Why are Jews Hated?

Why are Jews hated


Do you think it has to do with 15,215 false anti-Semitic incidents in Germany and the fact that Jews have maliciously burdened the German people with the guilt of a monstrous crime that they did not commit – a fact that has been proved time and again by serious and open-minded historians and forensic scientists?

It wouldn’t have anything to do with the fact that a host of professional shnorrers – individuals, Jewish organizations AND the State of Israel – have, over the last seventy years manipulated and blackmailed Germany into supporting them to the tune of God-knows how many billions of dollars?

It wouldn’t have anything to do with the fact that even now, decades after the war, there are Jews who peddle their “collective-guilt” accusations and fan the flames of hatred against a generation of Germans that wasn’t even alive at the time when these “atrocities” allegedly happened? The recent death of Elie “Weasel”, Lord of the Lies, surely is a great loss for Jewish hate-mongers and the holocaust industry, isn’t it?

Anti-Semitism wouldn’t have anything to do with the fact that Jew-dominated Hollywood churns out one blockbuster Holocaust fairy tale or “Bad Bad Nazi” movie after another, maligning Germans while making a fat profit? Mendacious Spielberg, he of “Swindler’s List” fame comes to mind here?

So why do you think the Jews are HATED……Let us count the ways.

Relocate NOT Exterminate Jews!

Over the past 20 years I have read –many books on the Holocaust. So just what exactly was the Holocaust? What happened during that period?During World War II, Germany rounded up millions of civilians (both Jews and non-Jews) who could be potential saboteurs, belligerents, spies, informants, messengers of the enemy, subversives, etc. Germany put them in camps whilst the war was going on. At the end of the war, Germany planned to move them elsewhere (assuming Germany had won WWII). With regard to the Jews, Hitler had considered moving them to Madagascar (yes, you read that correctly, Madagascar).


The Jews caused WW2

The Jews have nicely put the blame on Hitler for causing WW2 but the facts show they struck first in 1933 by boycotting Germany. If you were Germany would you have allowed the Jews to stay there in Germany. Suffice it to say the Jews in Germany were not happy with their fellow brothers and sisters in the US who organized this boycott because they knew this was going to fall upon them
in a bad way and it sure did. The Zionist Jews wanted all the Jews to go to Palestine and would do anything to get them there, and aggravating Hitler with this boycott was the first way they did it. This then opened up the door to get the Jews out without any harm to them years before the War actually started. Most did leave but the stragglers were put into internement camps to keep them from causing trouble and get some well needed labor for the German war effort
in return. I’m sure if Hitler knew all the problems the Jews would cause him later he would of done things differently.


HoloHoax 101 short version

HoloHoax 101 by Jim Rizoli (The Condensed Version)

Some background on the issues with the Jews and the HoloHoax …

Who started it?

In 1933 the Jews declared war on Germany and boycotted Germans goods world wide for several years, several years before the war even started and after that severe restrictions were placed on all Jews. Would you want a people who wanted the worst to happen to your country living there?

What was the game plan?

Hitler wanted the Jews out of Europe because of their bad behavior and he couldn’t trust them — (almost 80% of the Communists were Jews) — not a good thing for Germany. How would they get rid of the Jews? This was going to happen through an emigration policy not extermination as we are wrongly taught today. Most of them were gone by the beginning of the war anyway.

Those that remained for whatever reason, amounted to a few hundred thousand maybe less, still living in Germany and not all were put in the work camps. Some lived out the war in relative peace being able to function albeit with many restrictions put upon them. (I’ve heard some Germans living in Germany at the time say that they had Jews living in their towns, not being bothered at all.)

As the Germans marched eastward, they set up work camps to supply the military with the needed labor for war equipment they needed to fight the war against the Russians. As Germany thus invaded nearby countries, many more Jews were rounded up and put to work, and these are the ones that ended up in Poland, which had the most famous camps, Auschwitz, being the most notable. Of course the several Reinhardt camps consisting of: Treblinka, Sobibor, Belzec, Majdanek, Chelmo and others were camps that transited the Jews around from camp to camp where workers were needed, and so many Jews ended up in Russia as Germany pressed further into Russia.

Sadly and ironically, many thousands of Jews eventually did end up being killed in Russia by the Russians and NOT the Germans later on towards war’s end. The question to ask is: Why would the Germans kill the much-needed work force they depended upon with their march eastward into Russia? Logical answer they wouldn’t.

