4 thoughts on “Jurgen Graf Revisionist Writer

    1. There were no homicidal gas Chambers period! They can say whatever they want about whatever findings they have but you have to prove that they had these gas Chambers set up to do what they did they didn’t, do what they did so how can there be any findings of cyanide in these chambers that we claim were morgues. Now in regards to the fumigation Chambers yes there will be high findings of cyanide in these and that’s the point the fumigation Chambers had high findings but the morgues did not, so that’s all I can say. These people can play around with their figures all they want because that’s exactly what they do I just spoke with Fred leuchter today who is the expert that put together his report and he summed it up there were NO homicidal gas chambers. There were plenty of fumigation chambers but no homicidal gas chambers. The Jews are good at playing around with reports and throw all sorts of figures this way and that but to prove themselves right you have to show how the mass murders were done and they can’t. Show me one picture of a real working homicidal gas chamber, just one, and I’ll believe them, but as of today they just blow hot air.




      1. I sent you the link because it is from an official Polish institution and it confirms the results of the investigations of the revisionists.


  1. You might want to direct me to the exact statement saying that in the article….lots of gibberish for me to go through.
    What I’ve read is they came up with the same conclusions as Leuchter at first but under pressure recanted.



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