Putting David Cole’s “Denial is Dead” into Context


By Hadding Scott
copyright 2017

  In 2016 I wrote for CODOH critical expositions of the views of two men formerly prominent in Holocaust Revisionism, David Irving and Mark Weber, who now espouse what Robert Faurisson calls Semi-Revisionism. Semi-Revisionists essentially take the stand that Holocaust Revisionism ended with the Leuchter Report in 1988: Revisionism shall go this far and no farther! This means that any accusation of mass-murder against the Germans not specifically addressed in the Leuchter Report, and not already dismissed by the Jewish authorities on the Holocaust, is supported by the Semi-Revisionists as true. Semi-Revisionists are Holocaustians minus the Auschwitz Kremas and Majdanek.

  The Semi-Revisionists make the most of the locations where alleged gas-chambers no longer existed and could not be examined. Most notably this includes the Aktion Reinhardt camps (Treblinka, Sobibor, Belzec), which David Irving calls “the real killing centers.” To this Irving adds the Auschwitz “bunkers” – the so-called white house and red house, the former locations of which are not even really known.

  Semi-Revisionists also like to bring forth accusations of mass-shootings on the Eastern Front, because these too could not be addressed by the Leuchter Report.

  To this, David Cole likes to add the accusation that a mere 100 Jews were gassed in 1943 at Natzweiler-Struthof, in a real gas-chamber that is, however, generally recognized as not constructed for killing humans.

  The purpose here is to show that the Semi-Revisionist position is indefensible and that the motives for its adoption by David Irving, Mark Weber, and David Cole are questionable.


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