Steven Ross LIAR and Fraudster!

Steve Ross is a LIAR and a fraud and a murderer…He said it not me as to the murder….
Steve Ross is a liar, and a fraud.  He made comments that he actually murdered
somebody in a cattle car and yet nobody’s bringing him to Justice, yet they come
after 94 year old men in Germany and try to put them in jail for just
being guards, or even bookkeepers, how outrageous.
Apparently Jews can get away with atrocities even against their own people who shared his supposed horrors. TEN death camps, what a laugh. I thought they were DEATH CAMPS. LOL…
Maybe its time these holocaust liars are bright to justice and thrown in jail, shame on them.
Their own Bible tells them “not to bear false witness”, apparently Mr Ross and those like him will be dealt with by the one who authored that statement…Maybe he needs to talk to this guy that made this statement:
“most of the memoirs and reports [of ‘Holocaust survivors’] are
 full of preposterous verbosity, graphomanic exaggeration, dramatic
 effects, overestimated self-inflation, dilettante philosophizing,
 would-be lyricism, unchecked rumors, bias, partisan attacks…”
 –Samuel Gringauz, “Jewish Social Studies” (New York), January 1950,
 Vol. 12, p. 65
Scrapbook pages history background of Steven Ross, she says he was a fraud in
recent post.
Scrapbook pages wrote:

You wrote: “It was in­ one of these supposs­ed box cars that holo­caust liar
and surviv­or from the Boston ar­ea Steven Ross, aka, ­liar, said he smother­ed
another passenger ­to death.”

Joe Rizoli

Is Google our Friend?

Google is our friend on some things but the Jews have polluted it with their Holohoax crap with the HoloHoax issue.
Is that any surprise? The Jews run the media and have their say when it comes to the more touchy subjects.
Does it not bother you to see how the HoloHoax is being played out with the media. Let’s forget about everything you know about the topic and just deal with the censorship issue if that doesn’t get you to turn to the revisionist view nothing will.
Any sensible person will see how the Jews handle the topic and say whats up with that.

I put videos on youtube quite regularly on youtube and immediately they are flagged and banned in 20 + countries….how fair and equitable is that? They are looking for my type of videos or maybe just me….
Like Winston Churchill said about Hitler….”We slaughtered the wrong pig”….. quote here…..The New Statesman and Nation vol 35 p. 371
Let me say this about the Jews and the Holohuxsters who post online …’re backing the wrong people. Why anyone would back up the Jews on ANYTHING is beyond me. I guess this is where cognitive dissonance comes in. When people have been misled for so long it’s hard for people to finally admit the truth when presented to them. For some people, it’s quite painful, so they continue believing the lie.
Not a good quality to live by if you ask me….a BIG flaw in their personalities. Biblically speaking the 9 commandment says you must not bear false witness….So how are our resident HoloHuxsters doing with that one? Not only are they backing up the people who represent the Synagogue of Satan on earth the Jews…..Revelation 2:9. 3:9 they are sinning against God by promoting lies by breaking the 9 commandment.
I wouldn’t want to be in their shoes when judgment day comes. Hate to be put in the same pot as these people…..
1 Corinthians 6:9,10……Read it and weep.