Crying Wolf: Hate Crime Hoaxes in America
By Joe Rizoli

This article nicely identify’s the story behind the accusations of antisemitism in America by the Jews. As far as I am concerned the ADL is a criminal organization that has crept into America through the back door and has remained a house guest when they should have been sent to jail for burglary of the American mind with propaganda and lies.

These assholes are more or less the foundational “Peoples Will” in the days of the Jewish Bolshevik revolution. The ADL is at the baby steps before it gets the power to actually murder and kill. legally, using our police as their henchmen.

“The ADL also has close ties to other Jewish criminal organizations. In 1985 the ADL gave its annual so-called “Torch of Liberty” award to the notorious Jewish organized crime boss Moe Dalitz, who at that time was the underworld “godfather” of Las Vegas. The ADL gave its award to Moe Dalitz at a black-tie banquet because he had funnelled millions of dollars in criminal loot into the ADL’s treasury. And it’s not that the ADL didn’t know what Dalitz did for a living or where the money came from that he gave to the ADL. Before Dalitz moved to Las Vegas he was the boss of the notorious “Purple Gang” in Detroit, an all-Jewish gang involved in smuggling, White slavery, and contract murder.”


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