In a report that Germar Rudolf published he thought that the door separating both rooms had a swinging door on it originally which helped with bringing the bodies from the real use morgue, which was the original purpose of the room, to the crematorium.
Don’t you find it interesting that a door separating two rooms would be missing? I mean really now there had to be something there why would they take it of off to the frame cutout….So if there was some sort of door there it would be ridiculous to think that it was used as a homicidal gas chamber. A morgue yes, homicidal gas chamber no. A homicidal gas chamber with a door? I guess it was there for those to go potty, or to warm up in, especially in the bitter cold winter when the crematory was going full throttle….Maybe the door was opened to allow the heat in, to get it up to 80 degrees which was the best temperature for activating the Zyclon b…..then closed…..ya right?
Actually that would be factual if they were doing the ZB thing, but interestingly no one ever mentions it. The morgue so called “gas chamber”
had no internal heat source, so how do they justify the 80 degree temperature, that they needed to get to make the ZB work….Oh I know the body heat of the victims….yup they have an answer for everything. In the quick amount of time they say people were gassed 10-15 minutes the room would never get up to that 80 degree temperature, unless the door between the two rooms was opened to let the intense heat in between gassings. Again no mention of this happening. Just think they really had a story to tell and would make somewhat sense if they just lied honestly….

Just sayin…



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