Why all the buildings in Birkenau?   ….Definitely a tough question to answer for the “exterminationist” or Holohuxsters as I call them.
This camp was said to hold 100,000 people and I’m sure up to 300,000 went through it on their trek to other camps.
One thing I saw in the video were kids showing off their tattoos, thats pretty funny, as according to the Horror Disneyland story all the kids under 15 were killed upon arrival.   Why would you tattoo a child anyway?   Also many children were born in the camps to survive to tell their stories latter, whatever they were told to say anyway.
Most people don’t reasonably look at the evidence and try to figure out whats going on.   They eagerly accept the official Jewish version of the Holohoax and go on their merry way because they have been brainwashed to do so in all the media.
When you examine peoples testimonies piece by piece you will see the contradictions and outright lies.
The HoloHuxsters have a story to tell according to their Jew written script of horror, they make sure they make the stories match the fake script and this is what we have today as the official Jewish version.

We Revisionist are here to expose the lies and have actually made inroads in exposing the lies, and thats why the HoloHuxsters story keeps changing to keep up with us, but there are only so many ways you can lie and make the story make sense and thats the problem they are having now.  Once you change one story it changes another somewhere else.
If they just told the truth from the beginning we wouldn’t be in the situation we re today, and the world would be a better place but this HoloHoax lie sure has changed things in the world for the worse and the Jews are still trying to cover up the mess they created.  Of course we are the bad guys in all of this for questioning their Holy HoloHoax…..
People usually hate to be exposed for lying, but are good at blaming us for their dishonesty.

Jim Rizoli


3 thoughts on “Great Holocaust Site

  1. Hi, Jim. It’s Jeff. I thought I’d leave you a comment, let you know I’m still around.

    So, what was Birkenau’s original purpose?


    1. Birkinau was a holding camp (HUB) for the Jews and others who were eventually shipped out to other camps.
      Some were too sick to work and they stayed in the camp, many woman and children were brought there. The camp was not a death camp.
      Sure people died there but no difference than any other camp in the labor camp system.
      The Horror Disneyland stories are just that….stories to entertain little minds that want to think
      the Jews were targeted for extermination.
      Total deaths in all the camps under 500,000 and maybe half were Jews.
      More Jes survived because they were’t there to be exterminated…they should be thanking Hitler rather then lying about him.

      Jim Rizoli


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