If I was ever offered to debate the HoloHoax….
Opening statement….
The story goes that 6 million Jews were gathered up hundreds of miles away from the camps, put on trains, dropped off in the various camps, most of them killed upon arrival, others used as force labor.
Those killed were killed with bug spray or whatever other silly element they come up with, in 10 minutes or less.
The bodies 3 or 4 at a time put into a crematory that could only hold one body, and turned to ashes in 20 minutes.
The ashes thrown to the four winds, or in the rivers and lakes. The best part…..millions were killed this way with NO trace of it happening.
Of course in the Reinhardt camps ( Treblinka, Sorbibor, Belzec) being the main ones 1.2 million were killed there with Diesel gas, or regular gas, or whatever liar you want to believe that mention other more silly ways. The bodies were buried, then dug up and put on huge hibachis that used wood for fuel, that could hold 3-4000 bodies, stacked at least ten feet high, and then burned to ashes. The ashes again thrown to the four winds or dumped in ponds, lakes, used for cement for roads, gardens, or by the Catholic church for Ash Wednesday services all over the world. And of course NONE of this can be proven forensically or scientifically but we are FORCED to believe this story or end up being fined or put into prison as they do with those that disagree with this crazy story in 24 countries and counting..
Any questions?
Jim Rizoli

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