rather by lack of support for the
police and lack of will on the part of politicians, who are frequently involved
in organized crime (see Lindlau 1998).
The period around 1980 also saw the first flowering of Holocaust revisionism.
The government responded to this challenge with another
streamlining of its procedure for prosecuting thought crime. It raised such
violations to the level of crimes that are to be prosecuted automatically,
i.e., they do no longer be initiated by complaints from anybody.
Since Germany’s reunification in 1989/90, a flood of patriotism and
patriotic organizations has been sweeping across Germany. International
powerbrokers were then exerting tremendous pressure upon Germany to
repress the patriotic movement. During this time, several xenophobic attacks
against foreigners occurred, some of which may well have been
false-flag events. The German government has certainly exploited all these
attacks in order to create the specter of a “brown threat,” a resurgence of
fascism. As a result of this, on December 1, 1994, Article 130 of Germany’s
Penal Law was changed on an unprecedented scale, as described earlier.
Freedom of opinion regarding German social taboos such as foreigners,
multi-culture, Jews, the Holocaust and the Third Reich has been
banned altogether.
Since German patriotic opposition parties had once more some electoral
success some ten years later and despite these censorship measures, the law
was tightened again in 2005 to declare illegal anything positive about the
Third Reich or its personalities exclusively when uttered by right-wingers
(see earlier in this chapter, pp. 256f.).
The German government’s latest recent step toward total surveillance
occurred at the end of the 1990s. This was the so-called “Great Spying
Wave” (“Großer Lauschangriff”), which legalizes constant residential
surveillance with microphones and cameras under certain circumstances.
Simultaneously, the German judiciary launched prosecutions of foreigners
as well as German nationals for disseminating “contraband” documents
over the Internet. The precedent here was the case of Australian revisionist
Fredrick Töben with his Australian website. In his case, The German Federal
Supreme Court decided that it is illegal to make material illegal under
German law accessible in Germany by any means, including posting it
online where people in Germany can see it, no matter on what server in
which country the material is hosted.
In Germany at present, all the following are treated as illegal items or
– Anything that might be construed as a threat to “public peace” can be
prohibited at the discretion of a prosecutor or judge.
– All symbols, gestures, songs, speeches, and poems that directly or indirectly
suggest anything associated with the Third Reich, are prohibited.
– Criticism of “multicultural” society and immigration policy can be construed
as an illegal act.
– It is unlawful to publicly voice dissenting research results about the
circumstances surrounding National Socialist crimes, whether actual or
alleged. Every critical researcher who investigates the Third Reich
works under the threat of persecution and suppression.
– The punishment meted out for “inciting to hatred” can be up to five
years in prison.
– Even criticism of established parties, government and its representatives
can be prosecuted as an offense (denigration of symbols and representatives
of the state).
– As a result, thousands of books have been burned, tens of thousands of
German citizens punished for thought crimes, hundreds of citizens and
non-citizens thrown into prison, and numerous opposition parties and
other organizations outlawed. Other parties and political groupings are
severely restricted in their constitutionally guaranteed rights. They are
subjected to social and criminal punishment if they openly oppose or
expose the conditions mentioned above. The formation of a parliamentary
or extra-parliamentary opposition to these conditions has thus been
made legally impossible.
– If one criticizes despotic measures, one makes oneself liable for prosecution
on grounds of maligning the government, its representatives and
symbols. The government has hermetically sealed itself off from all
criticism and possibility of reform.
In view of such conditions it is not surprising that political scientists, sociologists,
and historians no longer dare to call things by their real names.
They are afraid of being raided by the German “State Protection Police”
and hauled before the courts’ “State Protection Chambers” and sentenced
to severe punishment over mere expressions of political opinion.
In all the years, I have been associated with representatives of German
intellectual life I have been hearing formulaic expressions such as “Freedom
is in peril” and “Are our opinions really free?” It has now become
clear that freedom is not “endangered” – it no longer exists. Likewise,
there is no longer any question about whether one’s thoughts are still free.
Given the present climate of anxiety in Germany’s society, media and government,
many citizens are actually afraid to express their opinions. More
and more often one hears it said: “You can’t even think that!” People are
afraid to openly discuss issues in Germany because they could suffer serious
consequences if they did.
Prof. Gottfried Dietze, Emeritus of Johns Hopkins University, responded
to my request to comment from the unassailable position of retired
emeritus in a foreign country. His response was discouraging: the world
has already dragged Germany through the mud so badly that he chooses
not to make the situation even worse with negative comments about present
day conditions in his beloved fatherland. What a heartbreaking observation!