So if Jews say all their families were exterminated (because they never returned), they just might have ended up in Russia and died there by whatever means caused their deaths or even better actually survived the war and ended up in one of the several countries that took them in later. The Russians were responsible for millions of Jewish deaths but that is never brought up in HoloHoax discussion, because the blame always had to be put on the Germans for all Jewish deaths. The Russians, by their murderous brutal actions against the Germans provided the content for the book Hellstorm, by Thomas Goodrich. (You can watch the video online to see what they did to the Germans.) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qkQ6J5F01Do&t=1s

Yes Jews did die, but why?

To say that Jews were deliberately murdered without knowing the facts is a little disingenuous by people who have no clue about what happened, wouldn’t you think? How do they know how someone died by looking at a picture or video? Are they forensic specialists? Were they there to witness it? I’m sure some Jews were murdered, but it wasn’t the National Socialist policy to do that. If some were killed, it could of been by some rogue Germans who have had enough of Jewish nonsense and took their frustrations out on them, but again not German policy (and often punished when discovered). Now if you mean Jews were killed — that’s a different story. Particularly if they were part of the partisan movements or espionage units or a group of saboteurs against the German war effort, it was different. So when discovered, caught they were executed on the spot. Now if Jews died by “natural” causes like sickness, malnutrition, etc., yes that happened by the thousands, particularly Allied related (bombing/strafing runs against supply lines and then Allied ignorance of dietary needs for end-of-war malnourishment). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GNa2Cs5Ovko

Death by a meal
Jim Rizoli Full Documentary https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wVZ_5yWmBRk
There were NO 6 million or even anything close to that concerning Jewish deaths. In the camps themselves, under 500k died from all causes and half might have been Jews outside the camps — could have been a million, I really have no clue. But considering that approx 4 million Jews were collecting reparations at the end of the war for their so called suffering it sure doesn’t seem like as many died as they claimed.

Holocaust 101:4: Jim Rizoli Discusses the actual numbers of the dead in Auschwitz.

red cross exposes “judaic” holocaust hoax: international red cross (irc) document confirms 271 thousand not 6 million died in concentration camps
Bottom line, hundreds of thousands of Jews and other nationalities died in WWII. There is no question about it, but we as researches who are looking for truth must understand the circumstances at the time and then come to an honest conclusion based on facts and not blind emotion or Jew propaganda. What has happened with the Holohoax is, the Jew-run media has wrongly and maliciously determined that every Jew death was calculated and orchestrated as part of a plan because the Germans hated Jews and wanted to eliminate them from the face of the earth ONLY because they were Jews — makes for “good” movies but not true.

If Hitler wanted all the Jews dead, they would have all been killed — no hesitation, no questions asked — using the latest killing technology and not some stupid bug spray or whatever other silly method that demented people said was used. And they would have been killed where they lived and not sent traveling hundreds of miles to specific locations set up to LOOK like labor camps. The Holohuxsters’ version of what happened would have taken up too much valuable time, energy and natural fuel sources, needed for a two-front war – but again, makes for “good” table talk and existing but morbid movies.

Of course when the war was concluding, the real murderers — the Allies — Americans, British, Soviets — were sent on a vicious killing spree — bombing at least 150 German cities where innocent men, women, and children went to escape the war, and what did these innocent civilians get, they were bombed/burned out of existence. (That was just the beginning of atrocities committed against the German people). This was the REAL Holocaust — the one against the innocent German people who were targeted because of pure Allied hatred against the Germans. This continued to be illustrated at the end of the war, for instead of being put on trial for the horrible war crimes the Allies committed, they were praised and honored by world Jewry and the media, continuing to place all the blame for the war on Germany, always painting them as the villains. This is where all the lies came in later — to slander and defame the Germans for so-called (fabricated) “atrocities” supposedly that happened in the camps as the Jews were stationed there working for the German cause — all atrocity lies dreamed up by the Jews after the war.

(Part 1 of 12) Carlos W. Porter. Made in Russia: The Holocaust)

(Part 1 of 12) Carlos W. Porter. Made in Russia: The Holocaust
Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6DaIusoUQL0 MADE IN RUSSIA: THE HOLOCAUST. Presentation of the book with the same name by its author Carlos Whitlock Porter …
You must hand it to the Psyop operations that set the stage for the several war crime trials that quickly ended the lives of many innocent German military and nonmilitary personal, for being the losers in the war. They were executed quickly because the Allies didn’t want anything truthful to come back later on that might unravel the official Jewish version of what they say happened. As they say, make sure you get rid of all the evidence, and believe me there would have been plenty of truthful evidence if these Germans were allowed to live.

