The son of Ernst Zundel speaks out..




2 thoughts on “Ernst’s Zundels son speaks out

  1. Pierre Zundell came across well in that radio interview. He displays his father’s personal courage and integrity in coming forward to explain his own background, as well as his views on the very controversial Holocaust subject. He chose this public forum to reassure the citizens of Sudbury that he does not share his father’s views, but takes a more traditional “Canadian view” of this hot topic.

    But of course, regardless of his own personal views, Pierre Zundell has to accept the mainstream view of the holohoax, otherwise he would not be able to hold any sort of position in a Canadian University, let alone a senior one as interim president.

    I was impressed how un-phased he was by a couple of uncomfortable questions put to him, and was pleased that he did not use the word “condemn” to describe his father’s views and actions, but instead chose more respectful words, when he said that he was “diametrically opposed to his father’s views”.

    Pierre Zundell also emphasised that he always encourages his students to employ critical thinking in their studies, which is, of course, what Jim Rizoli often does in his YouTube videos. He tells his viewers not to take his presentation and his own views as the final word on the subject, but to go to both pro-holocaust and revisionist sites in order to make up their own minds.

    One thing I would take issue with Perre Zundell, however, was his claim “that the whole sort of racist project out of which holocaust revisionism is born is something that I abhor.” Well, thirty or forty years ago that may or may not have been true, but today more and more people from a non-racist background – and who are not involved in any kind of political project – are waking up to the fact that the holocaust narrative that the world has been fed with is simply wildly untrue and is in desperate need of serious revision.


  2. I’m dumb founded at this situation,the holocost, 9/11,Sandy Hook,Boston bombing, london, etc, ww one ,two Vietnam,us liberty,on and on, these are all lies,. Lies,,,,,. The Jews, zionists, or kazars, are the liars they criminally control the money system, and they bribe people who are. Law makers,who then institutionalize the lies, how are we supposed to fight that? Well there is only one way, organized revolution, Ben b.


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