5 thoughts on “Another tribute to Ernst Zundel

  1. The appearance of Rudolph Vrba at the trial of Ernst Zundel in Toronto in 1985 was indeed a disaster for the holocaust proponents. Because not only was Zundel’s advocate – Doug Christie – able to demolish the credibility of Vrba as a reliable witness of Auschwitz, but Vrba became a grave embarrassment to the holohoax industry as soon as he took the stand.

    He arrived at court so pumped-up with his own arrogance and conceit as a “holocaust survivor” and “Auschwitz escapee”, that he totally misjudged the situation. Vrba came with the pugnacious intention of indulging in a fifteen round boxing bout with Christie. And the transcript of his exchanges with Zundel’s advocate fully reveal his petulance, contempt, and sarcastic remarks.

    The holocaust proponents must have been aghast at his performance, and any neutral observers ( who, back then believed in the holocaust myth ) would have found themselves taken aback and completely bemused by such a belligerent character.

    You see, the public had been led to believe that “holocaust survivors” are all martyrs – innocent people who have become saints, purely by undergoing the most inhuman experience imaginable, and yet surviving by a miracle to bear testament to the world.

    Thus, the public would expect such a “survivor” to be dignified and introspective in court – and provide answers to questions in a serious, cautious, and considered manner. But what they got instead, was old man Vrba putting his fists up, and challenging Doug Christie – or indeed any other holocaust sceptic – to a verbal punch-up right there and then.


  2. That IHR article gives a list of the witnesses who gave testimony at the Zundel Trial. And one of the names is that of Charles Biedermann, who was the official representative of the International Committee of the Red Cross, and who became its Director of the International Tracing Services in 1985.

    He appeared as a Crown witness at the Zundel trial, but he gave next-to-no information that would provide compelling proof of an “extermination program”. Quite the contrary ;-

    ” Biedermann could not recall any document from Nazi authorities from between 1939 and 1945 which used the word vernichtungslager, meaning “extermination camp.”

    ( so, not one single document was labelled with this title – which means that the entire concept of an extermination camp was manufactured after the war was over ).

    ” The ICRC had official camp records of executions in the camps by hanging or shooting. These documents were not marked secret. It was suggested to Biedermann that if exterminations were going on of unregistered inmates in the camps the ICRC had many contacts in Europe to find out about it. Biedermann replied that they had always tried to do so but had never received any confirmations at the time. He agreed there was never any indication by the Red Cross from all its reports that gas chambers were being used during the war. ”

    ( Once again, Mr Biedemann confirms that there was no evidence of exterminations, or of any gas chambers – despite the ICRC ALWAYS trying to confirm such an allegation, with ALL its reports proving negative. )

    ( But we have always been told that “gassings” were being carried out in quite a number of these wartime camps. There were alleged gas chambers at Mauthausen, Stutthof and Natzweiler, with Dachau and Sachsenhausen as a pair of maybes !). There were supposed to be gas chambers at Treblinka, Sobibor, Belzec, Majdanek and Auschwitz; and in addition to all these, there were “gas vans” racing around all over the place – although not one of these infernal vehicles was ever found by the Allies after the war for inspection. These vans are claimed to have been in operation outside the camps, and along the public highways at Chelmno, Mauthausen, Auschwitz (Monowitz), Minsk, Belgrade, and a host of other locations scattered around Eastern Poland and the Occupied Soviet Union by the Einsatzgruppen squads. So one has to agree with the suggestion put to Mr Biedermann in court, that if such an extermination program was underway, then the numerous ICRC contacts spread throughout Europe would undoubtedly have found out about such a massive undertaking of mass killing and duly reported back to their superiors. )

    ” Mr Beidermann went on to say that the ICRC was not aware of any request by the Allies to investigate the accusations of alleged homicidal gas chambers in any of the camps after the war, but he knew “for sure” that the ICRC never made any such investigation. ”

    ( Well, that’s quite an admission – the Allies were not bothered to put in any request to the ICRC for an investigation into these monstrous allegations. Is it because they themselves knew that they weren’t true and didn’t want anyone to waste their time in a fruitless search for non-existent gas chambers ? And it is clear that the ICRC themselves didn’t consider such an investigation was necessary, and consequently no such project was undertaken ).

    ” Biedermann agreed that the sentence, “In its relief work for civilian populations, the ICRC paid special attention to the Jews, and parcels were sent to Auschwitz during the war to Jews.”

    ( So, parcels were sent to Jews in Auschwitz during the war. But wait a minute here – we’ve always been told that Auschwitz was a death camp for Jews, where those not immediately exterminated were exploited for slave labour until they either died of exhaustion and starvation. Therefore, what would be the purpose of the Nazis allowing food and supply parcels to be sent to Jews who are all destined to be exterminated ?


  3. The only other major witness produced by the Crown against Ernst Zundel at the Toronto Trial in 1988 was US Historian, Christopher Browning.

    From what we can gather, Browning was only sent into court by the holocaust proponents because their former heavyweight champion – Raul Hilberg – had chickened out after receiving a mauling at the hands of Doug Christie during the first trial back in 1985. “I am at a loss” exclaimed the “hapless” Hilberg as he was asked to produce just one scientific or technical report that described these illusive gas chambers.

    But the following opening exchanges between Christie and Browning in court in 1988 indicates that the US Historian was very much a poor quality replacement, who only seemed to be there because he was going to be paid well :-

    “…Browning acknowledged under cross-examination that he had come voluntarily from the United States to testify against the publisher of a book: “I came here because I was asked, yes.” He was being paid to testify at the hourly rate of $150 Canadian, which his wife, who worked in a law office, told him was “approximately what her lawyers in her office get. That’s considerably more than I make as an academic.” Browning stated that he had been in Canada for more than a week. Asked if he would be paid for all that time as well as the time spent testifying, he replied: “I certainly hope so, sir.”

    It had crossed Browning’s mind that what he was doing in this trial – testifying against the publisher of a book — could not occur in his own country, but it did not trouble his conscience ;-

    ” I know we have a First Amendment and it is possible that if such a law existed in the United States, it would be struck down… As far as I know, the Canadians operate a judicial system by due process… and therefore I did not have a problem of conscience about coming and testifying in this case. ”

    ” Browning was on the advisory board of the Simon Wiesenthal Center … He received no money from the centre. Later, however, Browning remembered that he had been paid a “moderate fee” for writing two articles. He was also being paid about $30,000 by Yad Vashem for a 500 to 700 page book which he estimated would take ten years working part-time to complete “.

    So let us take a look at what Christopher “Cashpoint” Browning told the court in 1988 ;-

    ” Browning admitted that after seventeen years of research he had never seen a gas chamber or what purported to be a gas chamber “.

    ” Browning admitted that he knew of no autopsy report of someone killed by Zyklon-B “.

    ” Christie asked him – Do you have an expert report which establishes the use of gas vans or gas chambers in any of the camps referred to by you as death camps ? Browning answered that he did not have a written report on the gas vans ” ( but he left unspoken as to whether he had seen a written report regarding gas chambers. Did he deliberately avoid answering the question ? I think we can assume that if he had seen such a report then he would have been more than eager to shout out an emphatic “yes” – and go on to provide full details.

    Well, folks – that’s the kind of testimony you get for 150 Canadian dollars per hour – worth every cent, I think you will agree! I’ve no doubt that after his extremely lucrative court appearance in Canada “Mr Cashpoint” happily scampered back across the border into the United States where he could check his agreeable bank account at leisure.


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