By Joe Rizoli

This article nicely identify’s the story behind the accusations of antisemitism in America by the Jews. As far as I am concerned the ADL is a criminal organization that has crept into America through the back door and has remained a house guest when they should have been sent to jail for burglary of the American mind with propaganda and lies.

These assholes are more or less the foundational “Peoples Will” in the days of the Jewish Bolshevik revolution. The ADL is at the baby steps before it gets the power to actually murder and kill. legally, using our police as their henchmen.

“The ADL also has close ties to other Jewish criminal organizations. In
1985 the ADL gave its annual so-called “Torch of Liberty” award to the
notorious Jewish organized crime boss Moe Dalitz, who at that time was
the underworld “godfather” of Las Vegas. The ADL gave its award to Moe
Dalitz at a black-tie banquet because he had funneled millions of
dollars in criminal loot into the ADL’s treasury. And it’s not that the
ADL didn’t know what Dalitz did for a living or where the money came
from that he gave to the ADL. Before Dalitz moved to Las Vegas he was
the boss of the notorious “Purple Gang” in Detroit, an all-Jewish gang
involved in smuggling, White slavery, and contract murder.”

Joe Rizoli

Some quotes from the Crying Wolfe article

The ADL audit, as always, included many incidents that are not crimes, only personal insults, such as one person telling another off and making reference to their ethnic identity in the process. ADL National Chairman, Melvin Salberg, said that he found this

“very disturbing and of great concern. This ’in your face’ anti-Semitism may signal a new tendency to engage in direct confrontations with Jews and further erodes the taboo against open bigotry.”

The audit also includes incidents where mailings are identified on the basis of their alleged anti-Semitic content, public expressions of identification with Arab radicals in Israel’s occupied territories, distribution of holocaust revisionist material.


In 1988, J. J. Goldberg, writing in Jewish Week, observed

“a majority of the Jewish community’s professional experts insist there is no detectable jump either in the rate of anti-Semitic acts or in the level of antiJewish feeling among the American population at large.”

Goldberg’s article quotes sociologist Steven M. Cohen, who believes that an increase in reporting anti-Semitic incidents fuels the claim that they are increasing. Cohen says,

“Jews are more sensitive to anti-Semitism than they’ve been in the past. So one of the reasons we may be seeing a rise in reports of anti-Semitism is that local people see incidents as anti-Semitic more readily. And secondly, the national media give it more prominence than in the past… You have to conclude that to some degree, Jews construct antisemitism.”

Five years later, writing in The New Republic, Goldberg said that the very definition of “anti-Semitism” had been changed by some Jewish groups in order to support their agenda.

“Before World War II, anti-Semitism was defined as wanting to harm Jews.i In the post-war era, it was broadened to include prejudice that might lead one to wish Jews harm. More recently, it’s come to mean any stereotype – or disagreement – with the Jewish community. The very term has become a weapon.”

Goldberg commented on the hyping of anti-Semitism by Jewish organizations, noting that people give money when motivated by fear,

“In private, some Jewish agency staffers insist the alarmist tone set by a few national Jewish agencies, mainly for fundraising purposes, is a key cause of Jewish anxiety. Fingers point most often at the ADL and the Los Angeles-based Simon Wiesenthal Center, both of which specialize in mass mailings warning of impending doom and urging donations.”

A critique of alarmist tactics was circulated by the Jewish Telegraphic Agency in 1993. Debra Nussbaum Cohen, a prominent Jewish journalist, noted

“The reality, experts say, is that Jews no longer face serious discrimination in American society — not in the community, the workplace, politics or academia. But American Jews are convinced more than ever that antiSemitism remains a serious threat, although few have encountered any real bias themselves”


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