The Jews have nicely put the blame on Hitler for causing WW2 but the facts show they struck first in 1933 by boycotting Germany. If you were Germany would you have allowed the Jews to stay there in Germany. Suffice it to say the Jews in Germany were not happy with their fellow brothers and sisters in the US who organized this boycott because they knew this was going to fall upon them
in a bad way and it sure did. The Zionist Jews wanted all the Jews to go to Palestine and would do anything to get them there, and aggravating Hitler with this boycott was the first way they did it. This then opened up the door to get the Jews out without any harm to them years before the War actually started. Most did leave but the stragglers were put into internement camps to keep them from causing trouble and get some well needed labor for the German war effort
in return. I’m sure if Hitler knew all the problems the Jews would cause him later he would of done things differently.


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