2 thoughts on “Life saving use of Zyclon B

  1. Do you remember the show Myth Busters?

    This is a good one for them. Can an actual person be killed with Zyklon B? How long would it take? Is it possible to do this in a large room that is not airtight and has wooden doors? Can it be sprayed through shower heads?

    Of course, I’m not suggesting they kill someone, but they can have instruments measuring the toxicity of the air and assessing whether someone would die, or just faint.

    Or maybe someone can try to do this experiment, and have instruments measure the actual toxicity of the air in the room.

    Myth busted.



  2. At the height of their fame, Milli Vannili were adored by millions.

    When people realized they’ve been duped… overnight, the adoration turned into extreme hatred.

    Just saying….

    Wink, wink… Jews..

    My favourite actors and musicians were Jewish. When I found out I’ve been culturally brainwashed and duped with Jewish entertainers, my adoration turned into extreme hatred. I cringe any time I see a Jewish celebrity, and cannot listen to my former favorite actors and musicians without feeling betrayed.

    Jews are the new Milli Vanilli..


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