Why are Jews HATED?

The Jews are IMO psychopaths.  They love all things relating to the deaths of themselves as a people.   Thats why they love knowing in their minds anyway that six million of them died during their so called Holocaust, and the lessening of the numbers is actually a painful thing to them   Less deaths would make anyone happy but not to the Jews the more deaths the more they like it.   Of course the big  question is never asked, why do so many people hate you.   Would it be  how they handle things that have come their way, and these  decisions that they have made  have come back to kick them in the ass?

If they didn’t have something to complain about they couldn’t exist as a people today.  When they don’t have enough bad to say about the gentiles they will go after each other as long as it’s not tied up with the HoloHoax issue.  The Holohoax is the only thing that binds them together as a people. Instead of Boston Strong we have Jew Strong.     If there was no HoloHoax they would all be forgotten and thats why you see it being shoved down our throats everyday nonstop.   There is not a day goes by that there isn’t some HoloHoax memorial being dedicated or some Octogenarian HoloHuxster survivor not preaching in the schools about all the bad things that happened to him/her in the Horror Disneyland camps, where they actually were spared from the outside ravages of war and survived.  Not good enough for them.

The Germans didn’t get as good as a protection from the real horrors of war as they soon found out when the allies with Jew approval made it their mission to obliterate them from the face of the earth.   The Jews form the synagogue of Satan ( Rev: 2:9. 3:9) and will have to answer for a lot of things that have done in their lives so it’s out of my hands.   I don’t personally  “HATE” all Jews I just hate what the leaders of them do and thats where the problem is…. The  average  Jew has been brainwashed to go along with their leaders who tell the story wrong or right but mostly wrong, and they don’t ask questions so sadly they are complicit to the shady underhanded dealings of those that take the lead. If anything it shows the Jews individually have no back bone and are easily led.   They are not a people that God would look favorably upon.
I bet they didn’t know that the biggest Anti-Semite was God himself….