There is a little German witticism going around that illustrates the difference
between the former DDR and the present government. Today’s
Germany does the opposite of what the DDR used to do: it keeps its citizens
fat and politically impotent and takes away their hope of escape by
incorporating all German territory and pressing its neighbors to act as she
wishes, and so she has no further need of walls and self-firing robot guns at
the borders.
In 1994, Germany had a president named Richard von Weizsäcker who
publicly called upon children to spy upon their parents and vice-versa in
order to denounce them should they harbor right-wing views. In the meantime,
Germany even has a toll-free number where German citizens can
denounce their co-citizens in case they harbor unwanted right-wing views:
011-49-1805-234566. Only totalitarian states can sink this low.
On January 19, 1993, Mr. E. Mußmann, Professor of Police Law at the
Ludwigsburg Academy for Public Administration, delivered a lecture to
the German Catholic Student Organization Nordgau Prag in Stuttgart,
entitled “How the Police Change with the Times.” In this lecture, he criticized
the relentless undermining of constitutional rights and the expanding
power of the police apparatus. Prof. Mußmann remarked that, if these
trends were not reversed, he would not want to live in Germany in forty
years, because it would have become a police state with pronounced Orwellian
tendencies. Prof. Mußmann was mistaken.

It took only ten years.
Today, the leaders of the 1968 student revolt have become Germany’s
political leaders – almost all of them radical socialists, Communists, Marxists,
Spartacists, or even supporters of Red Army Faction terrorists, like
Trittin (Minister for Ecology), Schröder (Federal Chancellor), Fischer
(Minister for Foreign Affairs), Schilly (Minister for Internal Affairs) –, and
the persecution they unleash against the German people has no parallel in
German postwar history. Factually, Germany has turned into a left-wing
extremist state, closer to the former communist East Germany than to the
In such an atmosphere, everybody visiting Germany should be aware
that telling the wrong kind of jokes with the wrong kind of audience – and
if it is only the guy at the table next to you in the restaurant who doesn’t
like your joke – might be a free ticket to a German jail, because making
jokes about certain minorities (Jews, Turks, homosexuals, gypsies…)
might be interpreted as “Incitement to hatred.” So you better watch your
back when visiting Germany!

Govt Book Burning in Germany

German book burning who was worse?
Neither the German Empire nor the Weimar Republic was particularly
soft in their dealings with unwelcome literature,239 but the worst reputation
was doubtless acquired by the Third Reich, which managed, within
the twelve years of its existence, to black-list some 10,000 books. While
these books were not burned, they did disappear from the shelves of
bookstores, to be exiled to library archives.
What is not nearly as well known is the fact that it was the Allied “liberators”
of Germany who staged the greatest campaign of book destruction
that mankind had ever seen. Among the victims of Allied displeasure were
34,645 titles as well as, comprehensively, all school textbooks published
between 1933 and 1945; not only were these no longer permitted to be
printed and sold after the war – they also had to vanish from the archives of
many libraries. In the years from 1946 to 1952, the Soviet Occupation
Power published four such lists (“Liste der auszusondernden Literatur”, or
list of literature to be destroyed) of titles earmarked for destruction. In accordance
with the instructions in the censors’ introduction to the second
and third volumes, the first three of these lists also went into force in the
western Occupation Zones.

