Here is an excellent article that deals with common sense and time.

There are only so may hours in a day and when looking into the HoloHoax narrative you  only had so many hours to accomplish a task.   This topic is about cremations in the main camps that housed the inmates and workers.    The charts in the article below pretty much tell the story of  what we could reasonably expect from this operation.   When looking into the time the camps were opened and then shut down even at operating at full proficiency the cremation rates could not of exceeded 900,000 bodies, and that is in all the crematories in all the camps that had them and only happening  if they were operating all the time with no breakdowns.  It even gets more ridiculous in the camps that had NO crematory where they say upward to 2 million people were gassed, buried, dug up and then cremated on huge hibachis and the ashes buried with NO trace of  these mass graves being found anywhere.     If people could be exposed to this type of common sense reasoning I’m sure there would be a different opinion of this HoloHoax.

Can you see why this type of discussion is banned at this point in time in 21 countries?


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