Chris Freitas commented on your video, Jim Rizoli at Framingham’s last Town Meeting May 2 2017:

“  I agree with you Jim i am originally from Brazil but i hate my ex community they harassed me bullied me and defamed me enough to hate them. I am Legal immigrant and i don’t vote but i would vote just to support great ideas such as yours to keep these bastards away of our home. I only believe that an immigrate has the right to stay here only if they got in this country from the front door by not forcing a break entrance from the back door such as most of them did. Freedom of speech is part of the constitution and nobody is or should be above the law 😉

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Chris Freitas commented on your video, Jim Rizoli at Framingham’s last Town Meeting May 2 2017:

“  What the boarder of Framingham doesn’t get Mr. Rizoli is that by allowing illegal immigrants get to USA they need a Visa issued by the D.H.S and if they didn’t have a visa to come or not even a passport it’s because they don’t have they right to begin with most likely they had criminal background with whichever country they coming from, so to establish their roots in a real and good faith it only could be done if they came here and that same real and good term. How would you feel to have someone breaking in your back door or instead knocking on your front door and ask you if they could come in because they have such and such project that would help to accomplish blah blah blah idea???? The Border of Framingham is so responsible for allowing such situation that puts legal citizens and residents in quarantine. One time i was driving in Waltham while a person tail gated me honking his horns impatiently then i couldn’t contend myself and gave him the finger (Freedom of Expression, constitution is the highest law and told me that was ok to express that way by feeling unsafe) only did it because of his behavior. Then the mexican driver followed and corned me and punched my face! Hello thank you so much authorities and Border of towns to allow illegal immigrants such as that criminal to create solid roots in our communities. Enough said…

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