HolocaustControversies and the Heating of the Rooms

Lets talk about the logistics of killing people in rooms with or without heat.  The Holohuxsters claim there were heaters and blowers in the buildings that did the mass killings using Zyklon B (ZB) gas. (Again for decades, the original stories didn’t mention this until the revisionists instructed that ZB required heaters and blowers – absolutely required for circulation of the ZB gas.
If there were heaters/blowers in any of these (actually “morgues”) rooms, it would have been to keep the temperature above freezing so the bodies wouldn’t freeze together while they were piled on top of each other. Of course,  if they didn’t do any cremations in the winter, then it wouldn’t matter as I would think the bodies would be dealt with when the thaw came – not a pleasant thing to have to use an ax or something similar to separate the bodies whose liquids spilled out with temps below 32 degrees.
Something not talked about – Lets think about how many bodies there would be in these morgues (in this scenario)  if 500 or so people were dying a day from natural causes. The morgues would have filled up pretty fast and 4 months of winter temps below 32 degrees would have created a huge backlog of bodies headed for the crematories,  if there was no heat in the buildings with morgues.
Now add in the tens of thousands per day supposedly killed with ZB and you really have a problem here. So the heating  and blowing or not heating and blowing of these buildings would be a big problem logistically wouldn’t you say?  Too many bodies, not enough room to store them especially in the winter months, and definitely not enough crematoriums to handle these tens of thousands of people over a couple of years (or whenever the camp was open) that they say these mass exterminations happened.  But the cremation issue is another topic all by itself.
So the question is, were there heaters/blowers in the morgues?? How about the rooms they say were used for homicidal gassings???  Can you show me a picture of one? Where was it/they put in the room?  How about the other rooms mentioned in the Holohoax tale???
I would think there would have to be heat in the rooms that had showers in them for obvious reasons, the least of which might have been to have kept the pipes from freezing. No matter, you don’t hear much discussion about heaters/blowers and if there were, I would like to know about it.
Which brings us back to the rooms they claim were used for homicidal gassing.  There were NO heaters/blowers mentioned so I guess we have a problem with the Holohuxsters’ explanation of mass killing with ZB happening so quickly. Maybe the Holohuxsters can explain how that happened….
Sure you can use ZB in a room with no heat, but it will take a lot longer to kill people. The amount of time mentioned by most of the Holohuxsters in which to kill people with ZB was from the insanely 5 minutes to still-hard-to-believe 20 minutes on average for the gassing to kill everyone.  Of course they forget to mention that ZB gives off 10% of it’s off-gassing in one hour.  Please explain that one??? So are they saying that it’s possible to kill people with only 10% or less of the ZB being used??? What a waste of the product. I would think you would need close to 90% of the off-gassing to kill all those people but then look at the time to do that — 9 hrs!!!!!! Don’t think the 9 hours or even less amount of time was mentioned by any of the Holohuxster eyewitnesses….the fable says only minutes, and the dastardly deed was done.  And even at 10%,  it would be an hour for that to happen – yet no testimony from any Holohuxster I read said the kill time was 1 hour for all to be killed.  So that would mean that only a small percentage of ZB, now less than 10%, was used if referring to the 5-20 minutes from the original Holohuxster statements.
Can you really kill thousands of people on less than 10% of ZB?  NOW, THAT WOULD BE A REAL MIRACLE OF MIRACLES!!!!  Yet the Holohuxsters have an answer (wait for it)  … Body heat!!!!
Was the heat generated by the people themselves, you know body heat? Not possible if there was no heat in the building, even with the lame explanation that the bodies of the live people warmed up the room (Are you kidding me!!! LOL)   How long would it take to warm up a 2000 sq ft room with 2000-2500 people in it to 80 degrees F???
I would think it would take more than 20 minutes especially if the room was 30 degrees F to start with, especially with concrete walls and floors. Now that would of been a sight to see – all these people standing up in the room, shoulder to shoulder according to expert eyewitnesses like HoloHuxster Dario Gabbai who said the people were put in the room shoulder to shoulder 2500 at a time….Ya right…LOL.  Try doing that with people now!  It would take extreme precision and organization to get all these people lined up without some sort of panicking going on from some people who would be claustrophobic.  But the Holohuxsters make it seem like a walk in the park to do it!  LOL!  Would the Jews have been that cooperative especially knowing it wasn’t a  shower room they were in?  I sincerely doubt it. Maybe they had rehearsals several times until they got it right – you know like actors for a play!
Not to mention that that many people would suppress ANY required circulation for ZB.  The numbers would have had to been reduced to 300 at the most in the room for maximum gassing to death, to do it right the way they say it was done.
About cold buildings and heat…..
I used to work construction and on one job in February 1972,  the room in the basement of a 6-story building (hotel).  The preceding months had been mild, had a lot of rain then the deep freeze came.  There was three feet of ice on the floor, so don’t talk to me about how cold a basement could get without heat. Kerosene heaters/blowers had to be brought in to get the temp up for the guys to use the jack hammers to chip all the ice off the floor and put it into a pile to melt down and then the water extracted with a pump. These buildings in Poland were no different as the temps would be as cold.  If I remember correctly, the winter of 1944 was extremely cold … just ask the Germans who were on the Russian front how cold it was!
So summing all this up … did the buildings have heat in them? If so which ones? Is it possible to put 2500 naked people into a freezing cold room shoulder to shoulder and think they would just calmly stand there waiting to be killed? If the room had no heat, did their bodies generate enough heat to warm up the room to meet the required 80 degrees or so operating temp for ZB to work at its peak efficiency? Can ZB kill people in 5 to 20 minutes using only 10% or even much less from it’s off-gassing.
These are questions I would like asked and answered… but the problem is in 19 countries, if I lived there, I would go to jail if I asked these questions.
Am I a bad person for asking these questions?  Am I anti-Semitic for asking these questions?  Am I a hater for asking these questions?  Am I a lawbreaker for asking these questions? Apparently in 19 countries I am.  And let’s say you do have a reasonable explanation (answer) for my questions, should I still be jailed or heavily fined for asking them? Should my lawyer be disbarred and arrested and also fined or sent to jail for defending me for asking these questions? Can we have an intelligent debate on this Holohoax topic even if I’m proven wrong? Why is this THE ONLY topic I can’t discuss historically or politically or in any other venue???? Why do I have to go to jail in 19 countries and counting for asking these questions?  Just asking?
The holohuxsters have had 75 years to work on their ‘story’ and still it’s in flux. They have to constantly ‘update’ to accommodate new findings, claims — YOU KNOW, THE FACTS the REVISIONISTS present (and then ‘new’ info surprisingly emerges about another so-called ‘eyewitness’ to support this ‘new’ finding – like crazy red herrings about tunnels to distract us from the real fundamental truths concerning the hoax).  So this won’t be the last ‘version’ of THEIR story…. STAY TUNED.
(Jim Rizoli)