From the writings of Eustace Mullins
The Italian Mafia not so Italian
One of the great triumphs of the American journalists has been the legend that organized crime is Italian, a group of Sicilian hoods. In reality, the boss of the Mafia is the Jew, Meyer Lansky, and the Sicilians are only the enforcement arm of the Syndicate, which is sixty per cent Jewish.
In the early 1920s, crime consisted of small groups of Jewish, Italian and Irish gangsters in the cities of New York, Chicago, and Philadelphia. The Italians began a war of extermination against the Irish hoods, and killed off most of them. Public opinion was aroused by these gangland massacres, and Meyer Lansky called in the Sicilians, persuaded them to form a business combine, and used them as a collection agency for Jewish bookmakers, while Lansky and his Jewish henchman, Longie Zwillman, ran the national Syndicate. Moe Annenberg handled all communications for the Syndicate.
The Mafia has also been the political enforcement arm for the Democratic Party. It was the Sicilian gangsters who delivered the Chicago vote for John F. Kennedy and swung the close election to the Democrats in 1960. Soon afterwards, the Dept. of Justice began a frantic effort to convince the American public that the Syndicate was Italian, through the revelations of a smalltime hoodlum named Joseph Valachi. Since anyone who knew anything about crime knew that sixty per cent of the Syndicate was Jewish, this frenetic effort was largely wasted. Lansky was the Boss of the Syndicate.

One thought on “Italian Mafia not so Italian

  1. The American and the rest of the worlds people have been led to believe that the crime syndicate in America is strictly an Italian affair. The Jewized entertainment media has produced countless films and TV shows depicting Italo-Americans as the masters of the syndicate. But a closer look reveals that Jews, not Italians, founded and financed the syndicate in the early days before Prohibition. Yet another big lie from the fake “Jews”.


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