It is alleged in orthodox historiography that; during WW II – hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of corpses were buried in numerous “huge mass graves” at the four very small, precisely known locations of – Belzec, Chelmno, Sobibor and Treblinka II. (Yad Vashem alleges that over two million people were murdered at these four sites.) However, despite all the deceptive claims / allegations / insinuations to the contrary, the simple truth is; the largest, in terms of both grave volume and quantity of remains, of the – four – so-called “huge mass graves” ever located / proven to exist at these four sites – in which actual, verified human remains have literally / truly been physically unearthed / tangibly located by archaeologists / forensic investigators – by means of bona fide, verifiably honest and conclusively documented archaeology / forensic science; contains the remains of – ONLY SIX PEOPLE!


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