The evolution of the Holocaust Tale by Jurgen Graf

We may now distinguish five stages in the evolution of the Holocaust Lie, which are, of course, not strictly segregated, but which merge gradually into each other in turn:
1) from 1942 to around the beginning of 1946, the story was that the Nazis were killing the Jews — mostly in extermination and concentration camps — with steam, electricity, fire, acids, pneumatic hammers, quicklime, combat gasses, Diesel exhaust gases, Zyklon B, boiling water, blood poisoning, suffocation, conveyor belt shootings, etc. etc. Even as late as 14 December 1945, at the Nuremberg Trial, it was claimed that Jews at Treblinka were killed with hot steam.

2) between 1946 and 1960, the story changed somewhat; during the Nuremberg Trial, a decision was made to claim that poison gas was the murder weapon: all the other killing methods in the extermination and concentration camps were relegated to the Memory Hole. The claim was now made that almost every camp had one or more gas chambers.

3) from 1960 to 1983, the story was that the Nazis killed the Jews with gas, mostly in five or six extermination camps located on polish soil. The gas chambers in the Western camps were jettisoned.

4) in the period between 1983 and 1996, the gas chambers in the Western camps (except for Buchenwald, Bergen-Belsen and Dachau) made a miraculous come-back in Kogon/Langbein/Rückerl masterpiece Nationalsozialistische Massentötungen durch Giftgas. In the West, or so the story goes, there were relatively few gassings; the Jews were gassed by the millions in five or six extermination camps in Poland.

5) in 1996, a radical new version of the Holocaust appeared in the form of the Goldhagen book, preceded by the Korzec trial balloon in Holland. The gassings are now to be explained away as an insignificant “epiphenomenon”. Everywhere the Germans went, they murdered Jews with primitive cruelty, out of a hatred for Jews rooted in German history and tradition. But how will the ruling cliques explain how we got the story wrong for half a century? The Goldhagen rescue attempt will backfire on the Zionists even more seriously than the
Pressac rescue attempt. The attempts of the desperate “Democratic System” to keep the lie afloat with even crazier, increasingly grotesque and irrational propaganda and cruder forms of intimidation, are only too understandable under the circumstances. But the World Enemy, the destroyers of all freedom in the name of fighting “hatred”, are wearing the Nessus shirt; they will be unable to take it off after putting it on. It is burning into their flesh even more deeply with each passing day.


One thought on “The evolution of the Holocaust Tale by Jurgen Graf

  1. Hi Jim, I think your work is great. I’ve been looking at this subject through old newspaper articles. You can see how the holocaust story developed and the black propaganda pushed by the media of the time. I’ve got some good examples of the electrocution and steam methods to post later.


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