Here is a video below if you can endure watching it, that talks about the only two survivors of Treblinka.
Problem is they say many more survived but you don’t hear about that today.
This video is one of great contradiction. In the beginning it zeroes in on two survivors but at the end the man being interviewed at 56 minutes into the video says 50-70 survived?? Why the contradictions….
I’m sure there were thousands that survived but they are not the ones they interviewed, or have ever been shown on video to my knowledge anyway….Why not?
Remember in the beginning they said there were NO survivors, then one, now two and ending up with 50-70. OK, who were they then? The Jews have to make it look like Treblinka was a slaughter factory when the reality is was a transit camp and many thousands actually survived. Just more Horror Disneyland propaganda for the gullible goyim to chew on.


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