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Why they have Holocaust Denial Laws….

They are the bullies they are the ones trying to force feed us lies and if we don’t go along with them they use they use the law to fine, jail, imprisoned us. Talk about trying to get us to see it their way. I know what it feels to be on the tail end of Jew wrath and I will not stop my exposing of them and their HoloHoax Cult….This isn’t about facts and figures it’s about a group of religious bigots who use the HoloHoax as means to get their way and control more of what they don’t have (peoples minds)
This is what makes believing in the HoloHoax so dangerous…people don’t even know they are being sucked in until it’s too late and if and when they see the truth they have to decide if losing their jobs and family life is worth perusing the truth.
Imagine a false narrative that is based on lies has that much control on people lives.
Why do laws have to made to back up a (FALSE) historical narrative? This is what you do when you’re losing……

Jim Rizoli


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