The Eternal Jew Today

January 28, 2017
Der Ewige Jude Heute

I’m going to write about a topic I don’t normally cover. Jews. Because frankly, the topic of the Jew bores me. I’ve reached a stage of vanity where I feel I know everything I need to know about Jewry, organised and disseminated, blatant and cryptic. However, the issue is monumentally important in an increasingly “diverse” and “multi”cultural world. (Note the separation of multi and cultural: multiculturalism in a pure sense is good. What is bad is blended society, which destroys native cultures. All of them.) It also occurs to me to note that my understanding of Jewry might defer from that of the average Nationalist’s, and that my perspective *may* contribute to the general body of Nationalist thought. (Not to say that I have altogether that much influence, but still.)

I have a very distinct view of the Jew. First of all, I will commit to writing and I will lay myself supine before all who may read it. I do not view the Jew as a threat. Per se. The Jewish Question is one I have largely reconciled with myself and determined thusly: the Jewish evolutionary strategy preys entirely upon those unaware. A self-aware White, or insert nationality here________ is replete with immunities to the general mind virus of cultural diffusion largely perpetrated by international (read mixed ancestry) Jewish antecedents.

That being said. I want to do like the Aryan space-Jesus of Midwestern American heyday and flip some Temple Tables over. That’s right bubbulas, we’re having 6 million baked matzoh balls for dinner. Better unbuckle your Seal of Solomon belt buckles and make room for moah Shoah.

That was a lie. My table turn has to do with my desire to analyse Jewish psychology from the tentatively metagenetic perspective. And I suppose that before I go on, I ought to define my usage of the word metagenetic. Stephen McNallen of the Asatru Folk Assembly – who has had indirect and semi-direct dealings with those of a Nationalist persuasion has taught that Asatru is a viable religion because, to a degree, the genes hold ancestral memory. That reincarnation occurs along a familial linear path. This view is recycled and redistributed among various personae encountered within the general weltanschauung of the Nationalist.

To that end, one of my major dissections here will be regarding what National-Socialists deemed the Eternal Jew, the relevance of the concept, and how Jewish behaviour – expected and unexpected – becomes clear, concise, predictable and perhaps inevitable when viewed through an evolutionary lens.

It is my belief that when we analyse the Jew using generally accepted Jewish psychological aids, we may gain a fresh and organic perspective on one of the catalysts that has rendered our cause so much difficulty and angst through the years. It’s also satisfying to do, in that everyone of our persuasion has had to sit through the allegations, watch the results and absorb the effects of a mental health industry almost entirely dominated by Semitic extraction. To use their tools to understand them in the same way we have been maligned, suits a sense of irony well.


I will first make the preface: I do not perceive the Jew as being the remarkably organised and monolithic entity many Nationalists have come to expect. Frankly, I see the Jew as a quasi-entity. They are, like many Whites, a general ethnicity with racial undertones loosely bound by cultural mores. They possess groups, and subgroups. But like Whites, are remarkably compartmentalised, both on a hereditary and a cultural level. And like Whites, they possess an exceptionally acute and accomplished overclass which directs Jewish affairs. I therefore view the Jewish underclass as being in a somewhat similar situation to ours, having largely been betrayed by their superiors and becoming a casualty to their own selective, or poorly selected breeding habits. This obfuscation is not meant as an exhortation to pity, as when the Jewish question is properly understood it, in my estimation, becomes clear to ethnic thinkers precisely *why* cultural lines, borders and ethnic markers have been so valuable in the past, and must become so again in order to preserve the dignity of the human races moving into the future.

First. My experiences with individual Jews. I live in New England. We’ve got a lot of them. Most of them have been pitiable. Neurotic, obsessive, timid and myopic. Many, though not all, are narcissistic. A few have a charitable streak, but the streak often waxes public. The commonality has been an explicit self-centredness, or at least a subdued one. The trend I’ve noticed is that the baseline of Jewry lives in an almost lamentable mental state. With high incidences of mental illness, frequently in the form of obsessive-related tics, the low class & level Jew is almost a caricature of the things their elites tend to ‘treat.’

Perhaps it is no surprise. I have long held that psychologists enter their field to save themselves by using the world as their guinea pig, so it seems trenchant that the pioneers of Jewish science would have done what they do in response to something they have seen, or something imbedded in them. Thus, what we have inherited from Jewish science is nothing more than the response to Jewish malfunction in their own community – the end result being that we absorb the maladies of the Jew and come to resemble the elements in their own community most despised. We become their trash, bluntly.

