From the Hoax or Holocaust book by Jurgen Graf
The father of the Auschwitz lie

If one were to bestow the disreputable title of “Father of the Auschwitz Lie”, Dr. Rudolf Vrba, today dead, but was a university professor in Vancouver, Canada, would have justifiable claim to that honour. As a young man, the Slovakian Jew was deported to Auschwitz, where he succeeded in escaping on 7 April 1944 with his compatriot and fellow Jew Alfred Wetzler. Together with the testimonies of Czeslow Mordowicz, Arnost Rosin, and Jerzy Tabeau, a report by Vrba and Wetzler appeared in the WRB report of November 1944.
A careful examination of the Vrba-Wetzler report leads to the conclusion that the two Slovakian Jews never laid eyes on the interior of the crematoria where the gas chambers are supposed to have been located. In particular, they describe the Kremas II and III of Birkenau (designated I and II in the report) as follows:

“From the midst of the oven room, a gigantic chimney rises into the sky. Around are 9 ovens with 4 openings each. Every opening takes 3 normal bodies at once, which are fully burnt within one a half hours… On the flat roof are 3 openings, which can be hermetically sealed from the outside by means of lids. From the gas chamber, rails lead through the hall to the oven room… After 3 minutes, everyone in the chamber is dead… The chambers are then ventilated, aired, and the Sonderkommando takes the bodies on railway cars to the oven room, where the cremation takes place.”

First, the two Kremas didn’t have “9 ovens with 4 openings each”, but rather, five three-muffle ovens; secondly, there were no “3 windows which can be hermetically sealed from the outside by means of lids” on the roof of the morgue I (the “gas
chamber”); third, there were never any “rails” to the oven room, but rather, an elevator, since the ovens were located on the floor above. In addition to all these obvious errors, the Vrba-Wetzler report contains a number of other gross errors. With great probability, the two authors received their “information” from members of the Resistance, who never had access to the Kremas.

In 1964, Vrba published his book I Cannot Forgive (6). On pages 10 to 13, he describes the gassing of Krakow Jews in great detail; this is supposed to have taken place in Krema II of Birkenau in January 1943 in honour of Heinrich Himmler, then visiting Auschwitz. If Vrba had studied the Holocaust literature somewhat more carefully, he would have known that Krema II was not opened in January 1943 for the first time, but in March 1943 (17); Himmler visited Auschwitz in July 1942 for the last time (18). In his book, Vrba replaces the “rails” leading to the oven room with “special elevators” (in reality, there was only one elevator). The cremation time for 3 bodies in one muffle shrinks down to 20 minutes in contrast to the WRB report. This is an absolute physical impossibility, but it accords with the testimony of Rudolf Höss. There is no longer any mention of three openings in the roof, but only one. Vrba has also “improved” his testimony as compared to his 1944 testimony on a number of other points.

As emphasized by Robert Faurisson, it took fully 40 years before any Jewish “eyewitness to the gas chambers” was subjected to cross examination in any trial, as would be the case in any ordinary murder trial to start with. Until that year, these swindlers were free to tell their lies before a court, give presentations and interviews, one after the other, as much as they liked, without any need to answer any embarrassing questions: who would dare torment people with awkward questions? After all, they’ve suffered so much and only escaped death by a miracle! In 1985, in Toronto, Canada, Rudolf Vrba appeared as star witness in the first trial of a German Canadian, Ernst Zündel, indicted on the basis of a complaint from a Jewish organization by the name of the Holocaust Remembrance Association for dissemination of a revisionist text. Vrba was mercilessly cross-examined by Zündel’s combative defence lawyer Douglas Christie; here are some excerpts from the crossexamination. First Christie asks Vrba about the Himmler visit described in his book:

Q: I would like to ask you whether you mean to say that you actually saw him arrive in January 1943, or is this only… A: In September 1943 or January? Q: Now, in the book it says January 1943. A: No, I saw him in July 1943, and then once in 1943 [sic!]. Q: But here it says January 1943. A: Then that’s an error. Q: An error? A: Yes. Q: But you saw him arrive on this occasion? A: The first time I saw him arrive, because he was as close to me as you are. Q: He was as close to you as I am now? A: About. Q: I understand. And you were… A: He came a step closer to be polite [!].

Q: Uh-hum. A? But the second time I saw him in a car, the same as the first time. He drove a black Mercedes and was all surrounded by his subordinates who used to accompany him. I saw him only from about 600 yards away, and I heard it was him, but he didn’t come up to me this time, to shake my hand and introduce himself [!]. Perhaps it was him, perhaps it was only a representative, and I do not believe that that makes a big difference… Q: And you want to tell this Court that you actually saw Heinrich Himmler peeking through the door of a gas chamber, isn’t that right? A: No, I didn’t say I was present when he peeked through the door of the gas chamber, but I put together a story which I had heard several times from various people, who were present had told me all about it… There were many Sonderkommando and SS men with him. Q: Were you there? A: No, I was in the quarantine camp at that time, and I talked with a number of them and hear, and I know that every unfortunate victim had to wait a long time for the gassing, because the big shots don’t die that fast, so they had to wait in the gas chamber. Q: But in your book you write that you had seen everything, and you don’t mention that you heard the story from other people. A: But in this special case I told what I heard from other people.

Vrba still insisted that he had seen 1,765,000 Jews disappear into the crematoria with his own eyes; this included 150,000 French Jews. Christie mentioned that a total of slightly more than 75,000 French Jews were deported from France, to which Vrba asked “Where did you get that figure? From the Nazi newspapers?” Christie replied calmly that he didn’t get them from the Nazi newspapers, but from the standard work on the subject by the French Jew Serge Klarsfeld.
The debacle of arch liar Vrba was a turning point in the legal demolition of the Holocaust. Except for the Demjanjuk trial in Jerusalem, at which five liars swore they watched the Ukrainian drive hundreds of thousands of people into the gas chambers with his own hands– the evidence was so poor that Demjanjuk finally had to be acquitted — no “eyewitnesses to the gas chambers” have dared to testify in court since 1985.

Ernst Zündel was sentenced to 15 months imprisonment in 1985 and then 9 months imprisonment on appeal in 1988; the basis for the charge was a law against “spreading false news”. In August 1992, the Supreme Court of Canada acquitted him and declared the “false news” law unconstitutional.


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