Becky Akers seems like an intelligent person but with all the reading and writing she has done I guess she has missed some important writings that show the Holocaust narrative has some problems with it.
So as not to take up any more bandwidth here consider this…. the whole premise of the holocaust is based on the major point that millions of Jews were killed systematically in homicidal gas chambers using several different substances to do it if you read all the so called experts. None which have been proven forensically even today.
So if that point can be debunked right off the bat the whole case is lost wouldn’t you say.
I believe as millions of others that the whole gas chamber story is a lie and here is the proof. If it was a lie then what were those experts who said they saw the killings happen talking about?

Please consider pdf associated with this article….

When you wake up from this point then you might be able to consider some others.

Jim Rizoli
Holocaust Revisionist and proud interviewer of the worlds most renown revisionist.


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