Now… Since I don’t have the technical know-how to reproduce the chart I made in my gym notes, I’ll organise this parenthetically. I like to separate my pathways of Jewish identity traits into two disparate pathways. The question of whether one becomes a Universal(ist) or a National(ist) Jew. I’ll preface here that I consider the Nationalist Jew to be what we perceive as the public face of Judaism – Israeli-firsters, Jew-pride, that sort of thing. These Jews are the ones I see most likely to overtly organise. These are the self-aware Jews who actively pursue their racial interests. The Universalist Jew, I will be writing about in more heft. The Universalist Jew, I believe, is the broader mass of Jewish numbers – these do not consciously stress their Judaism. Some might go to lengths to hide it, or change it. The Universalist Jew wants to see themselves as bohemian, a citizen of the world, untethered by primitive racial constraints. In short, they seek subconscious escape from their bonds and struggle against the genetic shackles they were born with. Kind of like Sisyphus carrying his rock.

The two manifestations of Jewish personality appear to stem from a singular idea. That it is nearly impossible with any degree of accuracy to factually trace the evolution of the racial Jew through the ages. We know that the Jew is an intrinsically, and inescapably mixed race. More of a non-race, or generously, a quasi-race. We know that the Jew originally evolved in Asia, as a Semitic precursor. However, the Jewish strain of Semite most quickly reached nomadism and began an ages long career of racial admixture. Thus, Jewish identity is a fragmentary concept defined more by the host racial vessel and land inhabited than the actual pure heritage. I will argue in some depth that this lack of ancestral cohesion shapes the equal-opposite manifestations of predictable Jewish behaviour.

I think this fact also contributes in large part to the physical makeup of the Jewish character. In addition to the general explanation of concise inbreeding, that is. I think that the overwhelmingly mixed ancestry of the Jew is largely responsible for high instances of things such as immunological disorders, schismatic personality issues, obsessive compulsive issues, and narcissistic complexes. I will have other materials, but these are the key points.

Since I have less to say about the Nationalist Jew; the Zionist, the Liberal, the political Jew, I will begin here and get that out of the way.
The Nationalist Jew

The Nationalist Jew doesn’t need much introduction. The modern Nationalist is very aware of the Nationalist Jew. The stereotype: the proud, loud, visible Jew. You have seen him on CNN, you have seen him in the law offices, in the banks. Yes, that Jew. But really, now, if the equation were that simple than we wouldn’t really have a problem, would we? This kind of Jewish identity is obvious, sticking out sorer than a thumb with gangrene.

What can we say about the psychology of the Nationalist Jew? Is it simple jingoism? No. Because the Nationalist Jew doesn’t necessarily wave an Israeli flag. We know that. The Nationalist Jew is at home with the Stars and Stripes, a Red Star and the Tricolour. He’s been known to wave the Union Jack, now and again. The truth is that, for the Nationalist Jew, actual nationality is a modal concept. There is the host layer, and the informing Jewish core.

Yet still, the Nationalistic Jew is characterised by a hyper-inflated sense of Jewishness. A turbo-Jew. And why not? If they are indeed jewish, it’s reasonable to assume that they’d flaunt it. Of course, it is not that simple, either. The Jew wears his masques, but likes to leave trails.

For the Nationalist Jew, Jew-ish-ness is a kind of obligation. It might not be, in the beginning, but like with any sub-ethnicity, there is the probable cause of ‘finding themselves.’ So, for this reason alone, for any Nationalist of any stripe, whether he be a White Nationalist or a ________ Nationalist, he’ll recognise that anyone inside of a certain radius of their Jewish nucleus can end up becoming a Nationalist type Jew.

In Jewish circles, the pressure to maintain a base level of Jewishness is often fairly intense, to the point that it can become obsessive. Jewishness becomes a beacon, the one thing that makes them stand out, give them value. Parents expect their children to display it, and so forth. Amid a sea of Gentiles, it must be a struggle, or a badge of honour. So we see how the Jewish psyche, in this vein, can invite the kind of schismatic persona we are familiar with. A Jew, by virtue of their evolution, lives a double life. The Jew no longer has a homeland… except for the one the United States helped them steal, yet, everywhere is their home in that Jews have successfully managed to make colonies without exception wherever wealth is to be found.

