Why the Jews “suffered” in their minds anyway….
The Jews as a whole group were looked at as the enemy of Germany because they declared war on Germany by their boycott of Germans good worldwide, in 1933 and in 1939 the Jews said they would side with Britain in opposition to Germany so it wasn’t looking good for the Jews. Any group of people that would declare war on Germany would be looking at some tough times ahead. Lesson learned from that should of been, things you don’t do when you reside in the country that you declare war on or give the one finger salute to.
The Jews were now enemies at the gate and Germany had the right to do whatever they wanted to do with them, and by what really happened to them was it was pretty compassionate. They were put out of the way in many different camps so not as to cause any problems.
For the Germans to leave such a subversive group of people out to freely move around as the Jews would of done would of turned out even worse in regards to German deaths by partisans and anarchist waiting to do their damage.
The way the Germans treated the Jews was no different then what the USA did to the Japanese in when war was declared against them. One thing is for sure if there were ANY Jews in the Japanese camps I’m sure there would of been the same Horror Disneyland stories told against the US. Thank God that wasn’t the case. Whenever Jews are taken to task for their bad ways they always make themselves the victim.
You also notice that the Japanese didn’t bitch and moan about their predicament and then have the nerve to extort reparation money later, not as far as I can tell for hurt feelings. The USA did show their appreciation later to the Japanese when they got two big fat atom bombs dropped on then with a big thank you for being the enemy. It definitely doesn’t pay to lose a war with the US.
Sadly when the parents chose to opposes a govt and work behind the scenes as the Jews did problems would happen to the the kids and they are going to suffer and die. Some did but most survived unless they died of natural causes. If you ever notice when child Holohoax survivors speak they always say they were the only ones to survive where they were interned….interesting to see that many thousands survived to talk about it later. So if so many survived then who died?
One last thing…..whatever steps where taken to keep the Jews alive was now said to be the thing that made them suffer…..
You know. taking showers, delousing, working. To a Jew these were horrible things.
The Jews were not the best at grooming so any thing relating to cleanliness was not a positive thing to them. Having long hair, long beards, etc was a haven for lice and other critters and in the end caused a lot of them to die unnecessarily until the Germans got these things under control but by the time that happened the war was lost and ended. Of course the allies didn’t make out any better especially in Bergen Belsen, where more died when the British took over the camp then when the Germans ran it just consider Anne Frank she’s died there…
That is another story for another time….

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