Eight Incontrovertible Assertions On The Six Million Swindle
by Austin app…p21
One can summarize eight factors that controvert the figure of six million, which the
media repeat ad nauseam without any evidence.
First, the Third Reich wanted to get Jews to emigrate, not to liquidate them
physically. Had they intended extermination, 500,000 concentration camp survivors
would not now be in Israel to collect fancy indemnities from West Germany.
Second, absolutely no Jews were “gassed” in any concentration camps in Germany,
and evidence is piling up that none were gassed in Auschwitz. There were crematoria
for cremating corpses who had died from whatever cause, including especially so the
victims of the genocidic Anglo-American air raids.
Third, the majority of Jews who died in pogroms and those who disappeared and are
still unaccounted for, fell afoul in territories controlled by the Soviet Russians, not in
territories while under German control.
Fourth, most of the Jews alleged to have met their death at the hands of Germans were
subversives, partisans, spies, and criminals, and also often victims of unfortunate but
internationally legal reprisals. One reason for my denouncing the Nuremberg
prosecutors as lynchers is that they hanged Germans on ex post facto rules of their
Fifth, if there were the slightest likelihood that the Nazis had in fact executed six
million Jews, World Jewry would scream for subsidies with which to do research on
the question, and Israel would throw its archives and files open to historians. They
have not done so. On the contrary they have persecuted anyone who tries to
investigate impartially and even call him an anti-Semite. This is really devastating
evidence that the figure is a swindle.
Sixth, the Jews and the media who exploit this figure have never offered a shred of
valid evidence for its truth. At most they misquote Hoettl, Hoess, and Eichmann who
spoke only casualty of what they were in no position to know or to speak on reliably.
Nor do the Jews themselves credit these witnesses as reliable even when they
comment on what they could know, e.g., that the concentration camps were
essentially work camps, not death camps!
Seventh, the burden of proof for the six million figure rests on the accusers, not the
accused. This is a principle of all civilized law. Proving true quilt is easier than
proving true innocence. It is hardly possible for a man accused of cheating on his wife
to prove that he did not cheat on her. Therefore the accuser must prove his charge.
This responsibility the Talmudists and Bolsheviks have not accepted, and the browbeaten
Germans have rather paid billions than to dare to demand proof!
Eighth, obvious evidence that the figure of six million has no scientific foundation is
that Jewish scholars themselves present ridiculous discrepancies in their calculations.
And honest ones, whom we recognize by the fact that their co-racialists smearterrorize
them, and even beat them up, invariably lower the six million estimate by at
least fifty per cent, to three million casualties from all causes, not those limited to
Nazi executions.

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