The Statue of Liberty and the concept that “we are all immigrants” regardless of race is just another Jewish con-job to rob us of our wealth and heritage. Here’s why. By the way I have a CD copy of the 1907 National Geographic article describing the abortive1905 so-called Russian Revolution, a precursor of the 1917 revolution, as being totally Jewish. The Jews want us to believe that they left Europe because they were “persecuted” when in reality they were run out of Europe because of their murderous machinations. Similarly they want us to believe these invading “migrants” are just poor, deserving refugees who will assimilate into white society and become productive citizens when in reality they will be the sword to exterminate white Europeans. TL

All of you have heard of the lines, “Give us your tired, your poor”, your whatever, and associated it with the Statue of Liberty, another symbol you have been told to be proud of by the French.

Do you know who wrote the “Give us your tired, your poor”? That would be Emma Lazarus of New York, who just happened to be a long line of Sephardic Jews who were established in America. Before you go nostalgic in your “Jewish victim” conditioning, understand that this propagandist penned that poetry, not for Americans, but for Jews to pave their way from coming out of Europe.

Do you know why Jews were coming out of Europe?

What some of you will say is persecution, but do you know why they were being persecuted?


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