My critique….

I actually listened to the debate and have to say the Fritz definitely won the debate just on the fact that Eric in true HoloHuxster reasoning couldn’t prove anything. Eric is one of those who says should of could of would of….about the extermination of the Jews.
He has nothing to back him up except hearsay and so called eyewitness testimony who say whatever they want to say without being cross examined to back up what they say.

Eric should be ashamed of himself for going back on the truths that he has learned and now believes the typical nonsense that the HoloHoax lobby pushes to this day. There are no pictures of anyone being gassed, killed, or exterminated in any way shape or form.
No name of any person who was gassed. Just because some family members never saw a family member again does not mean they were homicidally killed. They ended up somewhere, or actually died by natural causes unless they were really executed for illegal, partisan, treasonous activity. Yes the Germans did execute bad people, but not millions.

You would think Eric would of understood the basic functions of these camps in line with the great videos he has done but I guess he has forgotten most of his past views. He actually contradicted himself on the Treblinka camp by saying that the tile that was found with the Jewish star was proof that Treblinka was a killing camp… got to be kidding! In Eric’s Treblinkas Hoax video didn’t he say the Jewish star on the tile was ridiculous and was actually from the tile company that made the tiles….Eric’s brain must of got erased on this one.
Eric is big on the Non Transit camp hogwash. He feels that if the people weren’t exterminated then where did they go.
So he doesn’t believe the revisionist Transit viewpoint.

Fritz says who cares! I agree! Fritz actually sees that Eric has no clue what he’s talking about and shows his frustration by saying Eric should be ashamed of himself for the stupid things he now believes. Debating Eric is like debating a child hard to believe he even made the videos he made before he turned turncoat. It’s like we are dealing with a whole different person. Does Eric have two personalities?
This Eric was definitely not the HoloHoax educated person he was in the past. Debating Eric is like talking to a newbie who has NO clue of what the Holohoax is all about, and he has to be reeducated for things that he should have known.

So anyway that’s my opinion of the debate and if you want to waste three hours you are welcomed to. At least you will see how a person can fall so far away from the tree of knowledge understanding. He feels that mass gassings, mass shootings and mass murders at Babi Yar happened and has NO proof, case closed, and believe it or not he actually believes the Treblinka diesel gas story. Which was the original way they say people were killed there. Of course they have since changed the story to petrol gas…..Gee I wonder why? LOL
Eric complained at the end that Fritz said several times during the debate he didn’t have an answer for something, which in my opinion is honest while Eric thinks he has all the answers. which one would you trust?

Eric have a good life… might want to jump into another line of work. Maybe a good children’s book will come along soon.
You can call it “How I survived 10 death camps by lying.”
Now a comment about Rye Dawson being the moderator…..He stayed out of the conversation the best he could but showed his lack of knowledge on the topic for his not correcting Eric for all the stupid things he said. I can’t understand why he didn’t correct Eric, but it was his debate not mine. He did the best he could I guess. Fritz by the end of the debate saw the debate was a waste of time…….
If you have the time you will have to be the judge.

Jim Rizoli


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