“To better understand the four thousand year history of the so called Jews, please read the extensive first section of my Holocaust Revisionism, History Of The Jews. [1]
Why are the so called Jews scorned? Through many years of research, I have learned that it is because of their avarice and misanthropic behavior throughout history.
After reading these truths one ceases to wonder why this one group of people have been relentlessly ostracized and soon realizes that it is because they have a pernicious contempt for every other people on the planet.
I liken their behavior of being thrown out of 109 countries (sometimes countless times), like a drunk being thrown out of 109 bars.
They’re constantly blaming the bartenders in every one of these establishments. The problem was not of course with the 109 countries; it was simply a backlash against the Jews for their contemptuous behavior.
This behavior of theirs has occurred without stopping, for the last three thousand four hundred years. Instead of looking in the mirror and asking, “what is wrong with my people and I”, they arrogantly keep blaming everyone else.
A big part of the problem is that they accept as true their own propaganda and believe their “God’s Chosen People” supremacy rhetoric. [2]
This supremacist behavior of the Jews has been written and documented throughout history by a large number of famous people. From the first century B.C. Roman statesman, Marcus Tullius Cicero, to the contemporary, late Edgar Steele. [3]”
Even the German Reformation leader, Reverend Martin Luther, understood the Jews in the latter part of his life, his last book was titled: On the Jews and Their Lies. [4]


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