So it is. The Nationalist Jew has an identity as a Jew, but this identity has no mechanisms to truly perform. In every case it leads to grasping… or asserting. Overcompensating. Consider the legions of Jewish families with no belief in the Jewish god… that still adhere to the Torah. This identity is a lifeboat.

Typical of the Nationalist Jew is paranoia, inclusivity and antisocial behaviour. The reason doesn’t warrant much guessing. Along with the other mental defects that come with the kind of inbreeding that has typified the wandering Jew, the paranoia can simply be explained by exposure to their own kind. If we understand that a people is defined by their religious legacy, then the Old Testament lends much to Jewish thinking. Read it, and then consider the abject brutality of modern Israel, or the subtle deception and ridiculous intrigues of Zionist-happy America.

The Nationalist Jew is often motivated by the incorrigible idea that his mere existence as a Jew is akin to a cosmic struggle. He therefore carries on his affairs in a state of permanent suspicion, as if the world is truly so indebted to Jewish superiority, so resentful and so loathe, that the entire world, at all times, plots their demise. So it is on the news, in the media. It goes one of two ways, with the Jew in question just barely containing themselves, thinking themselves terribly clever for hiding the obvious, all the while leaking Semitic morality like a puddle. The other takes place in the familiar form of the blunt, cynical, conniving and remarkably obvious Jew. You have seen him on stage, in the films – flaunting their interpretation of Jewish identity, daring you to do something about it.

And when you find out the crypto and follow the turbo to the logical conclusion of, well, hatred… you know the routine.

So no. I’m not overly concerned with the Nationalist Jew. I consider the film, a documentary from the Third Empire of which I own a copy, „der Ewige Jude‟ (the Eternal Jew) to be accurate. It is not the self-aware Jew that poses the whole of the Jewish Question. Consider the transformation depicted in this documentary, before you allow the bulk of NS information to be ridiculed in your presence. The film shows the Jews in their Ghettos, left to their own devices. There they lived in squalor, in filth and depravity. Strong words, but accurate. When exposed to a broader host population, the Jew transforms, becomes unrecognisable, and inserts himself into the German aristocracy. A marvellous example of this is depicted in the film „Jüd Sueß.‟ You know, though… these are still Nationalist Jews. They are motivated by their Jew-ish-ness. These two films are all I really have to say about the matter; they illustrate my personal experiences with the bulk of vocal Jewry, with scant exceptions. So that leaves us with the Universal Jew.
The Universalist Jew

There are many Jews that are not immediately obvious as being Jews. Either to us, or to themselves. They might be crazy, or they might just be… off. Take stock in your mind. A lot of the more stereotypically ‘eccentric’ characters you can imagine, these sorts of extreme fringe-dwellers who walk a line between being grossly intelligent and still functionally retarded, are Jewish. Think of it: the explosion of celebrating the hopelessly neurotic, the petulantly disturbed, the charmingly ineffectual, the deceptively vulgar… this leak should come as no surprise, given the vastness of numbers of Jews manipulating the media. I mentioned earlier that they have to draw their influence from somewhere. Well, here, I think, it is.

We’ve discussed inbreeding, and there are characters far more equipped to deal with this lofty topic than I. I wish to discuss the metagenic aspect I hinted at earlier. As noted, Jews have no connection to their ancient past as it stood unmolested. The entirety of Jewish history is devoted to a morphological diaspora in which the Jewish character is repeatedly transmogrified by generations of resettling. Each generation has a memory of the last, and the solidity of that memory is marked by the contingency of culture.

Take for instance “Anglo-Saxon Attitudes” as it has been called. The Anglo-Saxon character is the logical conclusion of the two and a half tribes that form our foundry. The Angles, the Saxons and the Jutes, who were all of sufficiently Teutonic stock, having displaced a suitably Celtic tribe which held a decidedly Aryan prehistory.

Contrast this to the Jew. Can the Jew trace their lineage back to what-ever portents hold the throne of Jewish evolution? We’ve got some Jews in Russia, some in Germany… but we have Jews in Africa… Jews in China. And they’re all equally Jewish… right? The Jews feel most at home in European-styled communities… or do they?

Obviously not. Inevitable to the Jewish experience is that once embedded, the Jew begins to try to change the host culture. Is it conscious? is it passive? Probably both. The bottom line is that Jewish influence leads to Jewish culture. Consider the admixture that has gone into producing the modern Jew. If it is true that ancestry carries weight, and that the Jew is a mixture of Asiatic, Negroid and Caucasoid features… generationally distilled into a anthropologically stable subgenus, then is it any surprise that the Jew would display conflicted characteristics?

