One thought on “Are Holocaust Deniers Winning?

  1. It’s just emotional propaganda for the Jews to attack freedom of speech.

    That is the purpose of the video: to get people to say: freedom of speech is bad, because poor Jews are suffering because of it.

    And they also attack social media. Social media + free speech = exposing the lies.

    I really do hope nobody believes this propaganda.

    It is just propaganda to justify more Jewish attacks on free speech and censorship of social media.

    We have not won yet. We will win eventually, but for now the Jews are counter-attacking.

    Jews are the most evil people in existence.

    I used to be a liberal only a year ago, vegan, peace loving, practicing meditation, won’t hurt a fly type of person.
    And I still am to a degree. But I am quickly coming to the conclusion that Jews need to be exterminated. There is no other way. They are not human, they are a nation of psychopaths with no empathy.


    You can sleep for the whole night, but it only takes a few moments to wake up.

    We have slept for 70 years, but it will only take a few years for people to wake up from Jewish lies.


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