I did this video below a few years ago and have since learned more by reading the Holocausthandbooks. I made some statements that I would clarify more so today by what I have since learned. I am continuing learning about the HoloHoax because there is NO one place to get all the truth but I will say the Revisionist books are the best ones to learn what really happened. This is the tour I produced using other peoples video and even some of FG’s pictures which I didn’t realize were her pictures but do thank her for them. Why reinvent the wheel when you can use other peoples stuff. Sure saves me an expensive trip to Europe.

At the end I mention my jjrizo youtube channel, it has since been take off youtube because the Jews aren’t happy with videos that expose their Holohoax lie. If you do a search for Rizoli or Rizolitv you will come up with plenty of my videos.
I’m sure the Jews will ban all of them at some point in time but for now things are ok.
Auschwitz Tour….




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