How the Jews operate…from the World Hoax book I’m reading now.. The problem is no one is paying attention.
“Consequently the notorious Communist, George Dimitroff, present director of the Comintern, in a speech delivered on the Vllth Communistic Party Day in Moscow in August, 1935, directed that the Party become more cunning in its methods by employing the so-called “Trojan Horse” tactics—that is, intruding as imperceptibly as possible into trade unions, religious bodies and social groups. He recommended as more effective for the Party, to lay aside for the time being, the blood and thunder methods, and instead mask their Communistic, anti-religious activities under the guise of Socialism, Liberalism, Modernism,New Dealism, etc., etc.
Pravda, Moscow, August 6, 1935.”

How the gentiles are setting up their own destruction by working with the Jews….
p 150 World Hoax

“Another proof, that the Communist movement is not a movement of and for the workers, but a determined and age-old fight on the part of the Jewish minority for control of the Gentile majority of the world, appeared in a sentence from the Jewish Pravda, of Moscow, on September 9, 1928: “Our program tosses an open war declaration for life and death against the entire world.” Since the overwhelming majority of the workers of the world are Gentiles, this declaration of war against the whole world, therefore, must include automatically, all the Gentile workers. And Communism actually is such a war declaration, for events in Russia have Tragically and abundantly proven, that it is, in very fact, directed against the workers themselves. It is only the Jew, who can—and does—in the long run benefit by the anti-Aryan, or rather anti-Gentile, systems of Jewish Socialism, Communism, and Bolshevism. This combination, as enforced by Stalin and his mentors, is of such a decompository nature, that even the socialist Jew, Kerensky-Adler, who succeeded the late Czar as dictator of Russia, said after his deposition: “The present dictatorship of Stalin possesses no precedent, even in the middle ages.

The Bolsheviki have thrust Russia into a bottomless abyss of destitution. Foreigners, who back the Soviet regime, resemble the lunatics, who gave willing help to Nero in the burning of Rome.” From the overwhelming proof here presented it should be evident, that the workers of the world, who unite under the Communistic banner, in very fact are as the lunatics, who aid their own executioners, the racially foreign Jews, who, banded tightly together, are committed to the destruction of all Christian civilization, of which the workers themselves are such an all-important and indispensable part. After the Communistic—or more correctly communizing—Jews gained their objective in Russia, and since Lenin’s epoch, the identical forces are at work with the preliminaries to the culmination of their huge world-domination program, using to full ad
vantage the already more or less strongly established socialistic
and communistic movements, which lead directly, throughout the whole world, to their central station, Moscow.

In every instance their Russian-Jewish origin can be traced. In Japan, too,the agitators being arrested at frequent intervals, are admitting, that they work by order of Moscow. The Communist Party, and all other Communist activities, are outlawed in Japan. The primary task of expanding Communism on a world-wide scale—and first into adjacent countries—has in many cases, if not in most, been made obligatory with the deluded workers, who usually all too willingly, even enthusiastically, have aided in this labor towards their own destruction. Never for a single moment have the Jewish tacticians swerved in their determination to dominate the whole world!”


About the Author Ernest Elmhurst and book review


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