Four Ger­man hu­man sub­jects are vo­lun­ta­ri­ly ex­po­sed to 72 ti­mes the amount Zy­k­lon-​B gas the Na­zis al­le­gedly used at Auschwitz. They are ex­po­sed to the gas for 5 ti­mes lon­ger than it al­le­gedly took to kill thou­sands of pe­o­p­le at Auschwitz. They vo­lun­tee­red as hu­man test sub­jects to get at the truth: We­re their fa­thers and grand­fa­ther mur­ders or ha­ve we ha­ve all been vic­tims of a hu­ge pro­pa­gan­da lie. The point of this vi­deo is that Zy­k­lon-​B remains in­ert un­less it is he­a­ted or pou­red in­to acid. The al­le­ged gas cham­ber buil­ding at Auschwitz was ori­gi­nal­ly built as a mor­gue. It is par­ti­al­ly un­der­ground with lots of dirt around the walls. It stays cool even in sum­mer heat. The idea that sim­ply pou­ring Zy­k­lon-​B crystals thru ho­les in the cei­ling kil­led pe­o­p­le in a few mi­nu­tes is to­tal­ly ab­surd. It is, in fact, a lie. The Ho­lo­caust: TRUTH DOES NOT FEAR IN­VES­TI­GA­TI­ON

Some think that this video is a fake you the viewer can come to your own conclusions. Thats all I know is just throwing ZB powder on the ground and waiting for it it of gas is ridiculous. In the REAL Gas chambers in the USA the ZB pellets had to be dropped into sulfuric acid under the seat of the victim to activate quickly, or you would be there all day waiting for things to happen if things would even happen.


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