So it’s not the 6 mill now! You better tell Jeff and his fellow HoloHuxsters because they are going to wonder where the other 5 mill went….LOL
If they weren’t killed where did they go? Even the now Auschwitz “denial” number is still a lot considering we are really talking about 2 years of official extermination goings on. Thats 41,000 per month, or 1400 per day…for two years straight non stop…..please show me the lines of people lining up outside the gas chambers for that one….LOL How about cremating all those people? Now that is where the real problem lies? All the 52 crematories of Auschwitz could only cremate 1000 per day working full time….but you know that didn’t happen….and the crematory fireproof wall brick had a shelf life of 3000 bodies and they were NEVER replaced due to wear and tear. So maybe they Jews had miraculous firebrick that was like the manna they ate in the 40 yr wilderness trek that kept appearing everyday for 40 yrs, or the miraculous soles on their shoes that never wore out for the same time period.. Had to be something special going on here if the cremation rate exceeded the brick warranty of the fireproof brick.
Maybe our resident HoloHuxsters can explain that one? Oh, I know the answer….the people were burnt in pits! Really now? Auschwitz had a high water table so that must of been another miracle upon miracles….burning bodies in water soaked pits…..must of been some steam action going on that steamed the bodies to ash….ok, more stupid HoloHoax stories for the school children. I really didn’t know that all these miracles were going on just for the Jews….Did God know that most the Jews were Communist, and that would mean they are most likely Atheist in their thinking? Imagine wasting his miracles on a people that didn’t even believe in him, and still don’t.

Just sayin….



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