One thought on “Hollywoods open Secret……..

  1. Child Abuse throughout Hollywood is probably no great surprise to the world. It is a completely weird, and immoral industry run by …… you know who!

    But what is even darker – satanic even – are the recent revelations being exposed around what’s called “Pizzagate” in Washington DC. If these allegations are true then sections of the American political elite are either involved, or allow, the trafficking, torture, killing, and cannibalism of babies and young children.

    But in Britain at the present time, a ‘National Child Abuse Enquiry’ has been set up to investigate an episode of large-scale historic child trafficking and abuse that took place both before, and after WW2.

    The ‘Guardian’ news outlet says the following;-

    ” The national child abuse inquiry is to hold its first public evidence session after months of delays and controversy over the way it operates.

    Its chair, Alexis Jay, will open the sessions on Monday to investigate the abuse of child migrants who were shipped to Australia and Canada by the British government between 1920 and the 1970s.

    The children were part of a programme that saw up to 150,000 youngsters, aged three and over, taken from their families. A parliamentary report in 1998 on the abuse suffered by some of the children in Australia described it as widespread, systematic and exceptionally depraved ….

    … The child migrant programme involved the British authorities sending children to the Commonwealth for a variety of reasons, including economic and political motives …

    … Some parents gave consent, others were not asked. Children were, in some cases, told they were orphans, separated from their families and deprived of basic details about their identity…

    … The types of abuse catalogued include sexual abuse and being beaten with hockey sticks, with one child spending three years in hospital when his back was broken at the school.

    One survivor, Lynda Craig, who was sent to Fairbridge Farm school when she was five years old, said young girls and boys suffered “insurmountable hardship” that could be described as slavery. “


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