It also goes to lengths in explaining the high prevalence of schizophrenia in Jewish populations. Consider: the jewish race has stabilised after X amount of generations of mixture. This stabilisation has locked the maladjusted genetic markers in place, leaving further generations of Jews susceptible to their maladies. To preserve their waning identity, Jews frequently mate very closely within their phenotypic caste. This selective breeding strengthens the already adverse effects of mixture.

Until they travel. The Jews have collected genetic data from countless locales, and each generation of genetic drift takes them further from their inescapable identity. Thus, the Jew has his identity, but every time he breeds outside the Tribe he loses the ability to define that identity. Fast forward a few hundred years. Jews have colonised Europe, and have access to all her technology and potential. They have lost their core identity.

This begins to resemble the Jew we know today. Not the Arabic specimen that they most likely would have resembled had they not engaged in generational rehabilitation. The Jew today, like every other race, experiences a call. But unlike the relatively stable phenotype of the Celtic, the Nordic, Teutonic and Slavic phenotypes… the Jews cannot answer the call. The Jew is severed from their ancestral link and constitutes a kind of half-life.

It is for this reason that I believe the Jews are susceptible in their ranks to maladjustments of social behaviour – the obsessive compulsion, the schizophrenia, the replete and unnerving ability to adopt and reinvent personalities. To the universal Jew, personality really is a social construct. they are genetically disposed toward plasticity. Their evolutionary strategy is that of a chameleon with blinders.

So, if we are all born with metagenic memory, then what is the Jew remembering? Everything. Nothing. My experiences with Jews have taught me that their depth for yearning, craving, and compulsion are much vaster. To the proportion that the void they experience is their grasping for straws.

This, I feel, explains why Jews are intrinsically geared toward “social justice.” They surf through causes and religions like a bored redneck changes channels. Yet, to the universal Jew, each subsequent shift in persona seems as real and as natural as a change in hairstyle.

And why not? If someone has no true identity, no deep roots, no ur, then nothing is truly real. If you have nothing, then nothing else compares. You see, a stable phenotype judges reality based upon objective truth. That is why the Jew can be White one day, and Native American the next while not impinging upon their Judaism. Their Judaism is both real and fragmentary, thus, it has less of an absolute substance and more an artificial one. On the contrary, a visible minority, such as a Black or a Yellow, is going to view a Black man pretending to be White as insane. This is because their objective racial reality is unimpaired. The ridiculousness of the social construct talk is not lost. Mixed race peoples, however, display different tendencies regarding observation and objectivity. In my family there are several mixed race people, and in every case they are less capable of grasping objectivity. Their sense of the absolute is hampered. It is hampered because they have dual identities.

So the Jew is grasping, seeking, trying to find their ur home. They have nothing to find. So the story becomes that of fabrication – they attempt to create one. But they do not have the imagination to create, and so they stitch together lives of Frankenstein like rapport. The mish-mash of religious and social doctrines, as well as obscure cultural habits geographically juxtaposed to mismatched climates produces the air of neurosis that we have come to see dominate the social spectrum.

This would not be so bad if this Universal Jewish tendency were not originally missionary. Because the Jews have evolved a keen social sense, it is in their nature to spread their idea of the truth. Quid est Veritas, Jesum Christi? That is what Pontius Pilate once asked Christ, and one wonders if Pontius did not hear three different truths that day. Jews have always been attracted to low-intensity vocations. In other words, things lacking in sweat equity. Moreover, they have been attracted to positions that afford them influence. This of course allows for nepotism.

We have these Jews, then, who are seeking to make sense of a world that they are genetically handicapped against understanding. Their quest invariably involves them attempting to conform the exterior world to their splintered interior mindset. The resultant drama is one of justification and proselytism. The Nationalist Jews, irrespective of the Universal Jew’s alignment, will still see the latter as their own. Until the former stands to lose their position. Thus, even if the Universal Jew does not recognise the Nationalist, there nevertheless exists a kind of synergy.

Track back to the media question. It seems reasonable to assume that the élite Jews would have no problem stooping to promulgate what must certainly seem to them to be their lower elements. After all, the Universalist Jew, at first impression, seems harmless enough. The more disenfranchised from the Jewish core, the better. Even the better that the inevitable outcome is that the Universal Jew serves the whims of organised Jewry. Perhaps the Jewish elite protects, or tolerates their lesser Jewish elements out of a sense of duty, or pity. The most likely story is that it is a relationship of convenience. The intellectual disconnect of the Universal Jew is very convenient; it allows them to be manipulated all the while they think they are merely pursuing their own truths.

