How about telling some of these stories yet these are some of the ridiculous stories that have been spread around for years


One thought on “Holocaust Lies just plain stupid

  1. The following absurd list of statistics come direct from the USHMM website;-

    ” With regard to the number of Jews who died in the Holocaust, best estimates for the breakdown of Jewish loss according to location of death follow:

    Auschwitz complex (including Birkenau, Monowitz, and subcamps): approximately 1 million

    Treblinka 2: approximately 925,000

    Belzec: 434,508

    Sobibor: at least 167,000

    Chelmno: 156,000–172,000

    Shooting operations at various locations in central and southern German-occupied Poland (the so-called Government General): at least 200,000

    Shooting operations in German-annexed western Poland (District Wartheland): at least 20,000

    Deaths in other facilities that the Germans designated as concentration camps: at least 150,000

    Shooting operations and gas wagons at hundreds of locations in the German-occupied Soviet Union: at least 1.3 million

    Shooting operations in the Soviet Union (German, Austrian, Czech Jews deported to the Soviet Union): approximately 55,000

    Shooting operations and gas wagons in Serbia: at least 15,088

    Shot or tortured to death in Croatia under the Ustaša regime: 23,000–25,000

    Deaths in ghettos: at least 800,000

    Other*: at least 500,000

    *”Other” includes, for example, persons killed in shooting operations in Poland in 1939–1940; as partisans in Yugoslavia, Greece, Italy, France or Belgium; in labor battalions in Hungary; during antisemitic actions in Germany and Austria before the war; by the Iron Guard in Romania, 1940–1941; and on evacuation marches from concentration camps and labor camps in the last six months of World War II. It also includes people caught in hiding and killed in Poland, Serbia, and elsewhere in German-occupied Europe. ”

    I’m afraid the phrase “best estimates for the breakdown of Jewish loss” does not inspire a lot of confidence in the statistics they produce. Adding all these together, one gets a figure of just over 5,700,000. But of course, they have to conjure up all these numbers in order to come up anywhere close to their wretched six million total.

    It was quite easy for the holohoaxers in the decades when The Iron Curtain and Communist rule hid everything from public scrutiny. Back then, they were confidently tossing out figures of 4 million for Auschwitz; 1.5 million for Majdanek; three hundred and fifty thousand for Chelmno; and over 600,000 for Belzec.

    Thus, they could easily reach – and surpass – their 6 million total from these camps alone – while all the other camps , plus the gas vans and mass shootings, could take the totals well into the stratosphere!

    But today, alas, the precipitous decline in the number of fatalities at the principal “death camps” has caused great consternation within the holocaust industry, and our deceitful holohoax friends have had to construct a rather different narrative, whereby mass-shootings has to make up for the lack of numbers who were killed in “homicidal gas chambers”.

    From what I can make out from these statistics, then at least two million Jews were machine-gunned to death somewhere-or-other in Eastern Europe. But where they all lie buried is anyone’s guess. However, there shouldn’t be any trouble for the holohoaxers to tell us exactly where the alleged 800,000 corpses of those who died in the ghettos lie buried. Why has the world not been informed of the precise location of these graves.


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