Jews are mad that Amazon is selling materials exposing the Holocaust as the big Jew hoax that it is.

In the year 2017, it is a well-known and indisputable fact that the narrative of six million Jews getting gassed in fake shower rooms by Nazis during World War II is a lie. Any person who has done any sort of research on this matter understands that this hoax has been used as a psychological weapon by Jews against the German people (and the goyim at large). The Germans have been led to believe that their ancestors committed horrible atrocities that never actually happened.

There are many books and films available which expose the lies surrounding this Holocaust myth. The Jews are angry that some of these books are being sold on Amazon. Seeing as how they are desperate to keep this big lie intact, they are begging Amazon to end the sale of any and all Holocaust truth materials.

Time to expose the HoloHoax Fraud!


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