My observations are over. I will now address the Jewish Question for myself, as for a Nationalist; it is one I cannot afford to ignore. You may think that I have written almost ‘sympathetically’ of the Universal Jew. I have not. I may think of them as pathetic, pitiable in their bundles of neuroses, their collaboration to celebrate mediocrity as a method of reducing the world to their comfort level. This alone, this base leveling, makes them irreconcilable in terms of an evolutionary mind-set.

The fact that there are large elements of Jewish society that are dubiously unaware of their effect on their host populace is troubling to say the least. Even if you ignore that there are blatantly cabbalistic elements of Jewish society that actually do plot against existing social structures, the fact that the theoretically detached Jewish experience irrevocably changes the host is unacceptable.

In this era of increasing social instability and diminishing cultural returns, where the quality of humanity falls by the wayside, where the glories of the past are just that… mirrors to reflect today’s mediocrity… then the answer becomes clear.


Ideally, a mutual divorce would be settled. Indeed, this may be largely possible with the other races. I can foresee, under the right circumstances, a negotiation between defendant Whites and Blacks, Yellows, Reds. What I cannot foresee is an amicable solution for the burgeoning population of first and second generation mixlings, nor less that of the long-standing populations of admixed that do not see themselves that way.

Most Jews do not understand themselves as being mixed. In their defence, neither do most Whites. The Jews see themselves, largely, as a stable phenotype. And to their credit they are right. But the stability of their house was built on a foundation of sand, and shale and water. The Jew sees no contradiction between Jewry and Whiteness… when it is convenient and expedient. Yet again, their Jewishness is separable in their eyes. It explains why they are “us” one day, and “them” the next. To them, this modal shift is not a contradiction. To the aware White, it is a terrible mystery. To the unaware White it is a non-question at best, and a minor annoyance at worst.

This, in my estimation, is what makes the Jew such an interesting question and obstacle. Because they have sought Whites as evolutionary breeding partners, the Jew has become intrinsically connected to the Western World… if only in a rudimentary way. This connectedness has come at a cost. We are, after all, a host population. All other races have eaten at our expense, but it has historically been the Jew who has stood as the doorman to let guests in while Father was away. If situations were different, peaceful cohabitation with the other races would be plausible. Yet, we have a media complex that perpetually fosters racial tension, the end result being social handicaps further curable by more of the same. You see, when you have the Left/Right media paradigm, both ultimately championed by Jews of different stripes who probably all go to the same synagogue, the solution to every problem is ultimately still Jewish, and can thus only benefit Jews. While we pay the bill.

It is my hope, that when one assesses the situation with fresh eyes, considers the evidence of Jewish influence, and combines this readily apparent knowledge with the less apparent perceptions of their inner workings, that they grasp the intimacy of our struggle. As Whites who are no longer satisfied to have our culture defined to us, by the Jews I have just discussed, to have our rules read back to us… perverted, again, by these same Jews… one walks away with less tolerance, even for the genetically handicapped.

If you are not one of us, amid Nationalist ranks, you may have read this with ire. I challenge you to look at the information regarding Jewry provided by other Nationalists. Investigate Jewish manipulation over the media, Jewish influence upon economy, Jewish machinations within the military-industrial complex. I challenge you to walk away with the entirely convenient, media-sponsored idea that Jews are perpetual victims of circumstance. I challenge you to deny their role in the shaping of this modernity.

I challenge you to successfully make the argument that the changes of modernity are for the better.

I challenge you to walk away with the same smug attitude of implicit White guilt. Pretend that we are unique in our historical errors. Pretend that the sins of the modern Terror State of Israel are just, and that the means and ends do not come from rationally predictable Jewish behaviour.

I challenge you to read the Old Testament, to study Jewish history. I even dare you to read the words of those evil, wicked Nazis you’ve learned to revile.

When you look at things from a position of utter detachment, the picture seems more clear. There really is a Jewish question. I may not have the solution, but I have an answer. We cannot afford to ignore the influence. We cannot ignore or delay the inevitable. If we are remiss in dealing with this, until we do not retake our culture, exceed our current potential, then we will become nothing more than washed up remnants. We will become like the Jews.

I don’t think you really want to see that happen.


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