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I also had the same question, and after looking into it quite deeply for the last three or four years, as far as I am aware the answer is “NO”, there isn’t any.
You specifically asked for “physical scientific proof”.
The scientific empirical paradigm is based upon falsifiability. A scientific approach seeks to test its own findings to see if any of its findings, conclusions or propositions can be falsified.
The situation with the historical narrative of mass gassings in Reinhardt camps is regretably that not only have many aspects of the allegation been convincingly refuted based on chemical and scientific research BUT even more shameful is the treatment of those researchers. Rather than welcoming an empirically based refutation in the spirit of scientific advancement, such researchers have been persecuted, attacked, banned, smeared and even imprisoned for their research.

Regarding the chemical analysis which refutes aspects of the current consensus narrative of mass-gassings in the alleged locations still existing, Germar Rudolf a qualified German Chemist has been persecuted and imprisoned for his empirical chemical research.
A Lawyer’s Introduction to the Rudolf Case

Walter Lüftl a very highly qualified and distinguished Austrian Engineer was persecuted and stripped of his status and qualifications, for refuting key aspects of the mass-gassing allegation based on purely engineering considerations.
The Luftl Report an Austrian Engineer’s Report on the “Gas Chambers” of Auschwitz and Mauthausen Concentration Camps, By Walter Luftl: Walter Luftl: Books

Regarding the documentary evidence, a French academic Henri Rocques has had his qualification revoked for exposing the inconsistencies in the alleged ‘confessions’ of Kurt Gerstein. From the Gerstein Affair to the Roques Affair

Just as another French academic and Professor of textual analysis Robert Faurisson has been smeared, abused, criminalised and brutally physically attacked for applying his expertise in textual analysis.….

A German Judge Wilhelm Stäglich (who had been stationed temporarily at Auschwitz) was persecuted and removed from his position, his pension revoked for applying his legal acumen to the allegation. THE AUSCHWITZ MYTH: A JUDGE LOOKS AT THE EVIDENCE by Wilhelm Staglich on Black Swan Books

A history student Joel S. Hayward who won a prize for best history thesis of the year for his dissertation on research into this question received death-threats, his University was pressured to withdraw his PhD, all for acknowledging the credibility of certain aspects of these revisionist refutations of the currently accepted narrative. He later issued a retraction and an apology in order to be able to have a career in historical academia.
Page on

Etc., etc., etc.

The facts are that not only is there no conclusive and incontrovertable SCIENTIFIC evidence for the mass-gassing narrative, BUT anyone who dares to attempt to falsify the claim using the scientific empirical paradigm has been subject to fallacious ad hominem attacks and career execution. This is the shameful situation we are currently in. Where research by anyone attempting to confirm the mass gassing claim is funded, rewarded and praised even if their research is scientifically very poor. But anyone attempting a more critical examination is persecuted, attacked and even imprisoned.
E.g. the research at Treblinka by Dr Caroline Sturdy Colls, from Staffordshire University’s Centre of Archaeology, is appallingly bad from an empirical perspective, yet it has received international documentary exposure and acceptance/approval. Whereas the amateur documentary made by Eric Hunt and Fritz Berg which exposes the errors, refutes and falsifies her pathetic findings receives absolutely zero mainstream coverage or approval.

The answer to your question as far as I am aware is a very clear “no”. No, there is no physical, scientific empirical proof that Jews were gassed to death in Nazi concentration camps.
Not only that but ANY serious attempt to make genuine scientific research to falsify the allegation by qualified experts in their area of knowledge, is considered a thought crime which in many countries in Europe is punishable by law.

The persecution and prejudice against European Jewry during WW2 was a undoubtedly a huge racist crime, one of the many perpetrated by all sides in that internecine European carnage and slaughter. The above answer deals only with the scientfic evidence for the currently accepted holocaust narrative of MASS-gassings. In that light, the other answers to this question for SCIENTIFIC proof are in themselves quite revealing. In particular the two that are most popular. E.g. the most popular one starts with this unscientific answer:

“This question is very strange, given that we have ample historical evidence from eye-witnesses…”. – Tim O’Neill

Obviously however many ‘eye-witness’ statements one can find, those can not be presented as “scientific proof”. That would not be acceptable for the proposition that pigs can fly or that water flows uphill. This scientific attitude to witness statements remains the same whatever the proposition.
Thus, in the absence of definitive proof, and with the persecution of any scientific research into details that refutes aspects of that narrative, these answers demonstrate how collectively, the totality of the holocaust narrative as it is today can therefore better be regarded as an unscientific, pseudo-history, one that has become more of a compulsory quasi-religion.



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