Holocaust liar!
The 52 crematorium in the Auschwitz’s camps could only cremate 1000 people per day and that is if they all were working 100% with no shut downs. Also more important the crematory had to be rebuilt after 2-3000 cremations….the records show they were NEVER rebuilt. So here we have another lie to keep the goyim happy.



3 thoughts on “Another Holocaust Liar!

  1. Speaking of Holocaust Liars – here’s a little Easter Egg for you all to enjoy:

    It is the testimony of a Polish veterinary doctor, named Dr. Mieczyslaw Sekiewicz, who claimed that he was being held in a gestapo prison in the city of Konin during 1941.

    Dr. Sekiewicz gave this testimony twice under oath to the “Polish Commission into Nazi War Crimes” – once in 1945, and then a second time in 1968. ( He was not a Jew-by-the way, but a Polish Catholic )

    But I warn readers, that you are going to finish reading this story, either laughing your heads off with disbelief, or throwing-up your chocolate eggs – as well as the rest of your Easter dinner – in horror because you think its true !

    Let’s read on:

    Dr. Sekiewicz says -” I was taken from the prison in chains, along with other inmates to a van, and we were taken to the Kazimierz Forest, which lies some distance outside Konin. We were there ordered out by the gestapo, who told us to wait in a woodland clearing because we were going to be needed to collect piles of discarded clothes…”

    “Soon afterwards, a column of trucks arrived loaded with jews from the Zagorow Ghetto. They were brutally told to get down out of the transports, and then ordered to get naked and jump into the larger of the two pits – the bottom of which had already been filled with a layer of unslaked lime…”

    “When the pit was full, we could only see the tops of the heads of the victims crammed in so tightly together. More jews were then thrown in on top of the heads. Then a truck arrived, which had two large objects which looked like wash-tubs on it. The Germans connected a small engine, or pump, to one of the tubs, and then two gestapo men connected a pipe from this pump and started to pour some kind of liquid on to the jews. During the pumping, another pipe was connected to the other wash-tub and this was added to the liquid…”

    “Probably because of the boiling unslaked lime, the people in the pit started burning while alive. The cries were unimaginable – we who sat near the discarded clothes tore pieces from them to shut our ears. To the horrible screams of the jews who boiled inside the pit, were added the terrible cries and weeping of those jews who still awaited their destiny. It last two hours…”

    “That same afternoon, a grey van arrived at regular intervals, and after the back doors were opened, corpses of jewish men, women and children were thrown out of the vehicle. We then had to pack them into the neighbouring smaller pit. The corpses were probably gassed inside, because the vehicle and the corpses smelled of gas…”

    “I remember a gestapo man snatched a little child from his mother’s hands and smashed its head on the vehicle. When the mother screamed, he threw the crushed head at her, then took a handful of lime and stuffed it into the mother’s mouth…”

    “I also saw how a gestapo man grabbed a young jewish girl, tore her dress and underware, hung her by her hands from a tree, and then with a Finnish hunting knife, he cut her breasts to pieces and left her hanging there to die…”

    ( There! – so what do you think of this piece of creative writing, guys n’ gals ?. And in a follow-up post I will try and explain how and why such an absurdly horrific story ever saw the light of day. )

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