Rules, Rules, Rules…..why so many rules?

The rules on the Skeptics psychopath sites and most Jew run email or web sites live for their free speech tightening rules.   Their rules exist to stop free speech and any thought that might show them to be wrong.
You can’t believe what they did to us in my town with our cable videos.
The Rule book started out with 5 pages and when I started producing videos it went to around 30!
They made all the rules for my brother and I  especially of what I could put in the videos.
I could produce a lot of videos per week so they made a rule you couldn’t put up more than 2 per week per person.
Then they said the content had to be half produced by me, not 100% of some other video.
Then they made a rule about controversial material had to be shown after 10 pm which is called safe harbor….then they moved the time to 11 pm.

Then they made rules that were post facto, as my shows were produced a few months ahead so when that showed aired the rules were changed previously to make it look like I violated the rules.  The show was already produced I couldn’t change it!   The cable station was run by the Jews and they did whatever in their power to stop our 4 shows, and they succeeded by lying and breaking their own rules.  There are more censorship rules I could mention but will not burden you with them here.

I guess not following their own rules was ok though…
Thats all they had to do was put all my shows in safe harbor after 11 pm and the whole thing would of been fine but they choose to ban my brother and I FOREVER.  Wow….even pedophiles get a better break in society than us on our cable station. In other words for speaking out against the Jews and their HoloHoax lies we’ve been labeled the worst of the worst and have been erased from history.
So when people talk to me about free speech and censorship they have no clue what I’ve had to do to fight against Jew censorship.   And I’m not even mentioning the court battles I’ve had to go through.

Thats why I can’t stand the Jews…they are a despicable people who can’t stand the truth, and will do everything in their power to stop the truth from coming out.  There is NO good Jew in all of this because the “good” ones won’t speak out about the bad ones.  If you can’t defend the truth of someone whoever they may be then your not worth the pot to piss in in my book.

The good news is Diane King is now producing the same shows in my town and she had all the shows put in safe harbor automatically so they can’t complain about that.  The shows content is exactly what we were putting in them before, so the Jews in my town must be reeling with pain to see them on the TV.   The only thing is I can’t be in her videos in any way shape or form.   They stopped her from interviewing me or showing my face, or even my voice for that matter.
We will have to see how long the shows last because I’m sure they are working on a plan to get her off cable TV also.
They will make some more rules to overburden her to prevent the shows from showing. Or just site some hate violation.

And there is more…….this Jew censorship has carried on into the politics of the town….they have tried very hard to cut me off from having my say in the running of my town.   They banned me on the town email list, and have ousted me from Town Meeting in the past but I got back on because they weren’t keeping track who was running for the seat.   When I speak at Town Meeting I get cut off prematurely because they don’t want to hear the truth about what is going on in the town.   When I ran for town or state positions the HoloHoax would come up in conversation in debates to make me look crazy….I guess Holocaust Deniers have NO place in society today.  Believing in the HoloHoax is a prerequisite for running for public office.   If you don’t believe in it don’t waste your time running a lesson now learned.
So when it comes down to free speech yes I get pretty touchy about the topic because I live with it everyday.
So now I live everyday to expose the Jews and their hold on people and being retired I have all the time on my hands now to do it full time, as well as Diane.   I’m sure things won’t be calming down anytime soon from the Jews with their fight against us.   This is WAR….The good news is We’re not going down on our knees…..


Jim Rizoli


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