Welcome to Germany


What kind of a country is it where a considerable part of the people
think that singing their national anthem could be illegal?
– What country is it where folksingers might be put in jail for singing
peaceful songs?
– What kind of a country is it where a mother of five gets a prison term for
having sold one CD with peaceful music on it?
– What country is it where a pastor raising his national flag in his church
would get kicked out of his parish for being an extremist?
– What country is it where somebody raising his country’s flag would be
harassed by his neighbors for being an extremist?
– What country is it where a teacher suggesting that all students should
sing the national anthem first thing every morning would lose his job for
being an extremist?
– What country is it where showing uncompromised flags of its past is
considered a threat to “public peace”?
– What country is it where people can get fined for raising an arm to wave
their hands at a person?
– What country is it where people can be fined for collecting and displaying
full-scale models of historical weapons?
– What country is it where one can be fined or sent to jail for showing
symbols and insignia that have been, and still are, used in many cultures
for centuries and millennia?
– What country is it where a professor who writes his disbelief about certain
historical events in a footnote, written in Latin, in a scholarly anthology
can be prosecuted and threatened with jail?
– What country is it where a judge, writing a well-founded, but highly
controversial book on historical topics, sees his book confiscated and
burned, his pension cut, and his PhD title withdrawn as a result of this?
– What country is it where a highly renowned historian writing a wellfounded
book of his country’s history can be threatened with prosecution
because what he found out is not liked by the authorities?
– What country is it where a history teacher is sent to jail for uttering historical
dissent in a private letter to a high-profile personality?
– What country is it where a professor criticizing internationalism can be
kicked out of his job, harassed, prosecuted and driven into suicide?
– What country is it that sends a historical dissenter to prison for more
than two years just because he published peaceful, scholarly historical
– What country is it that denigrates, defames and humiliates its war veterans
to such a degree that finally one of them burns himself publicly in
protest against what he calls a “Niagara flood of lies” against his generation?
– What country is it that outlaws the commemoration of such a selfsacrifice
and punishes everybody who dares to publish this man’s last
– What country is it where well-founded, heavily footnoted books on political
and historical topics, authored by academics with solid credentials,
can be confiscated and burned by the authorities?
– What country is it where authors, editors, publishers, printers, wholesalers,
retailers, importers and exporters, warehouses, and customers buying
more than two copies of a certain medium can be prosecuted for
producing, stocking, importing/exporting, distributing dissenting political
and historical literature?
– What country is it that hides from its citizens which media are outlawed,
so that one cannot possibly know whether or not one commits a crime
when distributing such media?
– What country is it where judges are threatened with prosecution because
they did not punish political and historical dissenters harshly enough?
– What country is it that outlaws the introduction of exonerating evidence?
– What country is it that prosecutes defense lawyers if they try to introduce
exonerating evidence on behalf of their clients?
– What country is it that does not keep records of what is said and is happening
during trial proceedings?
– What country is it that has institutions designed to conduct political trials?
– What country is it that has a huge spy agency designed to snoop on opposition
– What country is it where members of certain political opposition groups
considered constitutional can nevertheless be deprived of some of their
civil rights?
– What country is it that, according to experts, will be a totalitarian state
very soon, if things keep developing as they have so far?
– What country is it where even the mainstream media admit that this country is in a state of hysteria while persecuting political dissidents?
– What country is it where the head of state asks for children to spy on
their parents and parents to spy on their children to make sure they do
not harbor unwanted political views?
– What country is it where authorities and the public declare publicly to
fight everything that is deemed to be politically on the right?
– What country is it where the authorities declare that half of their population
deserves to be ostracized for harboring political views?
– What country is it that is proud of conducting more than 10,000 criminal
prosecutions every year against persons for having committed peaceful
“thought crimes”?
– What is the country in the world with the second harshest censorship
after China?
What country would that be???
The correct answer is:

Hunting Germar Rudolf Book

Great book!  Hard to believe this could happen to someone for just publishing some books that disagree with the official Jewish version of the Holocaust.  Only people with something to hide would do this this to an innocent man.  If there is a reason to show the Holocaust is a lie this is it.   Truth does not need laws to back it up, only lies do.



A Peaceful Dissident’s Ordeal
Imagine that you are a scientist who has summarized the results of fifteen
years of research in a book – and that shortly after publishing this book you
are arrested and thrown into prison exactly for this. Imagine further that
you are aware with incontrovertible certainty that in the scheduled trial you
and your defense attorneys will be forbidden, under threat of prosecution,
to prove any factual claims made in that book; that all other motions to
introduce supporting evidence will be rejected as well; that all the courts
up to the highest appellate will support such conduct; that only a very few
of your research colleagues would dare to confirm the legitimacy and quality
of your book because they (rightly) fear similar persecution; but that the
efforts of these few colleagues would be in vain as well; and finally that
the news media, the so-called “guardians of freedom of speech,” will join
the prosecution in demanding your merciless punishment. In such a situation
as this, how would you “defend” yourself in court?
This is precisely the Kafkaesque situation in which I found myself at
the end of 2005 after having been violently separated without notice from
my wife and child by U.S. Immigration authorities in Chicago, deported to
Germany and immediately thrown into jail to await trial, on account of my
book Lectures on the Holocaust, which I had published in the summer of
2005, and for Web pages promoting this and other similar books. This was
no plot against me personally, though, because this is the same situation
everyone faces who clashes with Germany’s law penalizing the “denial of
the Holocaust.” The situation is similar in many other nations, most of
them in Europe.