Interesting discussion below link …I love when they say things without backing it up.
For instance everyone says there were gas chambers blah blah blah, they found mass graves in Treblinka….bla bla bla, ZB was found in the “gas ” chambers, blah blah blah.
Lets get things straight here…..ALL the witnesses were liars, they were coached to say what they said, thats why they have the somewhat same story. The Nuremberg trials proves nothing except more people lied.
Out of 80,0000 documents that the Russians have in their possession NOTHING is said about Homicidal gas chambers.
They have NO proof of mass murders happening and yet they make it look like they have SO much evidence that you would have to be mentally retarded to not believe that the Holocaust Didn’t happen.
I guess I’m mentally retarded….along with millions of other’s who have it figured out that the HoloHoax is the biggest scam that came down the pike.
Interesting comments…



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