And the hate still continues to this day, the lies continue. In fact, the Jews today are behaving just like the judges during the Salem witch trials in the 1600’s. Judges, who called the shots on ‘justice’ and prosecution, who accused people of being witches, now targeting dissenters with the loaded term, “anti-Semitic,” or “hater” or “racist” or whatever term they use to force their HoloHoax lies through the Jew-run media before the gullible people. They have also stepped up their game to attempt to use illegal laws to prosecute innocent law-abiding people of thought crimes that make people fear the Jews today. Yes folks, there will be a time when telling the truth about the HoloHoax scam will get you jail time even in this country. It’s already happening in over 20 countries and the Jews are laughing all the way to the bank … for now.

Jim Rizoli


Videos used
Preview YouTube video Hellstorm – Exposing The Real Genocide of Nazi Germany (Full)
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Preview YouTube video (Part 1 of 12) Carlos W. Porter. Made in Russia: The Holocaust
Preview YouTube video (Part 2 of 12) Carlos W. Porter. Made in Russia: The Holocaust

Zyclon B Facts


Four Ger­man hu­man sub­jects are vo­lun­ta­ri­ly ex­po­sed to 72 ti­mes the amount Zy­k­lon-B gas the Na­zis al­le­gedly used at Auschwitz. They are ex­po­sed to the gas for 5 ti­mes lon­ger than it al­le­gedly took to kill thou­sands of pe­o­p­le at Auschwitz. They vo­lun­tee­red as hu­man test sub­jects to get at the truth: We­re their fa­thers and grand­fa­ther mur­ders or ha­ve we ha­ve all been vic­tims of a hu­ge pro­pa­gan­da lie. The point of this vi­deo is that Zy­k­lon-B remains in­ert un­less it is he­a­ted or pou­red in­to acid. The al­le­ged gas cham­ber buil­ding at Auschwitz was ori­gi­nal­ly built as a mor­gue. It is par­ti­al­ly un­der­ground with lots of dirt around the walls. It stays cool even in sum­mer heat. The idea that sim­ply pou­ring Zy­k­lon-B crystals thru ho­les in the cei­ling kil­led pe­o­p­le in a few mi­nu­tes is to­tal­ly ab­surd. It is, in fact, a lie. The Ho­lo­caust: TRUTH DOES NOT FEAR IN­VES­TI­GA­TI­ON.


“A gassing is not an improvisation. If the Germans had decided to gas millions of people, a complete overhaul of some very formidable machinery would have been absolutely essential. A general order, instructions, studies, commands and plans would surely have been necessary also. Such items have never been found. Meetings of experts would have been necessary: of architects, chemists, doctors, and experts in a wide range of technical fields.”

Actually, because Zyklon B was “difficult to ventilate, because it adheres strongly to surfaces,” the dispersion of the gas required a long natural ventilation. This was especially important when great volumes of the gas were employed, as in the case of a building containing more than one floor. (When Zyklon B was used in an autoclave with a total volume of only 10 cubic meters, ventilation, forced or artificial, was still necessary.) After twenty hours had elapsed, the crew would return with their masks on. They would then verify by means of a paper test (the paper would turn blue in the presence of hydrocyanic acid) as to whether or not the site was indeed again fit for human habitation. And so we see that a site that had been gassed was not safely accessible until a minimum of 21 hours had elapsed. As far as French legislation is concerned, the minimum is set at 24 hours.|[note]|

It becomes, therefore, apparent that in the absence of a magical fan capable of instantly expelling a gas that is “difficult to ventilate, because it adheres strongly to surfaces,” the “human slaughterhouse” called a “gas chamber” would have been inaccessible for nearly a full day. Its walls, floors, ceiling would have retained portions of a gas which was highly poisonous to man. And what about the bodies? These cadavers could have been nothing less than saturated with the gas, just as the cushions, mattresses and blankets discussed in the same technical document on the use of Zyklon B would have been saturated also. These mattresses, etc., had to be taken out of doors to be aired and beaten for an hour under dry atmospheric conditions; and for two hours when the weather was humid. When this was accomplished, these items were then heaped together and beaten again if the paper test revealed any further presence of hydrocyanic acid.

Hydrocyanic acid is both inflammable and explosive. How could it then have been used in close proximity to the entrance of crematory ovens as it is the case, for example, in the “Old Krema” of Auschwitz I? How could one have entered the “gas chamber” while smoking?

