So here is all the great work that he has done that he now recants….LOL

Was he that stupid to do these in the first place….He definitely has some issues.

More on Hunt below, also search the CODOH main site here at :

E. Hunt’s “Treblinka Archaeology Hoax” Video / READY TO VIEW
‘Eric Hunt’s response to David Cole / Treblinka’

The Last Days of the Big Lie
by Eric Hunt

Questioning the Holocaust: Why We Believed (Part 1 of 2)
by Eric Hunt

3D Imagery Demonstrates the Auschwitz Hole Hoax
by Eric Hunt

The Majdanek Gas Chamber Myth
By Eric Hunt

The Jewish Gas Chamber Hoax
by Eric Hunt

Response to David Cole Regarding Treblinka
By Eric Hunt

The Auschwitz Museum’s Misrepresentations, Distortions and Deceptions
By Carlo Mattogno , Eric Hunt


10 thoughts on “Eric Hunt Refuses Interview with me

  1. So Eric Hunt won’t agree to an interview with you, Jim, but will only accept you as a moderator between himself and a Revisionist who he recognises as a leading researcher.

    Well, I personally don’t think any formal debate of the kind that he is proposing is really necessary, because he is not bringing anything new to the table, but is presenting the usual old hash that the holohoax believers are always peddling.

    If Eric had discovered some startling new revelations that could alter our thinking – then fair enough. But that’s not the case.

    I note that Eric has prominently displayed his ‘Donation’ button on his new site, so that all those wealthy Jews can make a contribution to his worthy cause. One can donate by cheque, Google Wallet, Patreon and Bitcoin. And I’ve no doubt that if any eager contributor put some banknotes into old empty, rusty can of Zyklon B and sent it to Eric via the US Mail – then that would be acceptable too.


  2. I try my best with Eric is not much else I can do with him…
    Jeff in his Holohuckster Buddies can swarm around him now and educate him with all their HoloHoax nonsense and I’m sure he’ll do well.
    Eric is already saying the Mantra of the Holohuckster where did the Jews go, where did the Jews go, my Mantra is where is Eric going to go where is Eric going to go that everybody has abandoned him.



  3. Well all I can say as a late comer to this party is. Eric Hunt opened my eyes to the most pernicious lie in our dear world, Say what you like about him now but the work he has already published is brilliant, I can only assume he’s been gotten to or perhaps just had enough like D Irving.


    1. There is no doubt Eric contributed greatly to the revisionist cause and his videos will continue to do so in spite of the direction he’s going now. Just like David Cole he contributed greatly to the revisionist cause also and he’s in another place right now too.



      1. Jim, You now hold the revisionist candle. I’ve watched your videos and read your stuff wherever and whenever it becomes available. I believe you are a man of integrity and of the uptmost honesty. Please keep up the good work.


  4. Thank you for the kind comments but if it wasn’t for my friend and companion Miss Diane I wouldn’t even be doing half of what I’m doing now.
    With her I am able to get out twice as much information as I used to.
    We are both committed to the cause no surrender!



  5. I’d like to ask people who have studied this Eric Hunt in far greater detail than I (I’ve only watched one of his feature videos entirely, then some parts to a few others), has his writing style changed dramatically? Was he always prone to using personal invective and such rudeness? Did he show signs before of this tendency to weave stories around such flimsy proof and to latch onto such overwrought conclusions?

    From the limited amount of exposure I had to him, he seems to have undergone a major personality change.

    That suggests to me very profound character problems, or, more likely, a not totally authentic voice that we’re hearing now.

    One can’t help but wonder how much money (((they))) already offered him. Certainly the solicitations for donations is an appeal to jews, not europeans.


  6. Eric Hunt Rolls Over?, David Irving recants, David Cole/Stein retreats. Amazon bans Holohoax books, You Tube deletes comments. I’m thinking ‘THEY’ are fearful and so are on the attack. Whatever the real reason for Erics roll over, it will all be revealed once the dust settles


    1. There is only one direction to go and thats forward fighting the evil empire.
      People have their reasons to cave in and I can’t second guess them.
      I can only speak for myself….the Jews attacked me too, hit me in the pocketbook, ban me etc etc…but I’m still going full force against them.



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