Zyclon B is a sloooow acting pesticide and after 10 minutes or so only around 10% of the off gassing would of occurred….at the most only enough to put people asleep. Maybe in a hr or two they would of felt the full effects of the poison gas, if it was even effective especially in the cold environment in the winter. Oh, course it was…..they must of brought in the electric heaters in the winter…LOL Silly Me. Yet they have the nerve to say they were dead in 10-15 minutes or even less. HoloHuxster Abraham Bomba barber of the victims said they were dead in two minutes in the Treblinka Horror Disneyland camp. Impossible to happen, Zyclon B doesn’t work that quickly, that would be filed under the word miracle. So again the Holohuxsters defy science and say it happened that quickly.
On a side note there was one gassing event told by a Holohuxster that said the people were knocked unconscious after a few minutes and were able to arise in that zombie state to walk into the death pits. Now that is German efficiency! No standing in lines it doesn’t get any better than that.



9 thoughts on “Zyclon B factoid…..

  1. In addition to the lack of a heater for the Zyklon B pellets, and the absence of an air circulation system inside the chambers, there is the additional problem of the build up of humidity inside.

    What with all the naked bodies crammed into the sealed chamber, the air within would immediately become totally saturated – regardless of the internal temperature. I don’t think that the pellets wouldn’t even begin to vaporise in such a dank, soggy environment – let alone drift out through the alleged vertical wire-mesh columns and start to waft around the chamber.

    Surely Zyklon B is a fumigant that can only be used effectively in a “dry” chamber – not one where the air is full of humidity.

    We really need the opinion of the Laughing Mexican here – he seems to know more about this holocaust business than anybody else.


    1. The following piece of testimony at Nuremburg comes from the ‘Avalon Project’ that GB posted above;-

      ” DR. KAUFFMANN: During that conference did Himmler tell you that this planned action had to be treated as a secret Retch matter?

      HOESS: Yes. He stressed that point. He told me that I was not even allowed to say anything about it to my immediate superior Gruppenfuehrer Glucks. This conference concerned the two of us only and I was to observe the strictest secrecy.

      DR. KAUFFMANN: What was the position held by Glucks whom you have just mentioned?

      HOESS: Gruppenfuehrer Glucks was, so to speak, the inspector of concentration camps at that time and he was immediately subordinate to the Reichsfuehrer.”

      Now, this is absurd – and of course Hoess knew this, and subtly wanted to let the world know that what he was being forced to say about exterminations at Auschwitz was pure hokum.

      The SS ran a strict hierarchical organisation, whereby loyalty, commitment, and obedience ( upwards as well as downwards ) in the chain of command was paramount. So the idea that Himmler would, and could, bypass his own immediate subordinate – Glucks, and go to one of his subordinates, and issue a verbal order ( not a written directive ) to Hoess, for him to carry out a mass extermination program unbeknown to the “inspector of concentration camps” is simply asinine.

      And how could Rudolf Hoess possibly hide such an enormous enterprise of mass killing from an inspection of the Auschwitz camp complex by SS Gruppenfuehrer Glucks.


  2. I’d like to know if there were drains in any of these chambers. Well, there would have had to have been some in those designed to shower inmates, I’d think.

    Are those the chambers Holocaustians claim were used to kill people in?

    I ask because of all the body fluids, urine particularly, which would have needed to be drained.


    1. There is a drain in the floor of Krema 1 in the Auschwitz main camp. And I also think that there are drains in the ruins of Kremas 2 and 3 at Birkenau.

      But unless these drains could have been closed and sealed during the alleged gassing sessions, then gas would escape through them into the sewage system.

      But how could the drains be opened and closed – there is no mechanism in evidence that can achieve this, and no explanation from the holocausters either.

      But, of course, there were never any homicidal gas chambers. They simply wouldn’t work, let alone become viable for a systematic extermination program.


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