Why the HoloHoax is just that….how to justify the deaths vs cremations rate…
If your talking Auschwitz-Birkenau there were approx 52 crematorium, and the most they could cremate in a day if they were all working properly were 1000 bodies. Of course the HoloHuxsters will say 4000 to 10,000 per day whatever dreamer you talk to, which defies the laws of science and thermodynamics, Yet they say they were killing in the “gas” chambers many thousands more. So the deaths were way more than the cremations, which of course would cause a bottleneck of the “extermination” process because you would have more deaths than cremations. So you would have to store the remaining bodies until you were done with cremating the first batch. So if 10,000 were being killed a day, you could only cremate 1000 and have a pile in the Que of 9,000, and quickly adding up from day to day to be tens of thousands of bodies being piled up somewhere in the camp. Maybe someone can tell me where this huge amount of bodies were stored.

So as you can see this is complete nonsense and if you look at what the say happened in the Reinhardt camps, Treblinka, Sobibor, Belzec, Chelmo, Majdanek and others, it gets even more ridiculous, for death claims because they got even more creative in their lies. Treblinka alone they say 875,000 people were killed in a year or so with whatever silly concoction of murder weapon they could think of, buried, then dug up and burned on fire grates, 4 thousand at a time, which a mountain of wood which would be needed for fuel (no trace of wood mountain) or the trucks to transport it, and the bodies burned to ashes. So we have 8lbs of ash per body, plus the wood ash, (takes 400-500 lbs of wood per body) and NO trace of anything to show for it. Thats ten million or more people ash and wood ash, again NOWHERE to be found!
Oh, did I mention that to smash the bones to ash was done by hand with sticks and hammers or rocks if needed. Imagine the amount of people you would need to accomplish that deed. But I’m sure they had some Treblinka knitting club volunteers just itching at the bit to form that round table contingent to get out in the nice sunshine ready to pound those sticks on those bones while singing some nice German songs like, the hills are alive with the sound of music. It’s all about making people happy….Right?

Any questions why I’m a “HoloHoax Denier”…you have to be nuts or mental retarded to believe this HoloHoax tale.

Jim Rizoli


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