I have not yet even touched upon the subject of the superabundance of technical and physical impossibilities which become apparent upon an actual examination of the site and the dimensions of the supposed “gas chambers” at Auschwitz and Auschwitz-Birkenau. Moreover, just as an inquisitive fact-finder at the Polish museum may discover, these chambers were in reality nothing more than “cold storage rooms” (mortuaries) and were typical of such rooms both in layout as well as size. The supposed “gas chamber” of Krema II at Birkenau, of which there remains only a ruin, was in fact a morgue, located below ground in order to protect it from heat and measuring 30 meters in length and 7 meters in width (two meters on either side for cadavers and 3 meters down the center to allow for the movement of wagons). The door, the passageways, the freight lift (which measured only 2.10 meters by 1.35 meters) that led to the crematory chamber were all of Lilliputian dimensions in comparison to the insinuations of Höss’ account.|[note]| According to Höss, the gas chamber could easily accommodate 2,000 standing victims, but had a capacity of 3,000. Can you imagine that? Three thousand people crammed into a space of 210 square meters. In other words, to make a comparison, 286 people standing in a room measuring 5 meters by 4 meters! Do not be deceived into believing that before their retreat the Germans blew up the “gas chambers” and crematory ovens to conceal any trace of their alleged crimes. If one wishes to obliterate all trace of an installation which would be intrinsically quite sophisticated, it must be scrupulously dismantled from top to bottom so that there remains not one shred of incriminating evidence. Destruction by means of demolition would have been ingenuous. If explosives had been employed, mere removal of the concrete blocks would still have left this or that telltale sign. As a matter of fact, Poles of the present day Auschwitz Museum have reconstructed the remains of some Kremas (meaning, in reality, reconstructions of crematories and a supposed “gas chamber”). However, all of the artifacts shown to tourists attest to the existence of crematory ovens rather than to anything else.|[note]|

In the USA the first execution by gassing took place on 8 February 1924 in the prison of Carson City, Nevada. Two hours after the execution, poison traces were still to be found in the prison courtyard. Mr. Dickerson, warden of the prison, declared that as far as the condemned man was concerned, the method of execution was certainly the most humane so far used. But he added that he would reject this method in the future because of the danger to the witnesses.|[note]|

The real gas chambers, such as those created in 1924 and developed by the Americans around 1936–1938, offer some idea of the inherent complexity of such a method of execution. The Americans, for one thing, only gas one prisoner at a time normally (some gas chambers exist, however, which are equipped with two seats for the execution of two brothers, for example). The prisoner is totally immobilized. He is poisoned by the hydrocyanic acid (actually by the dropping of sodium cyanide pellets into a container of sulfuric acid and distilled water, which results in release of hydrocyanic acid gas). Within approximately 40 seconds, the prisoner dozes off, and in a few minutes he dies. Apparently, the gas causes no discomfort. As in the case of Zyklon B, it is the dispersion of the gas that causes problems. Natural ventilation for 24 hours is not possible in this case. Obviously, the location of the site of execution precludes such ventilation without seriously endangering the guards as well as other prison inmates. What, then, is the best course of action with a gas that poses such difficult problems of ventilation? The solution is to transform the acidic vapors into a solid salt which can then be flushed out with water. For this purpose, ammonia vapors which are basic are used to react with the acid vapors to form the salt by chemical reaction. When the hydrocyanic acid has all but vanished, a warning signal would alert the attending physician and his aides who are located on the opposite side of a glass barrier. The warning signal is phenolphthalein. It is arranged in containers located at various places in the chamber and turns from pink to purple in the absence of hydrocyanic acid. Once the absence of the poison is indicated and once an arrangement of fans draws the ammonia fumes out through an exhaust vent, the physician and his assistants enter the chamber wearing gas masks. Rubber gloves are used to protect the hands. The doctor ruffles through the convict’s hair so as to brush out any residual hydrocyanic acid. Only after a full hour has elapsed may a guard enter the chamber. The convict’s body is then washed very carefully and the room is hosed down. The ammonia gas has by this time been expelled via a high chimney stack above the prison. Because of the danger to guards who are normally stationed in the prison watch towers, in some prisons the guards are required to leave their post during such an execution. I will just mention the other requirements for a completely air-tight gas chamber such as the need for sealed locks, “Herculite” glass barriers of considerable thickness (to resist implosion due to the partial vacuum inside the chamber), a vacuum system, mercury valves, etc.



The Mechanics of Gassing | Robert Faurisson