3 thoughts on “Good HoloHoax reference site

  1. Hello Jim,

    I recently found an article. A gypsy man who was taken to Auschwitz – tells his story of what happened there.

    The article is in Romanian unfortunately, you can use google translate. Or you can ask this guy, who works at the Romanian version of the Daily Stormer to translate it for you

    This is the article. The gypsy guy says he was playing in a band, the first crematorium was built in 1943, and workers were paid for their work and there was no extermination of Jews

    This is an important lead for Holocaust researchers.
    To find gypsy witnesses from Auschwitz.

    Because the Jewish “survivors” will always lie, but the gypsy survivors candidly and innocently tell the truth.

    In Romania, Transilvania especially, which was under the control of Horthy, most Jews were sent to Auschwitz. They also sent some gypsies.


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