Why the Jews are Hated….the question was asked….

Why are the Jews hated…..It goes back to the Bible and how God dealt with them.
They once represented him as a people to emulate and represent him but that didn’t last long they didn’t want to obey God and went their merry way on the road to ruin…..
So if any of you care to see where it all went went and how God dealt with the Jews I put together a good account of it from the Bible itself.

Why not go back to the beginning where it all went wrong for them, right?
Instead of being a chosen nation representing God they became a hated apostate nation in opposition to him and to this day they are an abomination to him.

Have a look if you really care to find out.

The Jews as a nation represented God on the earth at one time. But that didn’t last long as the Jews became a stiff neck and hard hearted people they rejected God and His commandments and turned away from him. They forgot him…. see Judges chapter 2, vs 7, 10, 11, Acts chapter 7 verses 51 through 53

God would subsequently forget them and cast them off from representing him anymore.

The Bible is quite specific in what happened here at First Samuel 8 vs 7 Jeremiah 8 vs 9, Matthew chapter 21 vs 42 + 43, Chapter 22 verse 14, Matt 23, vs 39

Hosea 4 vs 6, Ezekiel 5, 5+6, 20, 13-15,

In fact the Bible will show that the word Jew would actually be a byword or a word that would be used in a contemptible unflattering way about the Jews this can be seen in Psalms 44 vs 14, and 69 vs11 Deuteronomy 28 vs 37

1 Thessalonians 2, 24-16, 1Kings 9, 7+8, Jeremiah 24 vs 9, 2 Chronicles 2 vs 20

They would actually be called the synagogue of Satan in the book of Revelation and this would be in Revelation chapter 2 vs 9, and 3 vs 9.

Christianity would replace the Israelite’s (apostate Jews) as God’s chosen people and they would be called the Israel of God Galatians 6 vs 10, Chap 3 vs 28 and all of the Galatians 4.

God’s people would be spiritual Israelite’s not physical Israelite’s

Romans 2, 28-29, 9 v 6, 11 25-36, 1Peter 2, 9+10

We now as Christians are faced with the obligation that is presented to us at Deuteronomy chapter 30 vs 15 – 20.

Short version……by the way….

Jim Rizoli


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