Letter from Monika Schaefer

Monika Schaefer is imprisoned, for speaking the truth! Do you understand the seriousness in this? Think about it! Monika has done nothing wrong! And yet she is locked up in a high-security prison in Munich.  Furthermore, she is a Canadian citizen, but Canada is doing nothing to help her. We have no Freedom of Speech, and certain thoughts are now considered a crime! Do you want to live in a world like this?
No? – Then get up and fight with us! Don’t be a useless idiot! We have no time to waste! Be proud of your people and your culture! – Honor your ancestors and children! These are your blood – your race! Your ancestors built and fought for your country – make them proud… make your children proud Save your people!  It’s your duty to do so! White countries are being invaded by other races! This genocide against us is done on purpose!
Dear Charlotte, I thank you so much for your invitation to say something to the people.  Your letter is wonderful.  I just re-read it and had to laugh out loud at parts of it — I just love it.  I love the question your friend asked of the ministry and the embassy, and I can just imagine the bureaucrats at the other end stammering and stuttering their non-answers.  Of course they don’t have answers — they never do.  Just ask Ursula Haverbeck about that.  She asked everyone-under-the-sun questions for years and never got any answers.  Yes, asking questions is very very good.  Often the most effective thing to do.  For example the basic question:
Why do they lock people up simply for speaking?  A person does not even have to be interested nor care to learn about the subject at hand (or any subject that is being spoken about) to see that there must be a problem with the story itself, rather than with the person talking about it.  Otherwise, wouldnět they just show us the evidence?  Wouldnět they just ignore the speaker?  Would they care if we all started saying Columbus went to the moon in 1492?   In Germany, they learn in school that they have “Absolute Freedom of Speech” — except of course about the H. (holocaust),  “and that is good!”  Yes, they actually learn that.  There is that one exception to their so-called “Freedom of Speech” (and of course the H. includes talking about the government of the time).
So, another obvious question — is it really Freedom of Speech if there are exceptions?  You either have it or you donět!  A George Orwellěs world of “1984” comes to mind, with the infamous Ministry of Truth.  We all have total freedom of speech as long as we only speak the approved narrative.
So, how is life behind bars?  Iěve developed a bit of a routine, much of which of course is determined by their schedule.  The days are punctuated by tea & hot water delivery, Hofgang (courtyard hour), meal delivery, Aufschluss/Einschluss times (door open/door locked), Wäschetausch (laundry exchange), and chores.
6 am – tea/water through the little hole.
10 am – Hofgang.
Those who choose not to go are locked in.  Iěve told my friends here,  that if ever they do not see me outside, they had better ask if I am still breathing!
11 am – The hot meal of the day comes.
11.45 – “Einschluss!!” Locked cell doors.
14.00 – Cell doors open.
Evening meal and hot water delivery.
Meal is a bread meal, so itěs bread and margarine and cheese or sausage. Three times a week a piece of fruit comes. Twice a week we get jam. This meal is for breakfast too (no new delivery of food til next dayěs hot meal). There is definitely no need to go hungry, as they give us plenty of food.
15.30 – “Einschluss!!” That hour and a half in the afternoon is usually a busy time.  We have access to the hallway in our wing, and that includes things like the shower room, an office, mailbox, common room, a small kitchen, each other’s cells — lots of visiting going on, a “kicker” game — thatěs one of those table soccer things, that a lot of kids grow up with in their basements. I had never played before getting here, and I am really bad at it, and I always end up laughing myself silly doing it.  Anyway we have a lot of fun and laughs sometimes. Good for the soul thatěs for sure. My most productive time for writing is early in the morning. Iěm usually up very long before the hot water comes.  Then I enjoy that cup of coffee, take a break from the writing to contemplate and think, maybe knit for a while, then back to writing.
Thatěs where Iěm at right now — morning-post-coffee.  The sun is shining — I can hear birds singing, spring is definitely in the air.  My goodness, winter has turned into spring and Iěve been here 9 weeks now. No word yet of any kind of proceedings.  Before I get into that subject, Iěll say a bit more about prison life. Every two weeks we get a big list, we write the product numbers on to a form, and a few days later on Monday morning we get a box of goodies. Coffee, extra fruit, spices, writing materials, toilet supplies, knitting supplies, thatěs the kind of stuff I have purchased.  The scarf that I made (out of necessity) is a strange looking thing.  When you buy wool, how do they know what colors you might like?  They bring a small box of different balls of yarn to choose from, but believe me, the choices were limited. Either really thick or really thin.  And one-size-fits-all knitting needles which didnět fit.  First time I only ordered one ball, and ended up with a tiny patch of knitted scarf, had to wait two weeks before I could continue — now I have a very odd-colored and oddly shaped scarf, as I needed it to get longer so I started tapering both ends.
I really am rambling on about something that is very unimportant in the big picture, but then again it might be mildly entertaining.
Speaking of entertaining, oh my, I am gathering so many interesting impressions and stories around here!  Life is never boring. People I meet, the stories they tell, the things that I witness or experience myself around here — books could be written!!
For the first 5 weeks I was in two different group cells, always with 3 or 4 other prisoners together.  Sometimes it was great, and other times it was highly stressful. Constantly blasting TV was my main problem— that was making me crazy. And a legendary snorer to top things off. Since about a month I have my own cell. This is much better for me as I am free to do the work/writing I like. I go to bed very early, usually quite exhausted by 8 or 9 in the evening. I am sensing a shift in attitude “touch wood” towards me in the prison. At first everything was pretty harsh and degrading, but now I actually feel either respect or a neutral attitude coming towards me from the prison staff. It might be a combination of the fact, that I try to be generally polite and friendly, and the fact that they notice a lot of letters coming in — The world is watching!!
Speaking of letters — words cannot begin to express how much I appreciate the letters. I want to say a great big THANK YOU!!! To everybody who writes. Those letters lift me, sustain me, feed me, give me joy, give me laughter, move me to tears sometimes, keep me company.  I am not alone in here. I am only locked up in body — my thoughts, my spirit and my heart are free!! The truth is bursting forth. The light is brightening. I feel that! I have a very “GOOD”  problem right now …. The volume of letters has increased, and I cannot keep up with the thank-you letters anymore. I am writing a lot, but I’ll apologize for not being able to answer all of them! This is a “good problem” to have, and I want to thank every single person who has written, or sent their greetings via others, or has written to governments or embassies or agencies, or has prayed. I appreciate it all, and all the good people of the world appreciate it too!!  This is our common struggle.  We all have a role to play, and right now my role is to be here. Sitting for (or standing for) the Truth and for the Honor of our People.  If my incarceration serves to quicken the pace of awakening, and move us towards resolving …. (so much could be inserted here), then I am happy to play my part in this age-old struggle. There is so much more to talk about, but this seems a good place to bring it to a close.  Thank you Charlotte, for carrying my message out there, thank you for all you do.
People sometimes ask me what they can do to help me here in prison. Sometimes they ask if they can send me a book or other things. No, that is NOT possible. Only letters. And I do appreciate those.  But this is about so much more than me!  So really, one of the best things that people can do is to enlighten your friends, your neighbors, your relatives. Everybody can do what they can to enlighten others about the Truth, be it one-on-one, or to many via Internet.
Ask the question: How can it be that people get put in jail for questioning history?  (and I am not the first and I am not the only one!!)The mainstream media does not tell us these things. It is up to us.   With Love, Monika