Ernest Zundel produced this video that shows what is what with cremations and gets a cremation experts opinion on the matter.


2 thoughts on “Cremation expert exposes Holocaust Hoax

  1. That was a very interesting video – full of information which completely crushes the idea of mass cremation of bodies at Auschwitz.

    The most telling revelation was when the cremation expert told us that in one year throughout the USA and Canada, a total of 412,457 bodies were cremated in 1,064 crematories.

    This would mean that over a two year period you could cremate around 825,000 bodies.

    But in Auschwitz/Birkenau, they only had 46 cremation ovens in operation over an 18 month period between the Spring of 1943 and the autumn of 1944. And yet we are told that these ovens were able to consume a similar enormous number of bodies in a much shorter time scale !

    Let us be very generous to the holohoaxers, and say that the totals cremated in Krema 1, plus the supposed outdoor burnings in pits, or on pyres, totalled 275,000 (yeah right!), then – in order to reach the alleged overall total of 1.1 million – there is no getting away from the fact, that an absolutely fantastic number of 825,000 bodies had to be consumed in these 46 ovens.

    Oh – those poor sonderkommandos. How did they ever manage it!


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